January 31 2009

04.01.2012 - NEW in 2012 - Project Design Review and Technology Project Management

For clients who already have a report-writing or custom programming resource, we offer a design review service to ensure that your project reflects best practice for your business. Project design is one of the most critical aspects to delivering a successful outcome. Loci can provide expertise on both the coding practice and the output standards and are passionate about professional, presentation quality reporting output standards and optimal user interface design for applications. We identify:

1. Best development practices:
- Number of ways to do things in MRI: optimal method will depend on context
- Performance and server impact
- Reduction of duplicate code and removal of obsolete code
2. Context to the business process/practice
3. Is the design the best fit for the overall process?
4. How does this affect other things like reporting, balancing or other processes?
- Efficient coding strategies are employed.
- Best design tool is used for the requirement

For clients who have engaged an external resource for programming services (on-shore or off-shore), we now provide project management services to put appropriate controls on the project to mitigate risk and create a seamless alternative to delivery. This service can include any or all of the following depending on requirements:

1. Technical advisory to the programming team on your existing solutions architecture
2. Design modifications consulting
- Loci are intimately familiar with standard real estate practice and AU legislative requirements
3. Timeline and budget management
4. Full QA service menu (test plan design through full user acceptance testing)
5. First line of quality assurance

Contact nikki@locisolutions.com for more information or to discuss your exact requirements.