Beer Steins” – by William Hamer (NEW 6-13-13), Guest writer’s articles: “Identifing Faience Steins [Part 9] – Bayreuth (1716-1788) Fayence (Germ.) This stein, bearing the trademark of Merkelbach & Wick, was made around 1900 in the style of earlier Westerwald pieces. Note that the location numbers (top) will vary over time as new handles are added to the listing. Risque Steins? (Fa – Fi) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. (Ta – Th) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace, Westerwald Stoneware Mug with GR Medallion. See figure 19. There is a definite shank between the handle strap and the hinge. to help give you the best experience we can. almost anything!”. van Hauten’s Enameled Drinking Vessels; Many Examples of His Great Workmanship. Majolia Beer Steins (Mostly German & Austrian), And a Few Habnerware (Hafnerware), Majolica (“English Type” of Lead Glazing) Drinking Vessels from “The Münchner Werkstätten für Keramische Kunst (The Munich Workshop for Pottery Artwork),”. He founded his company in 1857, possibly on an existing family pottery business that dated back as far as 1810. Steinzeugwerke Höhr Grenzhausen Gmbh marketing organisation between 1912-1918. These tiny Gothic flavor attached balls in the center are definitely good Westerwald work by S.P. However, if any of the names contain a first name, the stein is new. Search and filter the artworks and artists. (I) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. A saltglazed pouring stein, decorated in typical cobalt and manganese colors. This is a very large piece (over 20 inches tall)  and it has a larger version of the female’s head, duplicated again for your edification, just below. Wine ring jug with a “Bartman”  type face on its lip. He was father of Alois Jacob Gerz of Roßkopf und Gerz). Beer Steins” – by William Hamer (NEW 1-30-13), Guest writer’s articles: “Identifing Faience Steins [Part 7] – Crailsheim (1715-1827) Fayence (Germ.) This mark is on the base of a stein depicting a "Dirndl", the nation and date of manufacture is unknown. See figure 26. See figure 16. “Sir John Falstaff” on Beer Steins; Not As English As One Might Think. (A) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. Antique German Double Ring Jug Krug Westerwald Ewer Beer Stein Not Mettlach Gift. These lists can be found with an online search. (Mj – Mz) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. Peter Behrens  Anton Kilian "Karl" Beuler  Rudy Dekker  Fritz Hellmuth Ehmcke  Bruno Mauder  Carl Moos  Albin Müller  Wilhelm Ratelbeck  Paul Wynand Il Westerwald è una regione tedesca appartenente al Massiccio scistoso renano.. Il nome "Westerwald" (in italiano: Bosco occidentale) è registrato per la prima volta in un documento del 1048, riferito in origine alle foreste attorno alle tre chiese di Bad Marienberg, Rennerod ed Emmerichenhain a occidente del recinto reale di Herborn. Unusual stein thumblifts. Why the lids on beer steins? He Was A Lot of Things, But Not a Patron Saint !! End-users are encouraged to contribute to that effort by submitting photographs of unreported handles via e-mail addressed to [email protected]. – As With Many Things; It Is All in the Eyes of the Beholder! How I Clean Old Copper, Brass, Pewter, Silver, & Silver-plate. While the Westerwald produced stoneware jugs of numerous sizes and shapes, most of the early ones have been absorbed into permanent collections and are rarely available, see figures 3 & 4. The difference in the handles is obvious. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………, Again this  four section ring jug gives us all those above: 15.5 inch. Otherwise, we begin to see a shank appear on some Westerwald “Gepresste-Kännchen” steins as early as about 1845-50. I mention and illustrate the Regensburg factory so there will be less chance of mistaking them for products of Hanke or Gerz. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, For a full length, informative article on the Westerwald please see: “Rhenish- Westerwald Pottery of the Renaissance and the Baroque,” written by Gerd Kessler =, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. (Pa – Pi) AWPD, A Small “Pictorial Compendium” of Stein Terms. Actually, a person would be hard pressed to single out just one handle that might be representative of the Hanke factory. C/w modern paper label (1949 - 1990 Western Germany). (Sarcastic Page !) by ??? made under contract by Gerz. 18, June 1996., “Pewter Rules for Dummies,” & the Pewter Stein Collector’s Newsletter’s Index. marketing organisation between 1912-1918. Made in the Weterwald. HR/Thewalt = A stein manufactured for HR by A.J. Before the development of stoneware, ceramic vessels had to be given a glaze, usually a lead glaze, so that liquids could not seep through their porous walls. “The Wildman” Versus “The Green Man” on Beer Steins. The length of the tail pulled down below the handle varies considerably from stein to stein. [2] Once there, they became something to decorate. Modern Ink Stamp (1949 - 1990 West Germany)

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