He was 20 years older than Stephen Lewis who played the overbearing and supposedly senior Inspector Blake and only nine years younger than Doris Hare, who played his Mum from the second series onwards. Is Don Jr. crying on National TV because he knows if Donnie loses he'll take it out on the family or because he's just stoned and maudlin. TRIVIA Why did Reg Varney leave mid series of the final series did he just want to leave was he sacked or ill? What is your fave SNL comedy routine? Varney was a household name back then thanks to his central role as Stan in the phenomenally successful ITV sitcom On The Buses, which ran so long on the telly it even birthed a trio of equally popular, if undeniably dire, film spin-offs. Last updated Mar 16 2011. Doris Hare (as Stan’s Mum) - Welsh actress Doris passed away in May 2000 at the grand age of 95. In reality, Michael Robbins wanted to get back into theatre work again, hence his departure from the show. However, Michael Robbins did return for the film "Holiday On the Buses" in 1973. apparantly the general public never forgave him for leaving the series, By Ascoyne D'Ascoyne in forum Actors and Actresses, By Nick Dando in forum Off-Topic Discussion, By Bob M. in forum Looking for a Video/DVD (TV), http://filmdope.com/forums/pu...ing-buses.html, http://www.thevisitor.co.uk/news/mor...lden-1-1201283. HISTORICAL NOTE He left the series in the final season, after episode 69 (entitled "Goodbye Stan"). Susie Most episodes centred on Stan and Jack’s battles with the dim-witted Blakey, who would usually retort “I ‘ate you Butler”, and/or the lads’ attempt to woo the conductresses (or “clippies”). There were plans to revive the series in 1990 as "Back on the Buses". Stan was a bachelor and lived with his bingo-loving, widowed, super-smothering mum (Doris Hare). A moth-eaten, end-of-pier British comedy drama that makes the most threadbare of 1970s Carry On films look like Citizen Kane, it sank without trace at the box office and effectively ended the career of its star, Reg Varney, when it limped out to cinemas in 1973. In reality, Varney was badly let down by a production that simply didn't know what to do with such tough material. All rights reserved. After that followe… Reginald Alfred Varney (* 11.Juli 1916 in Canning Town, Essex; † 16. Quotes AS CINEMATIC suicide notes go, The Best Pair Of Legs In The Business is pretty hard to beat. Thanks in advance. Was the film HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES … Each week a live studio audience watched the series recorded and during some of the scenes, Reg Varney had to actually start the engine. Anna Karen He was 88. November 2008 in Budleigh Salterton, Devon) war ein britischer Schauspieler.Er wurde in Großbritannien in den 1970er Jahren vor allem durch seine Rolle als Stan Butler in der Sitcom On the Buses bekannt. Question #120722. He was 92. 16 November 2008 • 17:14 pm . Nostalgia Central is an enormous scrapbook providing a trip from the Rockin 50s via the Swinging 60s, the Mirror-balled 70s and Day-Glo 80s to the Grunge-filled 90s. The hosting fees are due in a week (or less). Doris Hare (2) Why did Stan leave on the buses I'm 19 and only recently started watching them their really good but i think it went down hill after Reg left It's an uneasy mix of styles, from Varney's entrancing tragicomedy turn to the supporting cast's 'Confessions Of A Caravan Park' crassness, which makes for a ultimately unsatisfying viewing experience. The exterior shots for On The Buses were filmed at a bus depot in Wood Green, London. Why is The simpsons on Disney plus? First published on Mon 17 Nov 2008 06.17 EST. In the final season, Arthur divorced Olive and left the show. Ask the Expert: How should I talk to my children about race and racism? Sandra  The buses were diesel-powered Eastern National Bristol Lodekka FLF6LXs with 70-seat bodies. Why did Stan leave on the buses I'm 19 and only recently started watching them their really good but i think it went down hill after Reg left, I don't know but I do know it don't last much longer than that and his best mate on the show the white haired chap in life he commit suicide because the show was his life.im also 19 :) x. But he was a capable and versatile pro, a stalwart of 60s sitcoms like The Rag Trade, who probably deserved better material than that for which he is best remembered. Stephen Lewis died on 12 August 2015 in a nursing home in Wanstead, London. Mon 17 Nov 2008 06.17 EST On some of these a voice is audible directing the audience's applause prior to the credits cutting off. Here he drew upon his working-class background to portray the wily bus driver. Cicely Courtneidge (1) On paper, the role of faded drag act 'Sherry' Sheridan who fritters away what meagre talent he has churning out the same old gags to a sea of disinterested punters in a rundown caravan park must have seemed like strong meat indeed. For Bob Grant, playing Jack Harper for four years led to his being typecast as "leering, randy" characters. He's like Olivier in The Entertainer (1960) as he dredges up his inner demons in all their deeply unpleasant glory. Varney failed to see the series out, leaving after seven episodes of the final 13. Get answers by asking now. Originally posted Mar 16 2011 4:41 AM. , esp with only 6 episodes remaining? Asked by runaway_drive. Why was the show axed? Also in the house were his plain sister Olive (Anna Karen – a former stripper) – who looked like she had fought a life-long battle against beauty treatment – and his brother-in-law, Arthur (Michael Robbins) who spent all of his time reading the paper and avoiding having sex with Olive. Stan Butler Soundtracks. Here he drew upon his working-class background to portray the wily bus driver. He was aware that he was the only performer without West End acting experience and worked hard to make up for it. Reg Varney opened the world’s first ATM cash dispenser, which was installed on 27 June 1967 at Barclay’s Bank in Church Street, Enfield in England. Within six months of its launch, London Weekend Television was the grateful recipient of a new sitcom from seasoned writers, Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney (who had been responsible for The Rag Trade). Arthur  Reg Varney 74 x 30 minute episodes 1967 war er der erste Mensch, der an einem Bankautomat Geld abhob. Was this arranged with with producers before the series 7 started ? On The Buses was primarily a vehicle (no pun intended) for Reg Varney, aged 47 when the series began, and previously best known for his role in The Rag Trade. He started his working life immediately after the second world war in a revue innocently called Gaytime, in which his straight man was, of all people, Benny Hill. Why did Michael Robbins leave? Mum (Mrs Butler) Arthur originally worked as a hospital porter in the city hospital but changed job and worked as a booking clerk for British Rail. However, his long life does throw up some eyebrow-raising factual gems. Although the character Stan Butler was supposed to be in his mid-30s. It should have been very different, of course. Glen Whitter I like The View and The Talk very funny (on youtube)? To a generation of long-suffering comedy lovers, Reg Varney represents an all too familiar bane, as Mum-loving lothario Stan Butler in ITV's long running On the Buses, a byword for 70s sitcom mediocrity, all too accurately parodied in a recent Harry and Paul sketch. Was the film HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES … And yet, the On the Buses cast somehow maintained a corner of affection in the British viewing public's heart – in 1990, following an appearance on Wogan, there was even talk of reassembling the elderly, and in one or two cases apparently gravely ill, cast for one last ride in a new series. Reg Varney exited 'On The Buses' on a high note with the last great episode to be written by Wolfe & Chesney. Why not go before the series started or at the end of it? Forum Member. If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better? Reg Varney wouldn't sit out his part all the way. Maybe i haven't looked properly(even the official site is rather vague), but why did Reg Varney leave On The Buses? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Born in 1916, Varney was already approaching his mid-50s when On the Buses first began in 1969. She had taken over from Cicely Courtneidge, who only lasted for the first series, which was quite different in feel from its successors: more subtle and subdued, and focusing on the overbearing mother/son relationship.

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