Durable pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops ensure this personal watercraft won’t take on any damage from regular use, so rest assured you’re not a fragile inflatable in this watercraft. Repair kits, valves, drain plugs, adhesives, pumps and repair fabrics for Zodiac, AB, Avon, Novurania & all major brands Large standing platform can easily fit two anglers, allowing you and a friend to pole/paddle eachother around onto fish! 39 pounds with a max load capacity of 400 pounds, Total weight of 44 pounds and max load capacity of 374 pounds, Super compact option - carry bag can be worn as a backpack, Total weight of 80 pounds and max load capacity of 400 pounds, Stowable transport wheel enables easy putting in/taking out of this boat on your own, 56 pounds and load capacity of 300 pounds, Highly responsive when using oars or fins, Total weight of 147 pounds and max load capacity of 750 pounds, Removable front mod converts this pontoon into a single-person boat, 11 feet long, 34 inches wide and 5.4 inches thick, 25 Pound weight, 320 pound max load capacity, Cooler tie-down points and bungeed gear storage combine for some impressive storage and organization, 12.5 feet long, 40 inches wide and 6 inches thick, Total weight of 45 pounds and impressive max load capacity of 500 pounds, Great option for grab and go angling that sets up/breaks down in as little as 7 minutes, Firm, elevated seating puts you nice and high above the water, Low profile storage pockets feature nice organization potential for the given amount of space, Can be either rowed with the included oars or used as a kick boat, Includes two 360-degree swivel seats and six rod holders, Includes two 5-foot oars and integrated oar locks, Integrated 40-inch fish rulers on either side of the boat, 1000 denier reinforced construction and wood floorboards combine to create a super durable boat that can take a beating, Breaks down into a 31 by 40 by 9 inch carry bag for easy storage and transport, Fairly expensive option, although you still get more than you pay for with this one, Limited storage and organization potential, Difficult to move on your own once assembled, so if fishing solo be sure to inflate this vessel at the water's edge, Spacious interior dimensions create plenty of space to kick back and relax, Marine plywood transom mount is compatible with both gas and electric motors, Topside D-rings can for attaching a bimini top or other accessories, All models break down into impressively compact carry bags considering the capabilities of these boats, Coast Guard rated 3 layer .9mm/1100D UV coated PVC construction with heat welded seams and wood and aluminum floor panels, Inflatable V-shaped keel for easy planing when paired with a higher powered engine, Float Your Boat Guarantee and 2 year manufacturer warranty, Although there is plenty of on-board storage space, these boats lack organization potential, Included aluminum oars are not of impressive quality, Four tracking strips on the hull aid in stabilzation and steering, Two zippered side pockets for stashing gear with built-in cup holders, Two integrated 36-inch fish rulers on either side of the boat, Not a great choice for those looking to cover a lot of water, Cockpit will be a bit tight for larger anglers, Integrated rod holders will not accomodate fly rods, IGS sleeves are integrated on both sides in order to attach pockets and rod holder mounts, Low profile design helps to reduce wind drag, Packs into a compact carry bag for go-anywhere portability, 1000 denier PVC construction is super tough against abrasions and puncture, Fairly expensive option considering the minimalist design, Some might not like the open-deck design and would prefer to keep dry - it's a matter of both preference and fishing context, Top speed and ability to track is not terribly impressive, Great option for grab and go angling that sets up and breaks down well for easy storage and transport, No frame to assemble, just inflate and go.

Classic Accessories has included all the bells and whistles with this one – extensive storage and organization potential, a padded swivel seat, a two-position built-in anchor system, integrated cup holders and fly patches, integrated stripping basket, and more! This bad boy is great for leisurely days fishing on still water and is also suitable for running rivers in place of a raft or drift boat depending on your paddling experience.

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