Learn Swedish in the fastest, There are fifty eight seconds left on the stopwatch. Some swedish phrases from This Book Will Change Your Life. This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken Swedish words.

However, it’s also worth noting that several words in Swedish can have various meanings even though it’s spelled in the same way. However, it means “actually” and it’s used quite frequently by Swedes. Swedish Word List The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of the Swedish language. Some swedish phrases from This Book Will Change Your Life. That’s right, folks, don’t buy a pig while it’s still in the bag.

How to use it in a sentence: Jag blir skogstokig på grannens katt som bajsar på min gräsmatta (I’m so fed up (raging) with the neighbor’s cat, who poops on my grass). A Swede doesn’t have “a skeleton in his closet”… instead he “doesn’t have clean flour in his bag.” (Inte ha rent mjöl i påsen), 15. If multiple answers fit, guess the most common. Match. Jag är en tiger. You have not taken this quiz The above-mentioned words in Swedish are more advanced but are good to know for understanding Swedish society. PLAY. We get ‘dressed to the nines’, while Swedes get ‘dressed up to their teeth’. will have noticed that on a few occasions the book takes inspiration from the Swedish language. STUDY. News Jewel thieves escape on motorboat with Swedish treasures Aug 1, 2018 Eben Diskin. Most will also eat some cookies or pastries with their Fika. Alternatively he is “on the cinnamon.” (På kanelen), 8. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ett gäng maskrosor har blivit togika och mördar folk. Some swedish phrases from This Book Will Change Your Life. How to use it in a sentence: “Du är så jobbig när du klagar”, which means you’re so annoying/tiresome when you’re complaining. View Stockholm is a digital city guide that brings you the best of the city. How to use it in a sentence: Vilket najs väder det är idag (The weather is really nice today). Indeed, great addition on how to use those two words. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe?

Terms in this set (19) ... Swedish Opposite Words (Swedish to English) 74 Terms. Sign up for a free account at SwedishPod101.com, Download Swedish “Core 100” vocabulary deck for Anki, View Vocabulary Lists at SwedishPod101.com. En traktor har nyligen landat i min bakgård. Swedes don’t get ‘caught with their hands in the cookie jar’, they get ‘caught with their beards in the letter box.’ Painful! Spell. So remember, if you’re not going for a swim in Sweden, you might be called a Badkruka. Quiz by KoljiVriVoda . Learning Swedish phrases and words is more fun than useful though since almost every Swede speaks English. A Swede doesn’t tell you to “chill”… he asks you to “bring your spikes down.” (Tagga ned), 4. Number zuwiki. Maybe you’ll even figure some words out. We ‘speak of the devil’, Swedes ‘speak of the trolls’.

A Swede doesn’t “keep an eye” on something… he “hits an eye” on something. Example use would be “Det är faktiskt sol idag” Which would translate to the sun is actually shining today, and could be an answer to if someone asked if it was raining. A Swede doesn’t say “no worries” if everything is alright… he tells you there is “no cow on the ice.” (Ingen ko på isen), 5. When a Swede’s cat is away rats dance on the table. All rights reserved. When our cats are away the mice will play. No matter if you’re a tourist or a future expat, this word might come in handy sometime. Nominated. Water temperatures rarely reach more than 23 degrees, and during winter it can even drop around zero. So, that I can translate them properly for you with an explanation. Nord-väster-sjö-kust-artilleri-flyg-spanings-simulator-anläggnings-materiel-underhålls-uppföljnings-system-diskussions-inläggs-förberedelse-arbeten is the longest word in Swedsh. Fika is a Swedish word which is more of a concept rather than a simple word. It can be used by English speakers as a helpful tool for improving their Swedish as it contains the English translation next to each word. (Do you want to cuddle?). Are trolls scarier than the devil? The top 100 words have audio pronunciations if available. Just to clarify for international readers, “Jag slutade tidigare från jobbet så nu hinner jag handla innan jag åker hem” means I was able to finish my work earlier, so now I have time to go to the store before I go home. A Swede doesn’t “seek revenge”… he “gives back for old cheese.” (Ge tillbaka för gammal ost), 12. But, like all languages Swedish has some odd expressions – ones that make those not familiar with the language scratch their head and wonder what in the world those Swedes are on about. Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something, How to Introduce Yourself in Excellent Swedish. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Are pancakes easier than pies? This translates as ‘to shit in the blue locker’, meaning ‘you’ve gone too far’ – and shitting in a blue locker (why not red or yellow or green?) Statistics on the JetPunk quiz Random Swedish Words. Hinna is used to describe that you won’t make it in time. mobile app.

Swedish 28 Terms. Fika usually involves socializing of some sort and a break from what you’re doing. Vabba is slang for “Vård av Barn” and it basically means “to be at home because your kids need taking care of, but you still get paid for it from the government”. All the answers are a single word. And the ones below are more basic Swedish words for everyday use. Duktig is the Swedish word for being good at something or being talented. Är det din kusins? Write. Many foreigners will confuse this word as “F**K this” because the pronunciation can sound similar to an English speaking person.

Which makes sense if you think back to the last time you were drunk. So for the female part, the Swedish equivalent for c u n t is: f!tta (yeah, I don't want to write it out since I don't want Google … Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something. A Swede is not “raging mad”… he is “forest crazy.” (Skogstokig), 14. It contains the most important and most frequently used Swedish words. But it could also be used to describe an annoying person. Copyright 2012 - 2020 Swedish Nomad - Travel Blog | All Rights Reserved, 25 Swedish Words that every foreigner should learn, Frequently Asked Questions about Swedish Words, Turning Torso in Malmö – Facts and information for visitors, National day of Sweden – Celebration and History. This might not be an essential word to learn, but it’s one of the funny words in Sweden that doesn’t exist in English. The top 100 words have audio pronunciations if available. There are many Swedish words which have no equivalence in English or other languages, and those are usually integrated deeply into Swedish society. I marked our anniversary on the calendar. But, like all languages Swedish has some odd expressions – ones that make those not familiar with the language scratch their head and wonder what in the world those Swedes are on about. AboutContactAdvertisingWork with usPolicies, View Stockholm CardMagazineTravel information, © 2020 View Stockholm • All rights reserved • Made with. It can also mean “Thus”, “That is” or be used to start explaining how something is, such as “look.. It’s like this”. Maybe you’ll even figure some words out.

Test. Mina fotsulor konstruerar portaler åt dig medan du sover. There's a bunch of daffodils on the rampage. Hey! ‘Svartsjuk’ is the Swedish word for jealous and this literally translates as ‘black … Forget ‘batshit insane’. This is the Swedish word for receiving money after recycling your plastic bottles and cans. View Stockholm hopes you have loads of fun trying out these Swedish expressions! How to use it in a sentence: Ska vi mysa? swedish intermediate sentences 101 Terms. Random Swedish Phrases. For example ” Jag slutade tidigare från jobbet så nu hinner jag handla innan jag åker hem” or “Klart vi hinner ta en öl innan filmen börjar”. Flashcards. So in order to get to know the Swedes deeper and feel more integrated, learning these Swedish words will definitely make a difference, no matter if you’re traveling or moving from abroad to Sweden. Swedish words can often be put together to form a different meaning, an example would be Husbilskompisar, which is a composite of Husbil + Kompis, which means friends with a campervan/RV. The woman is looking at something far away. “Asså” is a colloqual spelling of “Alltså” which has various meaning depending on the situation. Erin_Cal. If you guessed ‘kill two birds with one stone’ you’d be absolutely right. How to use it in a sentence: Jag fikar med mina vänner (I’m having a fika with my friends).

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