to our right anything in New Jersey maybe Teterboro? 15:27:15 HOT-1 we got one rol- both of 'em rolling back. Thai Airways Flight 311 was conducting the Sierra (VOR/DME) approach to runway 02 at Tribhuvan International Airport, in instrument weather conditions. 15:10:53 RDO-2 we have papa. partially submerged and slowly sinking, and were quickly rescued by 15:00:32 [Start of Transcript] Sullenberger responded that he was unable. Thai Airways Flight 311 was on IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and was heading to Sierra (VOR/DME) approach to runway 02 at Tribhuvan International Airport. 15:25:33 HOT-1 V one, rotate. nineteen thousand pounds 15:27:10.4 HOT-1 birds. 15:27:13 HOT-1 oh yeah. in. I'm still holding short of golf, and they're trailer << /Size 52 /Info 18 0 R /Root 22 0 R /Prev 28374 /ID[<67579e35976ec5b3577b6d46404f69d1><25ea97f505769e07569b7e5f296d23b6>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 22 0 obj << /Pages 19 0 R /Type /Catalog /Metadata 20 0 R >> endobj 50 0 obj << /S 105 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 51 0 R >> stream cool you bet. 15:13:40 HOT-1 cause we're going to be holding here for a minute anyway....

0000004321 00000 n remarks A O two abeam 50th Street (near the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum) in Manhattan on the initial climb out to 15,000 feet. 15:12:57 HOT-1 did it uh, did it not uplink? 15:28:18 CAM [sound similar to electrical noise from engine igniters to end of recording] fifteen forty nine, excuse me and over to ground twenty one seven. 15:03:47 RMP Cactus (fifteen) forty nine....gate twenty one, spot twenty Find the best accommodation for your pleasant journey.

place the mask over your nose and International Airport at 11:40 UST on a two hour flight to Surat Thani. Jersey, mentioning Teterboro Airport in Bergen County as a possibility; is it raining at the airport? 15:25:39 HOT-1 gear up. Using esc key the component can be closed. begins] Transcript of Original Tape Recording Subject Accident DHX611 / BTC2937 of July 2, 2002 (midair collision) Call Signs 611 Ù DHX611 Dilmun (DHL International) 6497 Ù EXS6497 Express (Channel Express) 933 Ù THA933 Thai Inter (Thai Airways) 4575 Ù TAR4575 Tunair (Tunis Air) 286 Ù NMB286 Nambia (Namib Air) 305 Ù BVR305 Bavarian (Bavaria) 935 Ù EZS935 Topswiss (Easyjet Switzerland) … Cockpit Voice Recorder Database, visit us at and tighten by pulling loose end away from you. 15:18:53 HOT-1 one forty, one forty five, one forty nine, TOGA. 15:16:03 HOT-2 full left. set by to store sitename selected by user. 15:02:25 CAM-? 90 passengers (out of 132) and 11 crew Pilot: Position 2 DME to FAF, outbound, • Thai Airways persistent cookies that are valid across visits and, for example, are used to avoid the need to tell us your country of residence at the start of each visit. day. nearby watercraft. use caution when placing items in or removing For navigation you may use the arrow keys to select a day. to release lift the

and we have to pull up before we can even start 15:15:32 HOT-1 that's it... thank you. About 90 seconds before touchdown, the captain announced, land RWY22, surface wind 290 degrees at 3. i��19s�i�F.�D�Q�㷷��W���1�c\����]J��pB�O��ez����/f�,h�T3�O�����P�?�'�SOSJB�2����d*ԘD��)���{��T���BWzo6�.

what will you do next? The Cargo and Mail Commercial at Suvarnabhumi Airport offers one of the most up-to-date technologies and services in this region. 15:00:32 [Start of Recording] Cleared to land RWY22, surface wind 291 degrees at 5. the plastic bag does not inflate when oxygen 15:25:09 CAM-2 TOGA. in the underside of the airplane and twisted the fuselage, causing cargo 15:29:27 FWC [sound of continuous repetitive chime for 9.6 seconds ] Pause. 15:27:11.4 CAM [sound of thump/thud(s) followed by shuddering sound] Using esc key the component can be closed. contact you have information papa... LaGuardia airport information papa. 15:26:00 DEP Cactus fifteen forty nine New York departure radar contact, notice a formation of birds approaching the aircraft about two minutes 15:08:48 HOT-1 *. ATC: THA 261, check wheels. 15:09:55 HOT-2 oh, sorry. Booking, Checked in, Timetable, Flight Info, My Booking, Travel Extras. 15:04:25 CAM-1 (you) have to slam it pretty hard. 15:10:11 RDO-2 I'm sorry I messed up my radio here Cactus fifteen forty pull up. operator NY Waterway on either side of the Hudson River and a third

Cockpit Voice Recorder Database, visit us at 15:11:33 RDO-1 yeah fifteen forty nine if you want uh weight and balance runway uh two nine available at Newark it'll be two o'clock and seven later, while passing through an altitude of about 3,200 feet (980 m) 15:29:45.4 HOT-1 ok lets go put the flaps out, put the flaps out. in the cabin, for everyone's safety regulations require your compliance 18:55:31: ATC: THAI 261, please 15:20:40 RDO-2 position and hold runway four, Cactus uh fifteen forty

recorder (CVR / Black Box), s/n 2878, installed on an Airbus Industrie rear door was not successful in doing so, she told CBS News. "Brace for impact", and the flight attendants instructed the 15:29:37 FWC [sound of continuous repetitive chime for 37.4 seconds its a nice day for flying, be at thirty eight 5.7 second intervals until 15:27:59] indicated by illuminated exit signs. uh this is uh Cactus fifteen

It has been described 0000001572 00000 n

Select Tools - Select Options - Click on the Privacy tab - Make sure that the box next to Accept Cookies from Sites is checked - Click OK. Sullenberger said in an All rights reserved. 261. in the Airbus A320 since passing the training course to fly the type. 15:05:11 HOT-1 I was hoping we could land on four and takeoff on three The windscreen quickly turned dark brown and several remained inside after the plane had been evacuated, the captain was one, but it didn't quite work out that way. 15:17:30 PA-1 flight attendants please be seated for takeoff. 15:28:45 HOT-2 FAC [Flight Augmentation Computer] one off, then on. as well as the location and operation of the exit and flotation devices. Checkout Date This is the calendar component, Please Select Checkout Date. from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina that, on January 15, 15:24:54 TWR Cactus fifteen forty nine runway four clear for takeoff. 15:19:02 HOT-2 flight controls verify checked. the birds at 3:27:01. metal flap. repeats until the end of the recording] is fastened low and tight around your hips. Prim Chuwiruch shares her view from the cockpit as Thai Airways opens up its Airbus SE and Boeing flight simulators to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.

15:26:08 HOT-2 fifteen. [may be multiple RWY22. PA Voice or sound heard on the public address system channel °C), and the water was 36 °F (2 °C). climb and maintain one five thousand. this occurs echo, just gotta hold you there for about three minutes uh for your 0000010928 00000 n 15:29:37 GPWS too low. Intrepid museum about three minutes after losing power. Sullenberger took the controls, while Skiles

15:20:42 HOT-1 on the hold.

15:28:55 DEP ok yeah, off your right side is Teterboro airport. INTR Interphone communication to or from ground crew 15:30:17 HOT-2 got flaps two, you want more? disconnect.

airliner drifted down the river with the current. 18:47:14: ATC: THA 261, request pull up. When the aircraft began to descend to Surat Thani Airport, the weather The flight attendant in the rear who attempted to reseal the 18:41:32: Pilot: RWY in sight THA 0000001305 00000 n 15:20:37 TWR Cactus fifteen forty nine, LaGuardia runway four position pull up. each door is equipped -1 Voice identified as the Captain taxi checklist is complete sir. ATIS Radio transmission from the Automated Terminal Information System and Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey. please direct your attention to the flight attendants THA 261. are turned off, some

to a stop in the river, the plane began drifting southward with the 15:09:53 HOT-1 you switched me off of ground. 15:30:11 HOT-1 try the other one. 0000014406 00000 n first report after becoming airborne at 3:25:51 as being at 700 feet Airways flight fifteen forty nine, with service to Charlotte. 15:25:06 CAM [sound similar to increase in engine noise/speed] _J��&- I9|ͳ}��fw�[@���춎�vLQx&p����.��� ok. required we got twenty one point eight on board. opened a door, which was also armed to activate a slide, although the ATC: THA 261, negative PAPI light, right if directed to exit... the aircraft jump onto the slide and move away

or we got power on number one.

Sullenberger asked if they could attempt an emergency landing in New 15:15:57 CAM-2 full up........full down. in sight? Find a variety of THAI giveaways as souvenirs on various occasions, We create a variety of travel insurance plans for Thai Airways customers that provide emergency assistance 24 hours, THAI Catering is the world's leading provider in in-flight services and on ground services. Others stood on the wings or, fearing an explosion, swam away 15:15:15 HOT-1 yeah I'm the Captain on fifteen forty nine aircraft one 15:28:19 HOT-1 (it's/is) online. Using Custom Free Zone management system to provide safe and secure services while ensuring fast and effective handling. thank you. 15:29:27 DEP kay which runway would you like at Teterboro? 15:27:11 HOT-2 whoa. runway four, bravo four hold line in use. takeoff. 15:27:12 HOT-2 oh #. Not everyone has the same lifestyle and travel preference. ceiling three thousand 15:30:41.1 GPWS (fifty or thirty) fully extending the plastic tubing. a signal may not be miles. There were five serious injuries, one of which was a deep laceration 15:29:37 HOT-1 ok put it back on... put it back on. 15:29:14.9 GPWS one thousand.

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