Ultimate releases on Nintendo Switch on December 7. Super Smash Bros. To continue reading login or create an account. What do you think of Smash Ultimates unlock method?

At this point, repeating the process will make characters show up in a rapid succession. Ultimate is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game features a total of 74 playable fighters, but there are only eight of these characters available from the beginning (technically 11 for anyone up to creating all three Mii Fighters). Repeat this process until all characters are unlocked. The character that appears seems to be random so if you don't get the fighter you want, you'll need to continue to work at it. The Fighter they unlock can then unlock the next character, and so on. Ultimate could take many hours, but this guide will shave that down with the very fastest way to unlock all characters. Gamers can play through stock matches or Classic mode in order to unlock the characters at the intended rate, but the cool down for the latter lasts roughly 10 minutes. Of course, don't face a CPU when attempting this method.

While adventuring, you'll run into challenges that give you a chance to fight for certain characters. Christmas morning came, you unwrapped all your gifts, and sitting there was the crown jewel of the Nintendo Switch. Halo Infinite's Bad PR Momentum is Endless, How to Play Beast vs. Slasher in GTA Online (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies), Magic: The Gathering Legends - How To Join The Beta, FIFA Loot Boxes Could Cost EA Millions In Fines For Gambling Violations, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes Revealed In Post-Credits Scene, Among Us Cartoon Hilariously Puts Impostor In The Real World, PS5 Exclusive Games Will Be Coming To PS4 Through 2022, Sony Suggests. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doesn't give players access to the entire roster at first. Super Smash Bros. Upon completion, a random character will appear. That means that there's a gargantuan task at hand for anyone that wants to go about earning all 63 unlockable fighters, but there's actually a much quicker means of unlocking every character in Super Smash Bros. Fortunately, Nintendo wanted to ensure that players were earning newcomers every time they booted up the game, which is exactly how this workaround was discovered.

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Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Instead, Nintendo makes fans work for the beloved fighters. Ultimate is finally here. Ultimate has landed on Nintendo Switch and it’s jam packed with more things to see and do than any previous Smash game. There are a variety of ways to unlock every fighter in Super Smash Bros.

That means it would take roughly 11 hours for players to unlock every single character, if they were to grind out each fighter in a single session. Super Smash Bros. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It will still take some time to get through this process with all 63 unlockable characters – approximately an hour and half – but it's still a much quicker option when compared to the 11 hours it takes to gain them naturally. After meeting her first Chocobo in Final Fantasy Adventure, she never looked back. The tree diagram shows how to unlock all Smash Ultimate characters via Classic Mode. Ultimate features 63 unlockable characters and it can take hours to earn them, but there's one trick to get those fighters fast. If you're trying to grind your way to Smash Ultimate character unlocks, you can just select a match with a time limit of 10 minutes, walk away and come back to find the Challenger.

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