Took some pics of an old (not original) Targa Turbo which was parked next to my car for comparison purposes. It's win-win really. 1/23/2012I've posted this car before, but I think it's one of the best looking around. Then I lost it. We basically have to extend the bell housing. We all have something to aspire to. I specified for the tach to be made so that the #'s are all rightside up and redline @ 12'oclock like this: Unfortunately there was a mixup. LED equipped already. It could not be pushed up a slight rise by my friend alone, whereas my car can be pushed with one hand (engine and trans in car). If it doesn't work, easily reversible. As you can imagine, this post (about the radium) caused quite a stir among those who are intimate with my car. If you ordered your dashboard wrapped in black from the factory in 1973, they didn't necessarily use a black dashboard at the Porsche factory. Here is a thread on the progress Jerry's 67 912 restore I have been working very close with Comp Engineering on rebuilding a 67 912 engine I acquired. The 993 series. This car below is a real '73 RS. Since I'm not really into white cars, I had it in my mind that this intimate encounter with the car was strictly for fun and that it wasn't gonna be no long term relationship, lol! Seals were replaced, castings cleaned, ground strap renewed, support bushes renewed and it shifts like new! How long do you think it will be until you have the details buttoned-up? It will out handle most 911s and other vintage sports cars in my opinion. Your motor spent many years on the drawing board in the design and development phase. 2#'s since they're L and R handed parts. Having always regreted selling my old Carrera, my interest was immediately piqued. Steering wheel? Phew! The RS Touring cars often came with the rubber bumper mouldings as seen below. This is a Euro-spec 915 gearbox. Then I got my ass beat a bunch of times at the track by a lighter car. A base 911 Carrera costs $91,100 in the U.S. It's the very last, and very best (IMO) air-cooloed engine they ever made. It's a little bit apples-and-oranges, due to the differences in the markets, but think of it this way. It does not take six months to build a reliable, stock engine. It's a little weak and you know it. Tire Rack has Pirelli P600's but I've heard from a few sources that these tires suck REALLY bad! Now at this point, you might be thinking G50 gearbox. It'll look a little odd with the '73 RS bumpers and no ducktail, but it'll be a total sleeper! Not too dull, not too shiny.. just right for me. Had to invest in that too. RSR flares are sometimes called "eleven-inch flares" due to the ultra-wide 15x11 Fuchs they'll accommodate. Right now, it's mostly about the right look. When I bought the car, I neglected to look at the VIN#. We're going to need another (minor) surgery. oh so very happy to drive her every single day. To tell you the truth, I'm not entirely sure because I've never seen a real RS in person. There's a forced induction crowd and a normally aspirated crowd. @Acoupe they are 6Jx15 and 7Jx15s 6s: ET41, 7R's ET 52. Need to run the air conditioning lines... All aluminum stuff. By the way this is my first engine rebuild but with Walts help from comp I will try to give as much detail as possible. What?? They don't match. But a new, 991-generation-based Porsche 912 with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four from the 718 Boxster and Cayman would be subject to an engine displacement tax of just five percent. 5/22/2012Man, at this point, if it weren't for the fact that we already put holes in the RS door panels for speakers, I would have just done away with the sound system all together. ^^This one has the impact bumper and thus, a shorter hood. It was an imposter!!! parts we have in stock. Since this was a '76 and had the exact same body as a 911 and a 2.7 flat six, It never even occured to me that it might not be a 911. Outside temp gauge it is! (1) "Rebuild"   -  Do you want to add more horsepower, When the 912 was brought back for a year in 1976 to cover (the entry level, 4 cyl market) for the 914 as it was being killed off, they used the 911body to make the 912. If I were ever going to buy a real RS, though... Jenson's would be the one. 3/27/2012Part 2 off to a slow start. To me, frosted looks too white. Product names, logos, graphics and trademarks of other companies which are referenced and/or shown in this site remain the property of those other companies or individuals. As discussed, I'm going with the 912 outside temp gauge. To me, it's actually fun "row" the gears on old cars. They did indeed get sick from eating radium. The fenders are also extremely light. The heads and valvetrain were refreshed with new valves, springs and keepers. If I can't, then at least I'll have a sweet lookin head unit and some tunes. After sweeping my Mig clock with a Geiger counter, I have determined that my gauge is not contaminated. We are very pleased to present this custom-built 1968 912 outlaw. We don't have a very nice fit on the wheel hub, but it won't be a problem fixing that. Been driving to work in the old gal every day lately. In 2016, Porsche sold 65,246 vehicles in the country. ..the trust you must put in me to DIR. They also feel great. Things that will look different on this car than a real '73 RS: 1. This was TRUE love. The car currently uses headers which are ideal for great exhaust flow. ^^^ sorry for the crappy ones. If you were to try and make a fiberglass hood for this project, you might have to lay down so much fiberglass that it winds up being so heavy it's not worth the trouble in making it out of FG. email: And the more we thought about it, the more sense it made. The ones on there now are just thin little slivers. But, for big displacement enthusiasts, BreitWerks has you covered. I have the heat exchangers (great flowing Euro type) if the car sells. Just hang in there, we're getting close LOL!! This sounds lame, but these threads (Diablo, SX4, 912/911) are inspiring. The car still retains its original steel bumpers and doors while featuring exterior upgrades such as: custom lids, custom fenders by GT racing, H4 headlights, composite R door handles, vintage SEV fog lights, R lighting in the front/rear, and red-accented Gurney flaps on the rear to reduce lift while driving. Guys who go to the track love mating the 915 to newer, more powerful cars and they run with no issue whatsoever. I had it made to match my gauge set (also with LED).. Another issue is that this 915 trans does not use mechanical drive for the speedometer. Had I known this beforehand, I wouldn't have taken the car in this direction. 616 race motors trade hands for $35k. Somehow somebody along the way fraudulently had the car retitled as a 911. When it finally comes together, it'll happen fast. I wish I had dreads like that! That's actually they way they were (the '73 RS and RSR) back then. He's doing with early 911's exactly what I would do. It's very easy to add a Z 5th gear should we be asked to but I love the close ratio. A 912! Perhaps it's self winding, like a self-winding watch, where only movement is required to store energy in the spring. Thanks to everyone for watching. Classic Volkswagen and Porsche Air-cooled replacement parts can be found here. I intend to fry the back ones off while road testing the car. Can you imagine how much drag those RSR flares create!! Part 2 will include pre and post-op pics of the final surgery (flares welded on), the final assembly, and road testing. They make me want to achieve some kind of success so I can have such fun. I thought LED backlights would tie together the digital-ness of the Becker's screen. In the 993 engine, Porsche added an additional oil filter on the 993 engine to provide extra filtration of the oil for the protection of the hydraulic lifters. Porsche owners, engine & engine parts suppliers, and engines & That little bearing has been a source of much consternation. Me, Tangie, and mabe even wifey. I may not use it as a daily driver, but I'd like it to be daily drivable in all but snowy, or extremely cold weather. 2. BreitWerks has relationships with different vendors and depending upon your goal, we will select the most effective option with you. Copyright © 2020 BREITWERKS - Created by Fencl Web Design - Melbourne, Florida - Accessibility. These guys are very serious about suspension and chassis mods. At that point, we call you for an approval and once the decision is made, long lead parts and services are underway. Unfortunately the 915 can be a bit of a pig. One of my fav's is that white RSR long hood conversion. You'd have to knock the windshield and body panels, or see the VIN. These started life as '86 Carrera gauges. China is the world's largest car market. I'm too fond of them ..especially on a black car. Thanks for tuning in. On paper, the car should be an animal. Need help with seats. I plan to dd this car and want to be able to take wifey out in it and have her be comfortable. It seems that even at Porsche no one cares enough about this subtle difference. It does attract it's fair share of attention. Wrong color, but whatever..  (kidding, it's gorgeous) It likely has the tacky greeen faced gauges with the silly, distracting chrome (shiny whatever) ring. The oil lines: The ones on a real RS are metal tubes. Getting a 915 trans to mate up to a 993 motor may take some work. Ruf appreciated this too when the made the first CTR Yellowbird. 915's can handle way more than 300 hp reliably.

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