Then print your battery match information and bring it into your local Walmart. Motorcycle battery application guide with battery fitment for motorbikes and … Without the liquid between the plates, it can be made thinner, so it requires less space. Fenders, inner fenders, lower fender sections, Floors, floor pans, floor braces, floor supports, body mounts, Stock hoods, cowl induction hoods, hood emblems, Parking lights, tail lights, running lights, lenses, Full rocker panels, slip-on rocker panels. Your email address will not be published. Shop Shorai batteries here. And there is also our Motorcycle battery charging page, © White Dog Motorcycle Accessories (Est 2003), Motorcycle Oil, Filters and Service Items, L Plates, Reflectors and Motorbike Accessories, Motorcycle and Scooter Tyres and Innertubes, Select by Battery Code (e.g.

Select Your Motorcycle Battery by Size . BikeMaster offers a huge product line of parts and accessories for motorcycles, including a full line of batteries from entry-level lead-acid batteries to higher-end AGM and Gel Cell batteries, to top-of-the-line lithium batteries in their Lithium-Ion line. Lead-acid batteries are tried-and-true, but they are based on technology that hasn’t changed much in over a century, and by today’s standards are actually very “low-tech.”. Our battery lookup tool and detailed cross-reference guides make it easy to find the right battery for your bike. Most people take their vehicle (or battery) to a local automotive store where the staff looks up the year, make and model and then provides a replacement battery that meets the same CA (cranking amps), CCA (cold cranking amps), dimensions and terminal layout as the old battery. As you can see, lithium batteries are high-performance – but they are not the “be all, end all” for motorcycle batteries. FAX: 402-805-4424. Motorcycle Battery Fitment Guide Index. Usually the only two deviations from the battery that was in the vehicle are for higher CCA (usually in colder climates) and/or a longer warranty period. We put together the below chart for these scenarios to help you find a battery that will fit your application. The motorcycle, atv and powersport battery cross reference chart is easy to use. Buy motorcycle batteries by searching by Yuasa Part Number. In 1988, the YTX series was introduced and ever since then, Yuasa AGM batteries have been seen as the industry de-facto standard in the global powersports battery market. You can also just write down your vehicle's make, year, model and engine size and bring it to the store. Click on the image or text below to proceed: 6 Volt Conventional Motorbike Batteries12 Volt Lead Acid Motorcycle Batteries Sealed or Maintenance Free type motorbike batteryGel type motorcycle batteries, You can also: Select your battery by make and model or Select by Battery Code (e.g. Lighter, more powerful, safer, and longer-lasting, lithium-based batteries truly are the new generation of batteries in the powersports world, and eventually, will replace lead-acid batteries completely. Or, maybe you are building a street rod, rock crawler, car hauler, etc and only know what amperage draw you need and what size compartment the battery needs to fit into.

Check the battery information provided against the battery currently in your bike before using the info to purchase a replacement! These affiliate links help maintain the cost of running this blog (basically, if you visit Amazon through one of the links and buy something, we make a few pence!). Find the brand of your battery, than follow it down your battery model. Motorcycle Batteries Find what's right for your vehicle Enter your registration number and we'll only show you appropriate products. Let’s begin! The equivalent battery will be at the beginning of that row. You can email us at [email protected], call us at (888) 339-3888, or use our Live Chat feature at the top-right of our page. It’s important to know that, unlike lithium-ION batteries found in small devices (which as you’ll remember from the recent Samsung Note 7 fiasco as being prone to catching fire or exploding) the lithium batteries found in vehicles are lithium-IRON batteries – technically, lithium-ferrous-phosphate, or LiFePO4 – which is a completely different chemistry that is much more stable and safe to use. Disclaimers: Getting the right lithium battery for your application is easy using our exclusive Parts Fitment Tool, but if you are having trouble finding the right battery for your application or have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Call us toll free: (855)763-7455 My Account Dog legs, wheel arches, cab corners, etc. For their lithium battery line-up, they offer a 2-year warranty, and are among the best values in lithium batteries. Antigravity batteries are made in the USA, and offer a 2-year warranty. For deep cycle batteries, the larger the case size the more capacity the battery will usually have. In 1983, Yuasa pioneered the first motorcycle maintenance-free Absorbent Glas Mat (AGM) batteries with the YT series. Browse motorcycle batteries, atv, powersports, snowmobile, scooter, and industrial batteries, Ballistic batteries are fully made in the USA, and have a 3-year warranty. Read more about them at BikeBandit. All Rights Reserved. For this reason, most manufacturers will ship their batteries with foam spacers to take up the extra room in your battery compartment to prevent your battery from shifting. Shop Western Power Sports batteries here. To keep this page as a free resource for people to use, there are affiliate links (mainly Amazon) throughout the article.

AGMs are the most advanced version of lead-acid battery technology today, and will work reliably in pretty much all conditions while still being a fairly good value.

Antigravity is one of the industry leaders in lithium battery technology, manufacturing a full line of lithium powersports batteries, portable power packs, electronics, and now, even full-size batteries for automobiles.

The information provided on this page is ‘to the best of our knowledge’ and should not be taken as 100% accurate!! Shorai is one of the most well-known names in the lithium battery world when it comes to motorcycles and other powersports vehicles. Enter your vehicle registration number I don't know my vehicle registration number Enter your Postcode Search. Hi Bob. We appreciate your support and patience. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Lead-acid batteries, the kind you’ve probably used in pretty much any kind of vehicle for most of your life, are reliable, inexpensive, and work well for most people in most applications, but they have their own set of drawbacks, such as very high weight, limited service life, and a fairly high self-discharge rate (the power a battery gradually loses just sitting on the shelf.) Click on the blue link to go to your battery options and purchase your replacement. As a result of their unique characteristics, lithium batteries tend to be excellent batteries for some kinds of customers, and not so much for others. Lithium batteries are desired for having the following characteristics when compare with lead-acid batteries: As you can see, on paper, lithium-based batteries have the edge on lead-acid batteries in pretty much every way. Required fields are marked *. It is sealed and so maintenance-free.

Use the Battery Finder to help you find the right battery for you. One thing to note: depending on the manufacturer and model of the lithium battery you order, you may find that even when you order the correct battery for your application, the battery itself is smaller than the lead-acid battery it is replacing (this is because lithium batteries are more power-dense than lead-acids.) This section will be especially useful for people with very old, unusual or No-Name import motorcycles and scooters.Please select the type of battery you are trying to match (select which ever image below your battery closest matches). YTX9-BS or CB14L-A2).

Motorcycle battery fitment list with batteries for motorbikes and mopeds from the 1950's to the present day.

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