Property management is a challenging industry at the best of times.

Following a global pandemic that has literally tipped the commercial and retail property sector upside down, businesses are rethinking their strategy surrounding what is actually absolutely vital to their operations and who they need to achieve that.

Technology and staff are the top priorities but can also be the most time consuming. Time that most businesses want to spend on their core business activities, not on admin or HR.

Those that didn’t have remote technology capabilities in place when Covid hit, were behind the eight ball and will continue to be given the hybrid workplace seems here to stay. Some staff are in the office, some staff aren’t, and Covid is a continuing threat to daily business that can wipe out essential staff in the blink of an eye.

Get your technology in order – ensure your staff can work from home when they need to. Ensure your technology is working for you – does it give you real time data and can all staff access everything they need to no matter their location? What are the bottlenecks in your internal processes and can technology fix that?

Staff  – do you know what each staff member does and are they utilised as their highest and best use? What tasks do they do that are no longer viable to keep doing as you need them elsewhere? Who can cover them efficiently if your workhorses unfortunately succumb to sickness or need some leave after a chaotic pandemic period?

With property management not exactly being the most attractive industry right now, and experienced property managers with MRI software capability seemingly as rare as hen’s teeth, it’s time to reconsider the solution.

Loci Solutions can assist on all fronts. We can help you get the most out of your existing technology and/or recommend a better solution. Our Outsourced Services Division can slot remotely into your back-office operations like an extension of your team. We are currently working with 2 clients simultaneously whose staff have had unexpected leave and the feedback we’ve received has been one of sheer relief that their operations can continue without burdening other staff with double the workload.

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