At 15 years, nine months and 25 days old, he became the second-youngest player after Stefan Petković to play in the EuroCup. But this … At first impression Victor Wembanyama looks every bit of a unicorn.

He grabbed a season-high 16 rebounds in 24 minutes against U18 Umana Reyer Venice on February 07, 2020. His game is going to be crazy. In fact, the first games played by Wembanyama early in the year with the U16 national team were far from convincing. It catches like wildfire.”.

Look at the no-look pass that he hurls from the post to find his open teammate in the corner for three.

The big man led all participants in blocks (37) and defensive win shares (0.9) while bragging the third-best player efficiency rating (34.5) as well. Victor Wembanyama averaged 10.2 points, 4.8 rebounds and 0.8 assists per game, Wembanyama's skill level, … There are some things that he doesn’t do that I hope I will be able to accomplish. Wednesday night against Croatia, his performance even came close to perfection with 12 points, 21 rebounds, 8 blocks, including a determining one at the last second. [11], On 29 October 2019, Wembanyama made his professional debut for Nanterre 92, playing 31 seconds against Brescia in the EuroCup. And not only because of his 2.18m size.

That suggests his touch is solid and that there is reason to believe in the development of his shot, which does look natural coming out of his hands. He had 20 points or more 1 time. What makes things complicated is we have to deal with his very thin frame when he plays with men and deal with his unique set of skills when he plays with kids his age." As always with the young Center player of Nanterre! He shot 9/12 from two, 1/5 from three, shooting at 58.8% from the field. He recorded 16 points and 15 rebounds in the third-place game. ", "El pívot francés de 2.08 m. y 14 años que probó con el Barça en la Minicopa se queda en el Nanterre", "Victor Wembanyama is one of the best long-term NBA prospects in the world", "Victor Wembanyama, 16, has historic ANGT performance", "Tubelis takes home MVP as Rytas takes first place", Euroleague Basketball Next Generation Tournament, "41 d'évaluation : Victor Wembanyama commence fort sa saison Espoirs", "Victor Wembanyama sort une énorme performance pour sa première en Nationale 1 avec le Centre Fédéral !
Having a player of 2.15m in a team is a plus, but he has in addition good passing skills and a rare sense of blocking and positioning. “This year he will play with the Espoirs and the U18s by being outclassed and train with the pros when possible, tells Fred Donnadieu. [1] He grew up playing football as a goalkeeper and practicing judo.

Yes there are a player who drives them crazy right now in the Old Continent that is Victor Wembanyama. So when coaching him, you always have to come up with new ideas and new challenges. [2] Wembanyama was coached in basketball by his mother, who played the sport, since he was four or five years old. On October 10, 2020, Victor Wembanyama tied his career high in points in a France - NM 1 game. To be that big and that young and have guard skills is kind of crazy.”. [8] Through 13 Espoirs games, he averaged 10.2 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.8 blocks in 20.1 minutes per game.

As always with the young Center player of Nanterre! In Udine, Italy, one sees only him. He also had 22 points, 18 rebounds, 2 steals and and 5 blocks. Subscribe to DraftExpress here

Midrange, he can take a couple of dribbles off the bounce and shoot. Generally speaking, connecting from beyond the arc during the games has not been one of his strengths. If you do not know the name Victor Wembanyama, it is worth dropping everything to learn about the 16-year-old, 7-foot-3 big from France.. Wembanyama was …

His mother takes care of his diet and a dietitian follows him. He cannot put his name in the NBA draft until 2022 or 2023. Didn’t have much luck from behind the arc only converting 20% (3/15) of his shots but can’t see why this number shouldn’t increase in the future as he already has a steady hand from the FT line, stroke looks good and was converting from the mid-range regularly.

He can do things that only a point guard or a shooting guard can normally do. Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history. I hope I can become a point of comparison for others in the future." He kind of can do everything. ... FRANCE To no one's surprise, France has progressed all the way to the Finals without losing a single game thanks to their impressive length, athleticism ... For the second year in a row during Euroleague Final Four weekend, Adidas organized U16 All Star game between Europe and Asia. In an 80–78 quarterfinal win over Croatia, he recorded 12 points, 21 rebounds and eight blocks.

At the end of the Bellegarde tournament in April, Bernard Faure, the coach, had not hidden a certain disappointment and seemed determined to do without him. He dished a season-high 2 assists in 32 minutes against Le Havre on October 20, 2020. Obviously the one who will start his second year of highschool in a few days with a year ahead, understood the message. during the 2020-2021 Jeep Elite regular-season. His brother Frederic, now the club’s General Manager, was his coach when Wembanyama moved from Versailles to Nanterre after being spotted at a U11 tournament. Despite being a year younger than all of the other players who participated, he was considered the most anticipated prospect competing.

At the same age, he is ahead of a certain Rudy Gobert. Since the start of the Euro U16, which takes place in the capital of the Friuli region, Victor Wembanyama impresses all observers. during the 2019-2020 Adidas Next Generation Tournament regular-season. He is not going to be big like Gobert. He is not an outside player. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Tuesday, October 20, 4:30AM. The squad has litteraly built a dedicated team around Wembanyama. We were tougher with him than with anybody else, more demanding. His older sister, Eve, plays basketball professionally and won a gold medal with France at the 2017 FIBA U16 Women's European Championship in France. Victor Wembanyama (born 4 January 2004) is a French professional basketball player for Nanterre 92 of the LNB Pro A. Victor Wembanyama is 16 years old (04/01/2004) and he is 219cm tall. We provide up-to-date basketball scores and statistics for every professional player and team in every major league in the world. Or write about sports? Also tall people tend to have slower reflexes because of longer nerves that taper and Victor’s reactivity is a little lagged at the moment. [7] He averaged 15.8 points, 12 rebounds, 2.8 steals and six blocks per game, leading the tournament in blocks, and was named to the all-tournament team. He scored in double figures 3 times in 4 games. But he is a unique player and you have to give him some freedom", says coach Michael Bur. Not eligible until the 2023 NBA draft. He averaged 13.7 points, 14.6 rebounds, 8.1 blocks and 2.3 steals per 36 minutes during those seven games. At the moment he lacks physical stretch, loses positions and is not always able to hold his ground because of the high centre of gravity and gets pushed out the way. His 7 blocked shots against Serbia or his 21 rebounds and 8 blocks versus Croatia, his speed, agility and timing were deadly weapons for France. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data.

He is a center who most recently played for Centre Fédéral in France - NM 1.. Victor Wembanyama's full bio More likely than not, he signs a pro contract when he turns 18. Victor Wembanyama, a young prodigy who keeps growing! Victor Wembanyama is a basketball player born on January 04, 2004. In the past guys like Edwin Jackson, Adrien Moerman or Evan Fournier played for us. "I have to confess this thought crossed my mind. You know, he’s like Porzingis. During the 2018/19 season, Wembanyama, born in 2014, played with the U18 team of Nanterre, reaching the Final Four. Victor Wembanyama Rumors If you do not know the name Victor Wembanyama, it is worth dropping everything to learn about the 16-year-old, 7-foot-3 big from France. You know how social media is. Unicorn times 10.”, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, N.C. church ordered to stop holding large indoor services, The 20 best things to get at Aldi this year, according to shoppers. Stuff that no one has seen. Because it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” 29-year-old wing Taylor Smith, who played alongside Wembanya for Nanterre outside of Paris, told HoopsHype.

French. The projected scenario is he stays with Nanterre, earning more playing time and fully practicing with their professional team rather than the junior team. And be the leader of the national team.

Being 5-9 at only 10 makes it difficult to blend in.

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