If salinity is a problem, use a West Indian variety as a rootstock, which will tolerate the salinity better. drymifolia Blake), West Indian (P. americana Mill. This avocado tree is a variety named Winter Mexican, a Mexican x West Indian hybrid, and was mail ordered from Florida. The flesh is about 15 percent oil or fat, much of which is in the healthy, monounsaturated form. Guatemalan-West Indian hybrids and Guatemalan types set fruit later in the season. Although avocado trees can grow in a wide range of soil types, the most suitable soils are coarse and well drained. Pull the corners of the covering outward and anchor them to the ground—the cover need not reach to the ground. Mexican (P. americana var. Other grafting methods also work. Mexicola trees have survived freezing temperatures as low as 18°F. Avocado fruits do not ripen on the tree–they must be harvested and held for several days before they are ready to be consumed. Space avocado trees 20 to 30 feet from each other and from other large trees (Fig. Thanksgiving Day There is variation in the shape and size of avocado fruits. It is noted for its shiny purple-black skin, anise scented leaves and excellent quality flesh. These trees are classified as evergreens, although some varieties lose their leaves for a short period of time before and during flowering. When choosing a planting location for your tree, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ohio Grown Winter Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa - 4" Pot. The tree’s canopy can range in shape from low, dense, and symmetrical, to upright and asymmetrical. The avocados we grow here in Florida are West Indian types; this group sets fruit early in the season. Mexico leads the world in avocado production, with over 1 million metric tons produced annually. Fax: (951) 780-5110, Closed Easter Because salinity can injure avocados, have the soil and irrigation water tested before planting. The trees have an upright spreading habit and are vigorous. The varieties best for growing in South Florida are commonly called Florida avocados or green-skin avocados. On the other hand, the varieties ‘Pollock’ and ‘Booth 8’ need a type A tree planted in the same area. Be sure to only purchase avocado trees from registered nurseries. There are a few moderately cold-tolerant varieties like 'Choquette' or 'Booth 8' that can be grown with good site selection and freeze protection. If the roots are alive, many suckers or trunks will emerge (hopefully above the graft line) that will need to be pruned if a single-trunk tree is desired. Do not grow seedlings from supermarket avocados, for several reasons: Avocados do not come true from seed; ungrafted seedlings may take up to 10 to 15 years to bear fruit; and salty irrigation water can cause moderate to severe leaf tip burn on these plants. West Indian varieties produce very large fruit that is low in oil and has a milder flavor than the other types. "Avocado Growing in the Florida Home Landscape" includes a table showing the general time period various avocado varieties can be harvested. Guatemalan (Persea nubigena var. Because of their lower fat content you may have seen Florida avocados marketed in the store as a “slimcado”. In Year 1, divide 1 pound of ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) into three to six equal doses applied every second or third month from February to early August Increase the total amount of ammonium sulfate to 2 pounds in the second and third years,and increase to 3 total pounds per year in the fourth year after planting. If the fruit doesn’t soften, pick fruit again every week or so until they soften. Avocado irrigation is similar to that for citrus and other fruit and nut trees. Type B varieties have flowers that shed pollen in the morning and are receptive to pollen in the afternoon. Opossums apparently thrive on mature avocado fruit and will climb the tree to feed when none are on the ground. Guatemalan varieties are essentially intermediate between the former two, and its hybrids with the other two races include many of the more important varieties in commerce. Grafted avocado trees will begin to produce fruit after three to four years. These structures store the sun’s warmth and can use ice formed from water sprinklers and heat from light sources to protect the trees from occasional nights of freezing. With good management, mature trees can produce 2, 3, or more bushels of avocados, depending upon the variety. This encourages the roots to grow out into the soil of the site. C, Just arrived! Florida's avocado trees grow to be between 30 and 65 feet tall. Limbs can be broken by strong winds or heavy crop loads. Avocados have more potassium than do bananas and are a good source of vitamins K, E, and B, especially B6 and B5. Mature trees may withstand temperatures in the mid 20s. The fruit has been studied for its role in lowering cholesterol and limiting certain forms of oral cancer. The Mexicola avocado is an excellent quality, frost-hardy avocado variety. The Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology, "Avocado Growing in the Florida Home Landscape", "Avocado Growing in the Florida Home Landscape. (If you want to learn more about grafting, an excellent resource is the book Propagating Fruit Plants in Florida, available from the UF/IFAS bookstore.). Nitrogen is needed each year, regardless of soil test results. The most serious disease of avocados is anthracnose, which primarily affects fruit that are nearing maturity. Set a heat source under the tented tree. For more information, see the latest news from UF/IFAS on avocados. In commercial plantings, newly planted trees are usually staked for support and shaded during the first several months of hot weather and strong sunlight. Storage on-tree is common, and ‘Lula’ will store on- tree into January because of cooler temperatures. Oblong fruit, 12 to 18 Oz, thick green skin, medium seed. Overripe fruit can be pureed and frozen for later use, particularly for avocado dips and cream soup.

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