Nexus and MRI Software

Hear MRI clients explain what they think of Nexus and how it works with the MRI platform.

ROI Examples from NexusPayables clients

Clients give examples of where they have seen ROI since implementing NexusPayables.

Creating and Publishing FileBound Forms

Using a drag-and-drop form designer, you can create an electronic form that can be accessed by virtually anyone on virtually an device. That means business users can quickly build the forms they need to collect data, documentation and signatures to kick off automated workflow processes including property management funtions such as:

  • New Lease approvals
  • New Vendors
  • New Entity setups/changes
  • and more....

FileBound Overview

Learn about the key features of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution and how this technology will help your organisation be more efficient and productive by automating the flow of work.