Those who embrace all emotions and overcome suffering have great strength just as these names can. Why wasn't this page useful? See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Many great novelists, saints and celebrities are named Agatha, Old Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of Agnes, Strong willed; a responsible and inspirational being, A sorceress who rules over a magical, strongwilled, Old Greek - Winged Gift; Aldorah, Aldorra, and Aldorrah are variant forms of Aldora, Old Greek - Defender; Germanic - Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; Brightness; A derivative of Alexia, Old Greek - Bright One; Shining One; Hebrew - of Magdala; A variation of Alena, Greek - Defender; Defender of Men; Protector of Mankind; A form of Alexandra, Old Greek -Protector of Mankind; Defender of Men; Helper and Defender of Mankind; Feminine form of Alexander.
Warriors are strong and fierce, particularly if they are ruthless. Whether you're looking for a scary baby name, exotic baby name, or an evil-sounding baby name, evil names are unique and come with a powerful connotation. Give your little boy or girl a powerful name when you choose the meaning "dark warrior.". With a name that means "disaster" or "misfortune," you may be giving your baby a powerful destiny that affects everyone around them. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Sadness and sorrow are natural parts of life. Names Meaning Deceit or Liar. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic
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Pop culture is loaded with cool last names that could be used as modern first names. Learn a new word every day. Dig into and choose from MomJunction’s treasure of 70,000+ baby names that are divided based on meaning, religion, origin, English alphabet, and gender. Look to real and fictional villains for evil name inspiration. 29 - Ubel In this day and age, your little one may be nicknamed "Uber", whether you like it or not. Destruction is wrought with power and so are these strong baby names. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. A common Greek name which means good. Nglish: Translation of greed for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of greed for Arabic Speakers. Never mind that it actually means "evil". All rights reserved. 99 Baby Names Meaning Freedom “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” Thomas Jefferson. Synonyms for greed. Although they are all masculine names and characters, any of the names could also be used for a girl. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Old Greek - Defender of Men; Germanic - Of a noble kind; A variant of Alice and Alexandra, Old Norse - Elf; Supernatural Being; Battle; Magical Counsel, An excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualities, Latin - High; Old Greek - Wholesome; Healing; A variant transcription is Alta and Althea. Embrace your infant's dark side by searching names by meaning on a site like Behind the Name or All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings “Greed.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Capture the strong spirit of your little one with a gothic name that's sure to set them apart from the Noah's and Olivia's of the world. 30 - Valdis This is another unisex name which means "the dead". These names command attention and give your baby strength. Made famous in the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, these six main demon names are well-known. Please help us improve. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? A variant of Alexandra, meaning man's defender. Well, this happens to the best of us, even with mothers who’ve been thinking about a perfect name ever since their pregnancy result was positive. Use this space for Favourite Baby Names you like.To add Names here ,simply click the icon, 73 Most Popular Indian Christian Surnames, With Meanings, 50 Best And Unique Biracial Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Surnames, With Meanings, 100 Popular Indian Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region, 250+ Country Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings, 250+ Southern Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings, How To Choose Baby Names: Top 16 Baby Naming Tips, 200+ Magnificent And Noble Tree Names For Girls And Boys, 100 Common Filipino Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings, 100 Western-Sounding Indian Names That Are Easy To Pronounce, 150 Rainbow Baby Names Full Of Hope And Happiness, 100 Popular Muslim Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 50 Lord Venkateshwara Names For Baby Boy, With Meanings, 200 Kanya Rashi Or Virgo Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 165 Futuristic Baby Names For Boys And Girls, With Meanings, 200 Latest Karka Rashi Or Cancer Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Common Chinese Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 100 Billionaire Baby Names For Your Future Richie Rich, 200 Latest Mesha Rashi Or Aries Names For Boys And Girls, 200 Latest Tula Rashi Or Libra Names For Boys And Girls, The pure messengers as well as the angels of God sent from heaven, Nurturing one; one who loves travel and adventure, Old Greek - Preparation; A variation of the name Paraskeve, She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom, Ancient Greek,British,Canadian,Chamorro,Cornish,Dominican Republic,English,French,German,Greek,Hawaiian,Malay,Norwegian,United States,Welsh, The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle, Phoenician - Lord; Ruler; A female variant transcription of Greek name Adonis which means beautiful, Phoenician - Lord; Ruler; From Adam And Monica; A variant transcription of Greek name Adonia, A handsome young man loved by aphrodite in mythology.

A baby born from deceit or one who was meant to be a boy, but comes out a girl could be fitting of a deceitful name.

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