This Samsung HDTV has also two UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS slots in addition to four HDMI inputs which might be impressive compared with many HDTVs, and takes in relatively a reduced amount of energy for the Plasma TV FOR COMPUTER.Samsung PN50A760The Samsung PN50A760 is usually another superb Plasma HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION from Samsung, which presents stunning display quality by time of day or evening. I say to all Indians- wake up you are in the 21st century, get rid of backwardness.Imagine India without caste. non of communities is liked by brahminsm standing on baisakhi of varna /caste /religion superioty . Whatever, you chammars will never look like us. People who believe in caste from Sikh religion are not real Sikhs because in Sikhism their is no caste. What is the Indian caste system and how does it work? number proffesionals in THE world . bhatti I know a guy in US who was using Chahal & I though he is jutt though other Sikh guy use to smile when I would talk to this Chahal .. finally came to know that he was Chamar – why he said he is Jutt .. by abusing other cast wont get you anywhere ! we shouldnot believe on them . ||1|| (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Page 349), ਅਗੈ ਜਾਤਿ ਨ ਜੋਰ ਹੈ ਅਗੈ ਜੀਉ ਨਵੇ।। ਜਿਨ ਕੀ ਲੇਖੈ ਪਤਿ ਪਵੈ ਚੰਗੇ ਸੇਈ ਕੇਇ।।॥ In the world hereafter, social status and power mean nothing; hereafter, the soul is new. You and other Human being are what matters rest is all superficial. The ugly head of caste will do no good for anybody . We are not a charity case sir, not some poor african child that some rich celebrity can come along and adopt to make them feel better about themselves! Im proud of myself and my caste and family name. thousands of years due to your society devided into castes.All casts hate other castes. Treat people how you expect to be treated.

may god bless to all .thanks. [70], Several popular medieval era Bhakti movement poet-saints and religious leaders were born in a Shudra family. Well said Indy Singh! Sorry for my harsh language but facts are important to be placed. Many chamars were infact rajputs.

The theoretical and the original varnas carried to its extreme in the ages following the Vajj Indian period.

Or call me at 9888881308 its urgent need 2me. can you please help me with this pls. Aaj ham acchi position me aa rahe hai dheere dheere. Julana distt jind.i m graduate in pharmacy.

they were very educated and had read the religous scriptures of the Brahmins and they were unhappy about what they had read. Add Jaijania,Kataria & Dhirana to your list and plese remove tohse abusing post’s from site.Thanx…. In United States they earn 7.37% less than the national average, earning $39,967 USD per year and in Canada they earn 14.01% more than the national average, earning $56,645 CAD per year.


This is the basics you should know and understand. I hope that answers your question Ajay.

This article was most recently revised and updated by, Indianetzone - Sudras, Indian Varna System.

Or the whole community will forever be cursed by GURUJI. I will Help you without any cost. Plz read, if you have time. Dear Sharma, in the first instance you are saying your are a higher cast and can not tell the difference of swearing in a vulgar manner. Further more many chamars, who may have been brahmins, were rulers and as they lost their power were also thrown out and outcasted. These are few I know in MP So it was not something that was passed through the back door. Anyway I hope the caste system eventually becomes obsolete in India as all it does is stop the development of India. It is indeed I know a somebody else with same surname -Heer- definitely also chamar name. CC: Dear fellow mates, no need to be decent with retards like Sh. Can anyone please, please tell me…..what clan or etnicity could they belong to? It is you who will go to hell as in Gods house intolerance is decided on earth, as in LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND UNDERSTANDING. Heer When I go for a shit in the morning poo comes out of my arse not gold, same as a chamar, same as a kala, a gora, same as a fucking dog. Dr. B.R. Mein khud sharma brahmin kuri dee seal torhi a .hun oh sari umar chamar nu chete rakhu. I have a friend who is a klair and he is definitely a chamar. What the fuck do you mean illiterate? I have friends who have these names from that community. Understood. Pathetic people have made this system ages ago, when hardly any one was educated then, I’m a Sharma (Brahmin) .. And I hate this bs, we should we proud that we are Indians ! Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ke rule chate h jo padai karega vo aage badega chaye chamar ho chahe tum jaise chhoti soch vale ho argue karne se achha h tum sab higher education lo apni time ko utilized karo ek duse ko nicha dikhne se kuch ni hoga……, Akal to tum logo ko hi di bhagwan ne, tabhi to insaan ko insaan nahin samajhta. Remember, it is man made. Then he talks about his heritage. No matter what party is in power the Brahmins are there as rulers. We are all One and that is all we need to understand this world. If the officers were produced without using reservation system Then only 1 can be proud of that caste. India is crying out to the young people to eradicate this cancer which has infected the indians and given them a caste mindset. Who taught you that you idiot.

I have also challenged Jatts to find a Ravidassia sikh or chamar to have his genetic y chromozomes scientifically checked to prove conclusively that Jatts do not have monopoly on jatt surnames.

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