October 01 2015

Loci partner with AMP Technologies!

Silicon Valley, CA and Sydney, Australia – September 29th, 2015 – Loci Solutions, a leading property technology advisory team and AMP Technologies announced today a powerful partnership for the Commercial Real Estate Industry, bringing a new level of client experience to the marketplace.

With AMP’s strong presence in Silicon Valley and Loci’s deep expertise in property technology solutions, this partnership will deliver the next level of excellence. The AMP and Loci partnership is focused on redefining organizational efficiency, addressing market challenges, and sparking a needed client-first business change.

“Loci are really excited to partner with AMP Technologies.  Adding this product to our suite of products that complement our core solution, MRI Software, enables us to ensure our clients able to work with a consistent professional service team that truly understands their business and requirements.” Nikki Steadman, Chief Executive Officer of Loci Solutions.

The AMP/Loci Client-First Experience will be built on a collaboration that draws on the distinct strengths of each company: AMP’s big data and technology innovation capabilities, fused with Loci’s widely recognized market expertise and high-touch client experience. The goal of the collaboration is to create results that will transform specific aspects of how businesses and team members work, and allow companies to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction—faster and easier than ever before.

“The way people work is always evolving, AMP recognizes this continuous change and will have a core focus to simplify the User Experience. This is one of the reasons AMP has partnered with Loci, to deliver the ultimate User Experience with a world-class team that has deep knowledge.  AMP is reinventing the way the Commercial Real Estate Industry does business with their technology-first, mobile solutions all found securely in the cloud in a way never seen before.” shares Neel Naicker, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AMP Technologies.

AMP utilizes the entire data holdings of a company and converts it into valuable, actionable information - all in real time from a mobile device. Share files on any supported device and view current and future revenue over a complete portfolio. Collaborate in real time and quickly identify opportunities, and risk, before the competition. The competitive advantage of leveraged data of all types, from all sources, internal or external enables faster response and quicker decision making that AMP exemplifies.

Tapping into innovation through best-of-breed mobility, cloud infrastructure, and collaboration to deliver business intelligence focused on revenue health, risk management, and tenant strength. The AMP User Experience is designed to drive smarter data and mobile capabilities to drive performance like never before.

About Loci Solutions


Loci grew out of the desire of Nikki Steadman and Gwen Dagg to enhance the customer experience and system utilization of businesses within the property industry and was established in 2007.

Their team of experienced professionals, each with their own unique skill set, are focused on providing exceptional customer service. Key skills within the team include project management, analysis, systems development, training, finance and management, providing a well-rounded approach to understanding issues and providing solutions.

About AMP Technologies


AMP continues to see top Commercial Real Estate organizations request to sign up for their innovative platform and utilize their cost effective service offerings around due diligence, property accounting, lease administration, asset management and data standardization. AMP combines best-of-breed performance with speed and accuracy. The company is built on what clients need to make their job easier – simplicity is at the core. Intuitive and innovative solutions drive a profitable business; this is what AMP delivers.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies provides a suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful, yet highly intuitive, platform to monitor and manage individual properties and large portfolios. Its products are built on best-of- breed cloud technology and are designed for the modern enterprise to provide sophisticated business intelligence, collaboration and management tools. With a comprehensive, yet highly intuitive, platform for monitoring and managing individual properties to entire portfolios, AMP provides the key tools needed for every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making.