SubstitutionStudents with an identified need may substitute approved academic English courses for up to 6 units of General Education. To provide a learning environment and teaching methodology in which students can bring the approaches of a number of disciplines to bear on a complex problem or issue. Practical experience/industry placement is not grounds for exemption. The General Education Program at UNSW allows undergraduate students to broaden their education by completing a number of courses from outside their Faculty. Contact your Program Authority if you have any further questions regarding General Education courses. Data is correct as at Thu, 17-09-2020 01:10:04 EST: Go To: By Teaching Period: Data is currently published for 2020 and is subject to change. The University believes that a general education complements the more specialised learning undertaken in as student's chosen field of study and contributes to the flexibility which graduates are increasingly required to demonstrate. Course enrolment variations will be conducted through myUNSW.Students who are unable to enrol through myUNSW should contact their faculty or program office regarding alternative enrolment arrangements. Special student exemptionsStudents transferring from one faculty to another at UNSW, or from another higher education/tertiary institution, who believe that their prior learning and/or qualification satisfies the University's General Education objectives are eligible to seek exemption from all, or part of the UNSW General Education requirements.Applicants for exemption must supply full written justification for their request, plus appropriate documentation, showing how they have satisfied the GE objectives (see above). UNSW Canberra offers a variety of Professional Education courses, from 1 - 5 days in length, that cater for a wide range of needs for both Defence and the general public. (b) In programs that have a partial exemption from General Education, the remaining General Education courses must be taken in faculties other than the faculty that is the program authority for the program in which the student is enrolled. To enable students to acquire skills and competencies, including appropriate written and spoken communication skills. Note - variation to the General Education requirement in some combined programs may have been approved, and students should always check their program requirements in the handbook. UNSW Canberra offers a variety of Professional Education courses, from 1 - 5 days in length, that cater for a wide range of needs for both Defence and the general public. Previous Year students' first choices cannot be guaranteed, as students in later program stages will be given preference over those in earlier stages; quotas may be set for different faculties and courses. the General Education course timetable, which includes lecture and tutorial times and the campus on which the course is taught. Every course in the University has a unit of credit value, with program requirements defined, in part, in terms of the completion of a specified number of units of credit. Most General Education courses (with GEN prefix) will be offered in the format of one lecture and one tutorial per week. To empower students to systematically challenge received traditions of knowledge, beliefs and values. In these cases, students may attempt to enrol in the class at a later time, as places may become available. Click to display a list of General Education Courses: here . To provide a learning environment in which students acquire, develop, and deploy skills of rational thought and critical analysis. Students enrolled in combined programs should check their General Education requirements with their faculty or program office. Co-requisites and exclusionsThe Committee on Education will determine co-requisites and exclusions as and when necessary. The basic general education requirements are the same for all students in a single degree program or a dual degree program drawn from one Faculty: Dual degree programs which are drawn from two different Faculties and dual degree programs that include the Bachelor of Education are deemed to have met the University’s general education requirements. To ensure that students examine the purposes and consequences of their education and experience at University, and to foster acceptance of professional and ethical action and the social responsibility of graduates. To provide an environment in which students are able to experience the benefits of moving beyond the knowledge boundaries of a single discipline and explore cross and interdisciplinary connections, and cross-cultural contexts. To increase the chances of enrolment in first preference courses, the University will generally try to allocate enrolment appointment times to students who have progressed furthest in their degree program, before students in earlier stages of their program. If you undertake a professional education course through UNSW Canberra you’ll gain skills from one of Australia’s top universities. General Education courses may have enrolment quotas set for both overall course enrolments and for each faculty. There will be no general exemptions for students enrolled in single degree programs. The University's academic structure is based on 'units of credit'. For the same reason, students do not pay extra for undertaking General Education courses. Domestic students commencing in Term 2 2020 under the Government's COVID-19 Higher Education Relief Package can enrol in a maximum of 4 courses (24 units of credit) across Term 2 and Term 3 2020 at the discounted fee rates. Students enrol in General Education courses through myUNSW ( the web interface to the University's student information system, in the same way that they enrol in other courses.Before nominating the General Education courses they wish to take, students should ensure that they are familiar with: Students will be able to vary their enrolment in General Education courses, subject to places in other courses being available. The General Education Program at UNSW allows undergraduate students to broaden their education by completing a number of courses from outside their Faculty. Our Teachers are experts in their field, drawing on strong academic backgrounds with many years of experience; many are leaders in their field, both nationally and internationally. To provide opportunities for students to explore discipline and paradigm bases other than those of their professional or major disciplinary specialization through non-specialist courses offered in those other areas.

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