Throw in the username with no @. Very few know that it is, indeed, easily possible to watch people’s stories on Instagram without showing yourself in the “Seen” list. This app for iPhone will help you to watch any Story on Instagram. It remains to tap Stories or Highlights, and the app will load the content to your phone. One more distinguishing feature is that the app supports multiple accounts. ... Watch story anonymously on Whatsapp. Thank you for helping me out. .

As long as someone has their profile on public, you can easily use this app to watch their story. Instagram Story Viewer. After that, you should choose a particular account by picking out one of your Following or entering the user’s name. For those unaware, ‘Instagram Stories’ is a feature allowing you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24h and shows the poster who viewed them. Because of activated Airplane mode, your views are not counted. , yes, this works on public accounts, there is no way to make this work for private. Do leave a review! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now switch to flight mode from Wi-Fi and return to their page after a few seconds to view the story and your name won’t be revealed.

Let’s break the code for you today! Anonymous Instagram.

While the official app doesn’t show you others’ Instagram Stories without a trace, there are workarounds to it. 2- Story Insta: Go to Instagram story viewer. You put airplane mode you view the stories and you log off Instagram with airplane mode on. Mehedi is a freelance writer/blogger helping businesses grow with red-hot content. Zuckerberg initially tested the story feature in Instagram and after the triumph it achieved, he cloned this feature in literally all of his applications like Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps. Any idea how to do this on Yes, you can also watch people’s Instagram stories and posts anonymously. By doing this, you will be able to watch Stories without being known. Now i am a freelancer, i am a social media and online marketing expert, i run a few websites since 6 years, and i enjoy writing content for them and watch the numbers grow.

Now immediately touch on the left side of the screen. Now, without releasing your touch from the screen, very slowly start moving your finger towards the right side. Be aware before giving your details and photos. This will allow you to view stories without login, and most importantly, the stories will continue to appear as unseen, even if you have seen them all. In this post, you will find only the best apps that will let you watch Stories without being discovered.

You just install any one app to your phone. The app is overall an easy to use and interactive tool that protects privacy to your profile without charging you anything and has a low file size too. While you’re viewing the next/previous story, swipe left/right gently, but not completely, and hold it there. You can also load the story to save it to your phone. Step #1. This is the most simply way to watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously by using the below online tools. What is also important here is that you will be able to view only 1 profile in 24 hours for free. If the story has a video, you will also see a Play/Pause button. it’s gonna take less than 30 seconds. Phone Apps.

I told you in the beginning that this is a crazy method! Join 34,886 other members in receiving the greatest & latest content + freebies/discount offers about Mobiles, Android & iOS apps straight to your inbox. Join 34,886 other members in receiving the greatest content + freebies/discount offers about Mobiles, Android & iOS apps straight to your inbox. But where it helps the most is revealing your stalkers to you. 4 Killer Ways To View Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously On iOS, such apps are usually removed as soon as they gain some popularity. Using this app, you will also be able to view Stories of other users anonymously by loading them to your phone. So this only works with public accounts but you can literally search for any user name and you can view their stories without them knowing. Using App to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously. You can even download them if you want to but this is how you can actually see someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, Also Read – How to Increase RAM performance of Your Smartphones, There are hundreds of such sites available on the internet.Few of them are listed as follows-, Actually this is a concept of watching the Instagram stories when your mobile is not connected to the internet.

That’s why this very kind of apps will be mentioned here as well. Aside from hiding your name, it also secrets that someone even saw the content. View instagram stories online balmain wont know you are watching their stories.

go to settings> account> privacy> check the read receipts on, Refresh the app so that all the stories are completely loaded. For those who use Firefox as their browser, using the Storieswatcher extension can have the same benefits of watching any story anonymously. Use the download button to save it. Using App to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously. It is the most famous Instagram stories viewer. Story Saver is a powerful app with a very appealing user interface. (An unseen story has a colored ring around the user's profile photo). Step #3. Matt Navarra, TNW’s head of social, thinks this extension sure will gain publicity, but expects Instagram to take it down, saying: “This may well prove to be a popular sneaky feature with some users, however, I can’t see Instagram being too happy about it. If you are trying to find how to view Instagram stories anonymously or how to see Instagram stories of anybody without making yourself visible in the watched list, then here is the answer. Your email address will not be published. Step #2. Find the story you’d like to view, and also the story right beside it, which will serve you as a helping hand to peak at the targeted story.

Watch Hiddengram work its magic by refreshing the page: the story which you just viewed is still marked as unseen! If you’re not interested in anonymously viewing someone’s Instagram Stories from your desktop or laptop, there’s a way to do it from the comforts of your iPhone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

There are a number of online tools and websites that let you watch a public account’s Instagram story without letting them know. How to Fix It. Then turn on the flight mode. Here is the tip on how to watch Whatsapp stories anonymously. Although this is one heck of a plugin, don’t be surprised if it disappears all of a sudden. As a vlogger, you’re always looking for new inspiration to keep your channel fresh, interesting, and relevant to your followers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can use the Google Chrome browser for this purpose. What we did above is, basically, taking a peek at the story. In addition to the handy filters, Instagram has caught on for other reasons as well, ‘Stories’, for example. If the user has any stories, you’ll get options to watch or download them.

You only have to open the app, enter the user’s login, and tap the “Story” button to load it on your device directly. This new account should not contain any pieces of information related to your original account.

My name is Nic, I grew a passion for tech and the internet since i was little. Simply enter the user’s name, and then can view the whole profile with leaving no trace.

FastSave for Instagram another similar extension with the identical performance as 1st one. I wrote an …

The consecution of action here is the same. Otherwise than that, great ways to stalk a little thanks! Cutting off the internet doesn’t seem to work with me.. Go to in your browser (on phone or computer) and type the account’s username there and then tap on search. So for it is we don’t actually need an Instagram app or any other third party apps rather we will just need a Web browser. 2018-07-12 07:07:45

Or it could be a text-based image, video, or a gif, that will disappear automatically after 24 hours. Some apps will ask to login whereas some will directly view Instagram stories anonymously or without being logged in. He started to clone all the great features that once were the uniqueness of Snapchat in his apps. To keep watching stories anonymously, we will share three different methods you can spy on someone’s Instagram stories without getting caught. This story feature let you share your pictures and thoughts. Hi Jay, how it does exactly work with the online tools (IGstories for example)? You can also choose to view stories through methods that you want, however we recommend to use the ways mentioned above as they’ve trusted and won’t cause you any issues. Also read – Best Whatsapp tricks you don’t know about. The thing is that here you will be able to watch stories anonymously without any downloading. A pop-up from the bottom of the screen will appear. It is the most famous Instagram stories viewer . This method is handy if you want to see the story of an account that has blocked you (as long as the account is public). All rights reserved. Experience Stand Up Paddleboarding – Tips and Guides, 4 Ways Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door Functionality, Using Kratom to Self-treat Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety, The Face Shop Skincare Essentials for Beginners. Log in and search for stories you want to view. they must have updated their app to prevent this. Instagram send the poster any notification you viewed his/her story? If you ask which method I would prefer, then I may go for the online website method to secretly see Instagram stories. Select from them or use the search for finding other ones while avoiding spelling mistakes. Like from a strange username or something…, it just just fetch the story using the API ( instagram code requests) without using nay user, Your email address will not be published. Click on the Download button. Method # 1: Watch Someone’s Instagram Stories Anonymously by Online Tools. Now you can see and download their stories. Enter the targeted account’s username to download and/or view and hit search button. For that go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download these apps listed below –. In the Chrome Store, you will find an extension called Hiddengram – view insta stories anonymously. A Hypify Company.All Rights Reserved, Hypify Media, LLC. After installing it in your browser, you can easily see the Instagram stories on your desktop that too without your views getting counted. Don’t you think that it would be great to watch Stories of other users anonymously? In the picture, there are two stories: one is from the person whose story you want to see without letting them know. Then activate Airplane mode, and return to see the Instagram stories.

it’s gonna be quick. :’D, Your email address will not be published. Choosing a Drone: Which Drone Is Right For You? post-title A website named “Storieswatcher” is one of the famous tools for this purpose. See and take note of that account’s username. We hope you’d be responsible enough while implementing the given tactics. Now, these were straightforward methods. Click on the button and see the instagram story directly inside this app. Yes, you can hide your name from the viewers of the story on Whatsapp as well. After that, you can view the Instagram story secretly. Oh and by the way, you can download their stories too. You will now begin seeing that person’s story. This list of apps are safe to use. For this, right there you can actually search for a username( whose story you want to view).

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