13) Giselle – Act 1, Giselle. See how much you know about the dance medium by taking our tricky ballet quiz right now! Oct 31, 2019. share to facebook . (2). Barre it up!

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Beaut.ie investigates: what's the right type of hair removal for. I hope so! In just a few minutes you can discover which method of ballet is best for you and even learn a little more about the style.
See how much you know about the dance medium by taking our tricky ballet quiz right now! Theme by HB-Themes.

Sometimes doing the same old things all the time becomes boring.

Take the quiz. 1/13. 11) Gamzatti – Act 2, La Bayadere. 7) Odalisque 2nd solo, Le Corsaire.

Which Ballet Character You Are Most Like? So do you want to see if you'd be a good ballerina? Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Dancers Can Ace This Ballet Test. This is my first quiz! Quiz topic: Which Ballet Style/Method am I? 10 Questions - Developed by: Cinnie - Updated on: 2014-10-15 - Developed on: 2014-10-04 - 20,880 taken - 2 people like it Find out which famous ballet character suits your personality best. The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, Giselle, or Sleeping Beauty... find out which story best suits you!

Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. © 2020 — Highend WordPress Theme. 1st solo – Act 1, Giselle, 4) Florimund (Desire) – Act 3, Sleeping Beauty, 8) Corsaire Variation 2 – Act 3, Le Corsaire, 11) Benno Pas De Trois Variation, Swan Lake, 15) Nutcracker Prince Variation, Nutcracker, 21) Pas de trois 1st Variation, Swan Lake, Your shopping cart is empty

Created by: firebird What is your age? Lovely. Ballet is one of those complex arts that either people seem to love or hate.

BalletBear published on June 16, 2014 24 responses 10 « Previous Next » Questions in vertical order. People say that you're... Sweet. Which fire emblem fates class would suit you best. Have you ever wondered what Ballet method fits you best? Ballet Quiz. by Claire Peach What Ballet Character are you?

I already take ballet :D. yup! Jasmine Kemper. This quiz is testing out a new look, and if you notice any visual bugs please report them! I presume I would do the same variation for both competitions.
via Fox Searchlight Pictures. 14) Kitri Variation … that you can create and share on your social network. well I don't know much about ballet, but I'm willing to learn. 6) Aurora Variation – Act 3, Sleeping Beauty. Give it a try!

So do you want to find out what ballet character you are? Could you be a good candidate to become a time traveler?

Which global pandemic would you have survived? 2/13.

How likely are you to get beat up with a shovel?

In this quiz, swoop into the “pas de chat” (step of the cat) and let’s see if you really know your ballet terms!Are you on the same level as Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn?

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