Head to the purple star on the map. Monolith: Blast Gauge IV | Alcove on the left. Back to the split once more, and take the northeast route. At the fork, go southwest. Discovery Point #51: Sylpheagle | Just to the north of the chest on the wall, Skit #109: Dezel and Lailah | Discovery Point #51, Fashion Item: Noise-Canceling Headphones | Behind the boulder to the east, Normin 33/49: Schel | On top of a rock, northwest of the headphones, Herb: Red Verbena | Directly north of the Normin on the cliff edge, Herb: Red Lavender | Keep going north from the previous herb, Save Point: In Front of Malevolent Crucible: Maharaurava, Malevolent Crucible: Maharaurava | 3x Orb-weaver, 4x Goblin Shooter, 4x Mud Slime, 4x Leecher Leech, 2x Scorpstar, 1x Orc Groomer, 1x Wild Boar, 1x Rock Giant, Skit Sub #069: Edna's Victory (Dezel) | After completing the Crucible. There will be a long scene here where Sorey introduces Mikleo and Lailah to Alisha. It's missed by the "Aifread's Hunting Ground" fight in section 21, possibly even by the Glaivend Basin part of 20. All rights reserved. You'll receive Alisha's second Mystic Artes from this battle. Herb: Saffron | West path from the save point. Herb: Red Rosemary | You'll see it on the right halfway through. Follow him around until he longer moves. By Ponkberry. The two of them don't have very many AoE attacks, so luring enemies into one area isn't the best strategy since they're pretty slow on Simple. Southwest takes you to a dead-end at 7F with chests. Rose needs Lvl 12 Item Ordering, after that she can switch to Snack Preparation to help with the RNG. Skit #004: An Incredible Bridge (Discovered by Sorey) | At the bridge | Must've selected second option when discovering the bridge. This area has already been covered previously. Talk to Gramps. Head southwest. Key Item: Small Yellow Tablet | On the wall to your left. Skits Regarding Dezel: If Skit System #021: Interest and Experience did not show up for you, I highly recommend you deal with it soon. You'll notice the rest of the Sparrowfeathers. Head to Alisha's house. Talk to the guy here with the ! Skit #119: Symonne, the Seraph | After the battle with Heldalf in Aifread's Hunting Ground, Next stop: Great Camelot Bridge | To get here, go to Pearloats Pasture and take the northwest exit. You get to use both Alisha and Rose. Your target is a giant green elephant. This fight is slightly different as Sorey and a Seraph can enter. Visit any save point. One for beating it. The eyeballs are to prevent you from approaching this from the other side. It's highly recommended that you do this as early as possible. You may want to walk in from Pearloats Pasture. However, it does have eyes on the wall, so be careful. Skit Etc #015: Great Power Comes at a Price | Rest at any inn after Edna gets her Giant's Strength map action. Save up. You'll be at the far south room. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. You'll receive Mikleo's second Mystic Artes. Then exit and talk to Alisha and bring her back to your house. Exit to the west then turn north. Only difference is the routes you're allowed to take. It reliably delivers cheerful characters, a story anchored in friendship, and a unique brawler-tinged spin on RPG combat. Boss Fight: Medusa | Blessing Orb 7/14 | Weak to Wind, and Dezel is immune to petrification, Discovery Point #42: The Crest of Maotelus | After the boss fight, head northeast to the wall, Skit #090: The Crest of Maotelus | Discovery Point #42, Skit Sub #006: The Statue Victims | The petrified statues in the room. Skit System #023: Fusion Sounds LIke Fun! Exit to your south, go down the stairs. Increased rarity of items found in respawned chests. Go north at the fork then take the southeast path back to the save you visited earlier. Skit #067: A Bitter Harvest | Discovery Point #28, Herb: Chamomile | Continue following the wall south. Head back towards the save point in the center of town. The cannon route seems to be to wait until midnight. While a large majority of skits are mutually exclusive for Dezel and a specific character, there are 5 that you'll want to do that are missable when Dezel is no longer available. Skit #144: A Stone-Cold No | After the sanctuary scene. The prize for worst puzzle goes to the Water Temple, where eyes in the walls teleport you all the way back to the entrance if they see you. Head back to the main area. Equipment fusion is probably the most confusing portion of the game. You can pickup the save if you want. Side Note: This chest generates more goodies despite being a town chest. Head to the first fork, go southwest. As far as skits go, you actually won't need Sorey nor Mikleo on Snack Preparation. Herb: Verbena | In the northwest corner of this area. Upon entering the area, you'll get a story fight. You'll need it for the Dirt Leech encounter. The island closest to the northern entrance, so you'll have to approach it from the south. Exit the room and head to that save point. If Dezel hasn't prepared Madeline, then make sure he does via Snack Preparation. You'll be at Remains of Merchior B3, Herb: Red Chamomile | When arriving at B3 using the northwest staircase, it'll be directly south of the rubble south of the staircase. Do not walk in. Exit the Aqueduct. After that, talk to everyone here, including Zaveid. Head back down the ridge and trace the western cliffs. Head to Pendrago's inn and use the save here, Skit Sub #008: Misunderstandings Left Alone | After defeating Symonne, use this save, Skit Etc #029: An Intense Match | After defeating Symonne, rest at the inn here. Head towards the mission marker. Save Point: In Front of Malevolent Crucible: Samghata. Mabinogio Ruins, After Alisha talks about her past, post-war, Ladylake, the Aquapolis - Noble's District, After Maltran judges your decision to not reveal Maltran's identity, After eavesdropping on Alisha on the terrace post-wars, After scouting out the forest as a potential hideout, Elysia, Home of the Seraphim - Gramp's House, After Symonne attacks Elysia, examine the bookshelf in Gramps' House, Rest after progressing the Sub-Event: Rejuvenation of Lastonbell, After defeating Cardinal Forton, talk to the guy in the inn, After restoring the blessing to Lohgrin and talking to the Soldiers, After rescuing at least 15 Normin, rest at an inn, After rescuing at least 30 Normin, rest at an inn, After rescuing at least 40 Normin, rest at an inn, After rescuing all Normins, rest at an inn, Lastonbell, the City of Artisans - In Front of Sanctuary Save Point, After terrace scene with old man about Maltran, After terrace scene with old man about Maltran (post Water Trial), After defeating Stheno (without Zaveid in party), After defeating Stheno (with Zaveid in party), Pendrago, the Blessed Capital - Shrinechurch Bookshelf, After defeating Stheno and Euryale the first time (before Tiamat), After defeating Stheno and Euryale the first time (after Tiamat), Glaivend Basin - Abandoned Forton Save Point, After defeating Stheno and Euryale at Abandoned Forton, Depths of Mt. Head back to the save and head south through the door here. Monolith: Advanced Techniques II | In the currently isolated room. I will explain this in detail later as there is more to do in this first playthrough. Then head west for the exit. Monolith: Commands I | West wall of the first area. Skit #041: The Unspoken Bond | Rest at the inn, Skit Etc #006: The Shocking Truth about Normin and Skills | Rest at the inn after meeting Atakk. Take the north path. The discovery point can be done before or after you talk to everyone. Boss Fight: Millionpede | Anomalous Orb 16/36. Ignore the rocks that you can't go passed. The paths cross here, so we'll take the north half. From the big room: Elixir to the northeast. Skit Etc #038: A Childhood Favorite | Sorey prepares a Soft-Serve Ice Cream while Alisha is in the party. At the bottom of the stairs you'll get some more torches to light up. The northern section has two giant boulders.

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