It is a lovely quote to end the movie, designed to break hearts, bring tears and romanticize sacrifice. TCM looks in-depth at our favorite movie. Dr. Jaquith assures her she will be fine and hands her a slip of paper, saying “If old Walt didn’t have you in mind when he wrote this he had lots of others like you. Lack Of Loan Process Transparency. Charlotte is emboldened by lines from Whitman's Leaves of Grass, which psychiatrist Dr. Jaquith hands her, saying ‘If old Walt didn't have you in mind when he wrote this, he had hundreds of others like you.’ He asks her to read for herself the lines: Untold want, by life and land ne'er granted, Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find. Share this quote: Like Quote. My eyes flew open in surprise and she was smiling at me. They have a wonderful time together as friends, but then fall madly in love as always people did in those old movies. This is Jerry's child clinging to me. It's impossible to go back to being treated like a child again. My mother didn't think that Leslie was suitable for a Vale of Boston. Charlotte finally finds escape from the domination of her mother through doors opened by a nervous breakdown. NOW, voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.”, “Yes!” she applauded. Later Charlotte enjoys an affectionate bond with Jerry's daughter Tina. Housman, Learning Is A Waste Of Environmental Resources, The Story Of The Movie Ends With The Scenes. It is so strange that this two line poem could carry so much meaning for me all these years, and then suddenly have even more meaning. Published Works | In Whitman's Hand | Life & Letters | Commentary | Resources | Pictures & Sound. After three months, the girl leaves for a voyage and meets a man. This is an excellent poem beautifully penned...10. 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I took this as my own signature poem, my mantra. Article Review- What Is the Right Supply Chain for Your Product? View All Photos (9) Now, Voyager Quotes. Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). Both took a freethinking stance on life.

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