Menu Welcome; Jade Rose, Our Queen; Lord Toronaga, Stud. She goes back 8-10 generations my breeding... "Jezebelle" My very naughty girl, Jezebelle, with the big earred European Oriental Look.

SEAL LYNX POINT SIAMESE DOB: 3 Jun 2016 SIRE: Rock-N-Roll Luana-Vodoley Dam: Azorez Miss Sadie Rose. SIRE: Rock-N-Roll Luana-Vodoley

Dam: Azorez Miss Sadie Rose. The UK's Governing Council of the Cat Fancy has recognised Red Point Edward and Bo of Quality Restaurant Group arrived in New Zealand in the mid 80’s and saw an opportunity to add flavour and colour to the Auckland dining scene and Mai Thai was born in 1988. Labrador Retriever - Rose - Large - Adult - Female - Dog Characterized by a light reddish orange point and pink paw pads and a nose, these Siamese cats have been bred with other breeds carrying the orange gene to get their red-colored points.. Seal, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac are the four colors recognized by all the cat registries in the United States. Mackeral Tabby 'Metexa Dior By Design' Oriental Blue Female.

This website and it's contents is copright of Azorez Cattery Most registries recognize that there are color pattern varieties in the color points, and they allow them for registration and even shows.
"Onza" 03 58299395 or 0456 420 481

© 2020 All rights reserved. Look how dark the tail is! Seal point Siamese were bred with red tabby or tortoiseshell British Shorthair cats … Bianca is my first home bred BEW girl. They nearly all have brilliant, intensely blue eyes, as you can see from the picture below.

DOB: 28 Aug 2018 Russia)

A dark but cool toned cream is permissible but a hot cream is incorrect.

Rose is a gentle kitty and will get along with well mannered children and animals, who share her calm personality. The Siamese is recognized by all cat associations. President Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881) and his wife Lucy were the recipients of a Siamese cat shipped to them in 1878 by David B. Sickels, a U. S. diplomat stationed at the consulate in Thailand. The Red Point Siamese cat (also known, more romantically, but not quite correctly, as the Flame Point Siamese) and other related colors - Apricot, Cream and Tortie Points - were introduced into the breed in the UK in the 1930s.
The Red Point Siamese cat and related colors. Mon chat aime lécher mes pieds, que faire ? t can be hard to tell so young, but I would guess seal point. I am so glad she came home!

If you have any concerns at all about your cat's health, please consult a vet. Roses favorite toys are made with catnip, what a surprise! A... Siamese - Precious - Medium - Adult - Female - Cat

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