"Slick Willy - An enormous, intelligent eel who signs on with pirate crews, accompanying their ships to attack other craft from beneath the waterline and defend against aquatic threats in exchange for bodies thrown overboard. His favorite punishment is forcing prisoners to build a dinghy out of their former ship and pushing them out to sea. Each story has a tattoo to go with it, his skin a veritable tapestry of his life etched from his knuckles to his neck and down to his ankles. Speaks in a slurred Primordial that, even when understood, is not properly understood. ", Sounds like you should read The Skinner by Neal Asher. Now a young man, he has a complicated relationship with piracy and the captain he serves under. ", The above-water portion can soak up the cannon fire from their desperate quarry but the submersible inexorably approaches until Sharonoques merciless crew can board. A lot of statements where to find his treasures contradict themself. "Captain Koskinen - 6'7' tall, 320lb tiefling with dark purple skin and a great many scars. She captains The Indomitable, a large ship constructed of ebonized woods.

The First Mate is a spellcaster who can speak with the dead, and frequently consults Roberts for advice. I definitely think coastal communities would become more centralised, it's either have them concentrate in one place or have armies stationed to protect every community (depending on how bad potential undead raids are). He is incredibly kind, hardworking, and an incredibly competent chef and servant.

When Eirin was overwhelmed and swallowed by the Chriam Empire, Crookshanks and his crew refused to bend the knee, and found themselves a ship without a country. Like the whole undead ship is it's own creature that way if the PC tries to board the ship they are swiftly met with a horrendous surprise? If both existed, which would be more prevalent in and around the sea and why, similarly, where would the bodies come from and how would they get undead-ed? he would say. He often mocks his foes as he duels for their inability to defeat a cripple. Since the crew hates bad puns and witty jokes, they tend to often throw her overboard to get their laughs.

I'm sure zombie water isn't very tasty but it probably wouldn't kill you. Her boat was grown of an ancient Riverside yew that wished to travel as much as she did. By the time he calls out 'Land Ho' from the Crow's Nest, he's already forgotten in which direction it is by the time he's scrambled down to the deck. He is full of optimism and often pulls tricks on his crewmates, but is fiercely loyal. The reason pressure kills things is that we have an internal pressure that needs to match the external pressure in order to not collapse our bodies. var randomStrings = [

Personally, I think hordes of zombies would ultimately be lost, potentially forever (or until they are crushed by pressure), in large, deep oceans. The moniker 'The Barnacle' was not earned because of his fondness for them or their presence on his body, but because much like a barnacle, Barnaby is impossible to be rid of and will likely remain long after his foes are at the bottom of the sea. ", ", Large and imposing, with a number of tattered jackets and hats taken from other captains he has defeated. Usually found in the corner of a tavern drinking rum and telling stories of his plundering days. His ship is the fastest in the world, but every year he must return to the temple where the accord was struck and cut off one finger. Launching an attack from the water would work and you can take advantage of the zombies not needing to breath. Simply select the treasure type you need and the number of times you need it.

"The Flamedancer - a goliath captain with the ability to create fire. He's never been asked on the ship, and he always complains about 'poor spoils,' without ever asking for them. He is clever and quick to start a fight, though quicker to use his expendable crew to save his own life. ", He attacks other ships on sight, crashing into them with the weight of the Crackin' behind him, with his shamans upon their war drums, summoning storms of vengeance and destruction. Unlike their real life counter parts, fictional pirates are usually more charismatic and often the hero of a story. But his crew is outstanding. And pray you never meet the loud end of his flintlock.

At port, he gets off the ship with the rest of the crew, and wanders back onto another ship, with no regard for loyalty of crew. He’s not animated or anything, he’s really just a skeleton. ", ", He is unaware of the curse, attributing his sudden biannual losses to bad luck or twists of fate. "Rimmarie, first mate - Once a prostitute of some nowhere costal town, her life was saved by Amir when he was still just a crooked merchant, she stands by her now husband's side on the opal sea. What if the person made undead doesn't know how to swim? He loves whiskey, revolution, and women. Kandi's crew maintains a small gallon in order to fool incoming ships, but this is a distraction to allow the weresharks to get close to the enemy boat and board. He squints to see and he looks like a rat when he squints. ",


He and his crew go to ancient ruins and underwater caverns in search of information about his patron. ", ", He knows every single board and nail on this ship from bow to stern. "Captain Mangan - an old long-bearded man with a lot of scars. "Arianis - A mad fey satyr looking for the best partiers on the material plane. His left hand has only the thumb left. ", The crew is said to be immortal, even after being hit by countless arrows and heavily woumded, they run fearlessly into their enemies arms flailing their weapons. "Arfinkle - Arfinkle is a crafty wizard with a wicked sense of humor and even more wicked spells. There's currents to deal with, I'm not sure which undead can swim but I'd imagine it's not a common thing. Refers to himself as 'the old Lizard' and likes to act foolish, but is actually quite cunning. ", Over the years he toiled on deck, in the rigging, on the guns. There is also the problem of where are they coming from? Now runs a very profitable side-business haircutting and beard trimming; it is fulfilling enough that Jim is considering giving up piracy altogether. However, captains are cautious of him, and some seem to listen exceptionally intently to his ramblings, sometimes even going so far as to invite him to sleep his ship duration in the captain's quarters. ", "Joe, no other names, just Joe - He had joined the ship as a boy, seeking fortune and fame.

Originally a stowaway, Jazeera saw his quick wit and cunning to be a useful trait, as he seemed able to talk himself out of nearly any corner, a fine ally to have. Her ship, the 'eldest pride' is crewed exclusively by tree ents.

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