Although businesses frequently promote, they are all about creating greater efficiency and productivity to assist with increased profitability, one thing we see over and over again across businesses of all sizes and complexities is a lack of current, clear and concise documentation, which often leads to a lack of consistency in processing from user to user or team to team and internal confusion around the business requirements and processes.

This can lead to disparate transactional results and also significant unproductive hours in supporting internal teams processing in different ways. This can become self-perpetuating as new starters are trained in non-standard processes.

Some businesses will attempt to create User Guides or Standard Operating Procedure’s (SOP’s) as an afterthought, but most do not revisit them or ensure they are updated if business practices evolve and change.

Why do so many fall into this trap? Often, it’s due to perceived fears around lack of internal time, knowledge, budget to complete such a project, or to even acknowledging there is a problem to begin with.

However, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that SOP’s will increase employee engagement, increase efficiency and productivity therefore transfer to greater profitability.

A good SOP will reflect low employee touch points, remove the requirement for multiple entry, clearly outline roles and responsibilities and be readily available for users during their day to day activities.

Loci Solutions can assist you with development of documentation that is unique for your business. Our experience has shown that well documented processes are best supplemented with visual maps that clearly reflect roles and responsibilities.

We have the depth of knowledge of industry and on base products and can interpret and document your preferred processes and practices into easy to follow and easy to maintain documents that can be kept centrally such as on a company intranet and used as part on new starter onboarding.

We also specialise in assisting your business clarify and confirm best practices to ensure your business runs optimally.

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