Their laid back demeanor makes them easy to handle and a joy to exhibit. After a slow start and a name change, the Mini Lop (presented by Herb Dyck), became an official ARBA breed in 1980. The Polish eye should be very large and expressive. Recent years have seen a surge in popularity for the Florida White; frequently winning Best In Show. Otherwise, teeth that are growing into your rabbit’s jaw or face need to be taken care of by a veterinarian. They are a running breed (exhibited by moving about the showtable instead of statically posed), and make an exciting and challenging breed to master. The “Eye of the Fancy” was developed in Germany from two different strains that eventually merged to become the breed we know today. Most Polish can be squished into having a 5-inch long body, but you’re only fooling yourself when you do this. Known abroad by various names such as the Russian Rabbit, the Black Nose Rabbit from China, and the Egyptian Smut, the Himalayan is indeed a worldly wonder. The Florida White has also achieved the rabbit world’s highest honor; ARBA Convention Best in Show. Population numbers remain low enough that it is currently listed by the Livestock Conservancy as a breed to watch. This rabbit breed has a short head with full cheeks, large eyes and short ears which point and touch each other all the way to the tip. A Polish with a high head set simply does not have correct type because the topline can’t very well rise from the shoulders like it should. They are considered a rare breed in the US. }(document.createElement('script'), document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0], '//'); } The origins of the Polish remain somewhat obscure. The American rabbit is considered a rare breed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy which lists the American as critical. The English is the only breed of Angora that is classified as a compact breed. Please, don’t push! This rabbit breed has a short head with full cheeks, large eyes and short ears which point and touch each other all the way to the tip. – Maximum weight 11 lbs. A decision was made at the 2000 ARBA Convention in Columbus, OH on a request from Secretary Betty Strathman to remove the word “Deceased” from the award. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_border_color','ffffff'); Polish Pioneer Award. The Polish Rabbit has a short head with full cheeks, large eyes and short ears. You’ll know it when you see it, and I always cull these animals. The Silver Marten breed came first, and then was used to introduce the color as a variety in a number of other breeds such as the Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, and Mini Satin. Imported to the US in 1924 by John Fehr and Alfred Zimmerman. if ( gfchelper.isAdProviderAllowed("taboola") ) { You’d breed for fine bone, by all means! var dfpMapping728x90 = googletag.sizeMapping()

It possesses a silky, luxurious wool that is both beautiful and sought after for spinning  – Maximum weight 7.5 lbs. – Maximum weight 10 lbs. They take perseverance and patience to handle, but are one of the most showy breeds to exhibit. They would also show good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity in these endeavors. It’s okay to set your hand over the Polish head when you are posing it; in fact, you should! Today exhibitors can enjoy showing Satins in 11 brilliant colors. Two other common rabbit conditions are ear mites and overgrown teeth. The longer fur gets, the more time it takes to return to its natural position. Polish eyes are worth 15 points, equal to the head and ears. A slightly longer rabbit should have slightly longer ears. Teaching rabbits how to perform tricks and training is not as easy as teaching a dog or cat, but it is possible with time, patience and rewards. – Though there is no maximum weight for the Flemish Giant, they often tip the scales at over 20 lbs. The color of the Cinnamon is a rust or ground cinnamon with a uniform gray ticking across the back, smoky grey coloring on its sides, a dark underbelly, and an orange under-color all over. It is an ideal choice for a beginning rabbit enthusiast due to it’s docile nature, medium size and easy to understand breeding standard.

They are recognized in black, blue and white.

These hairs are evenly dispersed giving a sharp, bright look to the fur. They are: Ruby-Eyed White (REW), Black, Blue, Chocolate, Blue-Eyed White (BEW) and Broken pattern (which is any color mixed with white). – Maximum weight 4 lbs. }); Japanese Harlequins are orange or fawn and either black, blue, chocolate, or lilac, while Magpie Harlequins are white and either black, blue, chocolate, or lilac. A “perfect” Harlequin will have a marked split of the two colors alternating on the head, ears, feet, and body. His purpose was to create a breed that produced the prized Chinchilla fur on as large as pelt as possible.

f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); document.write(''); A few scattered whites is only a fault, but excessive scattered whites should be disqualified. – Maximum weight 10.5 lbs. In the early 1800s, a few white rabbits of small sized (and probably mixed origins) popped up in England and breeders began calling them “Polish” (we will never know why they decided to call them by this name). However, so popular was this breed that other rapidly followed. One of the famous lines in the Polish standard says that you should not penalize the more active animal, and my thanks goes to the judges who are very good about this. – Maximum weight 11 lbs. No matter how nice the type is, we are only hurting ourselves if we let our lines get a bad reputation. – Maximum weight 10.5 lbs.

dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_background_color','ffffff'); There are legends and stories that tell of Sir Walter Raleigh introducing the breed to England from Portugal. The plush coated Mini Rex  became a recognized breed in 1988 and have been dominating the show tables ever since. As of this writing there are 16 showable varieties of Mini Satin; offering something for everyone. *Please ask permission before reprinting this article* Originally published by the ARBA District 8 newsletter. The breed known in the US as Polish is unknown in the UK. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. One of the largest rabbit breeds, the Checkered Giant is easily recognized by its distinctive bold markings and arched body type. One of the rarest breeds of rabbit, the stunning Crème d’Argent’s creamy-white color with a bright orange undercolor is a true showstopper. Trim and athletic, the Rhinelander is a medium sized arched breed known for its flashy markings of orange and black, or fawn and blue. A Polish rabbit’s docile, affectionate nature makes it a wonderful pet for singles, couples, seniors, or families. The Polish should be posed like most other compact breeds, such as a Dutch or Havana. A Polish should never be encouraged to sit up like a Netherland Dwarf. If you put pictures of your rabbits on a website, it’s okay to put up a picture with your hand over the head to show the body…but make sure to include another picture showing the head and ears, because really that’s more important. } Our Polish rabbits are fun to show and easy to have on the farm in our rabbitry. – No maximum weight. With our breed, you’re not looking for standout feature such as spectacular markings or drop-dead body type.

var dfp728Slots = []; – Maximum weight 4 lbs. Very heavy density can also interfere with flyback qualities–but you’re pretty lucky if you have fur that thick. It’s not Polish. The original Tans  bore little resemblance to the lithe, longer limbed and sleek animals we know today; rather they were a cobby style animal more resembling a Dutch. However, the smaller the rabbit, the easier it is for children to drop them and accidentally hurt them, so we do not recommend this rabbit breed for small children despite their excellent disposition. A 3 1/2 pound Polish usually doesn’t happen, and if it does, it probably has a dewlap and ears way over the 3-inch max. The bedding needs to be spot-cleaned every day and completely replaced every week. Coat, Color, and Condition are given 25 cumulative points on a Polish — that’s as much as the body. Rough hips or pinbones, pinched hindquarters, and any hollow or flat spots are faults. The dwarfy head is more of a stumbling block for breeders than a long, snipey one because it is more likely to be found on a short body. The ears should be of good “substance”, meaning that they feel sturdy between your thumb and forefinger. Be sure to check your rabbit’s ears for signs of ear mites (more common with rabbits with have larger ears). So breed for great bodies, but don’t make my mistake and let the head/ear/eye slip. ` Accepted as a breed by the ARBA in 1967 by ARBA Judge Orville Miliken, the Florida White is an ideal show rabbit for the competitive breeder. The best way to learn what those things are is just to put your hands on as many animals as possible and talk to breeders who know. Thousands of Chinchilla rabbits, including the Standard Chinchillas, were registered with the association during the 1920’s. Once you have fixed the desired trait in your herd (linebreeding is the best way to do it) move on to the next goal. Though there are six types of Argente rabbits, the ARBA recognizes only three: The Champagne, the Creme and the newest accepted Argente breed – the Brun. Having said that, we do recommend this breed stay indoors because of their small size (it makes them easy targets for predators such as racoons and coyotes).

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