Sydney's old friend from the Louvre Museum begs to join the hunt for a ruby-encrusted scepter once wielded by Gunther the Brave. Stavros dangles an ancient trinket in front of both Claudia and Sydney in Athens. Sydney is grabbed by mysterious men who lock a necklace on her. At a reunion, Sydney is surprised that her high school sweetheart Tony has more on his mind than before.

Source et légende : version française (VF) sur RS Doublage[3].

2000: According to local monks, the Famed Jade Empress is hidden in the valley that will be flooded when the Three Rivers Dam's flood gates have their grand opening. In total 66 episodes were produced.

After recovering a 16th-century lancet from a New Guinea cave, Sydney and Nigel go on the run from head-hunters, with Nigel accidentally cutting himself on the lancet as they flee. Le Professeur Lamenza, dans l'épisode La Rivale, est joué par Kenneth Colley, acteur qui a notamment joué dans L'Empire contre-attaque et le Retour du Jedi dans le rôle de l'amiral Piett.

While Sydney pursues the culprit, Nigel is left behind in the middle of nowhere and is soon charmed by a beautiful woman into helping her prove her right to lead her people.
To rescue a relic-hunting team hired by billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl, Sydney, Nigel and Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle. La série a beaucoup de références à la franchise Tomb Raider (pilleuse de tombe), ne serait-ce que pour le titre original, Relic Hunter (chasseuse de reliques), qui sont synonymes ; cependant l'influence la plus manifeste est celle de la saga des Indiana Jones, dont Sydney Fox reprend le principe.
With De Viega holding Karen hostage, the duo begrudgingly leave for Cambodia to secure the relic. Smoking Gun.

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Nigel and Sydney investigate the case of a man cudgeled to death with the Cross of Arthur.

Episode Ep. Along with Nigel, she successfully sneaks into the palace containing the Box whilst disguised as harem dancers, but are soon confronted by men planning to misuse the box for their own gain. Nigel must break Sydney’s spell before she comes after him, with murder in mind. A military officer persuades Sydney and Nigel to join him on an undercover mission to locate the Paracelsus scrolls, fabled to contain the formula to turn lead into gold.

Sydney and Nigel's graduate student Nicole Chamfort is convinced that young lovers from her ancestral hometown in France, were secretly married on the eve of the French Revolution, moments before the happy groom was murdered by revolutionaries. When a mentor of Sydney’s is killed and a staff piece stolen from him, she heads off with Nigel to Istanbul to investigate.

Rival relic hunter Rita Rosellini is also after the sword.


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