While everyone else celebrates, Daryl deals with the reality that these back-to-back conflicts have left them with limited ammo, while Eugene builds more ammo for the Saviors. When Daryl briefly becomes a member of the blood-thirsty marauders known as The Claimers, he has a conversation with their leader, Joe (Jeff Kober), who shares his opinion that the world didn’t fall apart. Though he is usually distant, Daryl has often shown to be caring and selfless.

It's safe to say that every character in The Walking Dead has suffered through significant losses brought on by the apocalypse. He followed Merle around before the apocalypse, and to a degree, he followed Rick around after the apocalypse.

In Daryl/Beth centric episode she makes a few guesses.

I thought I remembered him saying his life wasn't all that different from before the break out. When the group arrived at Alexandria in season 5, Daryl seemed to regress significantly and immediately resumed his role as an outsider. He told someone once that he was a cop before the apocalypse happened and I don’t think that he is necessarily being untruthful. The group escapes and leaves the false safe haven in ruins.

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When Sophia went missing he was the first person to go out and start looking for her (aside from rick of course). RELATED: 10 Shows To Watch After The Walking Dead Ends.

Unfortunately, scars and loss have made Daryl a shadow of his former self - or, depending on your interpenetration, have reverted him back to the man he was before the Apocalypse. Daryl ends up feeling some empathy for a girl named Lydia (Cassady McClincy), the daughter of the Whisperer's leader, Alpha (Samantha Morton). However, when it becomes clear that his place is not in diplomacy, but war, he leaves the safe-haven to join the fight at the Hilltop. Although the search for Sophia would ultimately end with the realization that she had been turned into a walker shortly after getting lost, his efforts to find her endeared him to both Carol and the rest of the group. I don't think they ever did anything really bad - petty crime, drug dealing, assault, and gang work were the worst of it. Which is probably why he hasnt had a hard time adjusting to life like the others. Daryl has matured a lot since his first appearance on The Walking Dead. So, in light of Daryl's future, it's worth taking a look at how he got from where he was, to where he is. It doesnt say it anywhere, but what do you think his job was or what job his type of person would have. Daryl is so good at tracking and his amount of skill is not just for that of tracking animals. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Petty backwoods illegalities. He also has no tolerance for people that go against the rules, even when he will bend them himself.

Being a hunter helps yes, but a few of his shots where a little to accurate in you ask me.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He tells this to Andrea early in the series. Since he's a redneck I'd say he'd work on some kind of farm, like milk dairy cow or something like that. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thewalkingdead community. opinons on the tv show The Vampire Diaries? He quickly became the show's cash cow, and in the golden years of The Walking Dead when the series' ratings were higher than most shows on the air, Daryl Dixon was one of TV's biggest fads. RELATED: The Walking Dead: 10 Best Judith Grimes Quotes.

It's sad to think that Daryl really felt poorly about himself in normal life, and after the outbreak happened, he didn't really have anything to miss, unlike virtually every other character. Daryl comes across Negan in the woods, shortly afterward, and when they're accosted by Whisperers, Negan manages to prove his loyalty to Daryl, by killing them. He returns to the prison just in time to help thwart the Governor's attack. He has more responsibilities now than "pre-zombie" Daryl. Which is probably why he hasnt had a hard time adjusting to life like the others. Rick hopes to use diplomacy to push for Negan's surrender, but Daryl, lusting for revenge, goes rogue. He mentioned at the prison that he could've been there himself with some of his background, but during the D/B episodes he seems awfully put out with the suggestion that he had been in jail ever.

‘I’m better on my own’ he would tell everyone whenever he would go hunt or any other activity that would usually require him to have someone go with him.

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Daryl's character has both progressed and regressed simultaneously throughout the course of his time on The Walking Dead.

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