Mossberg Patriot .350 Legend Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle $ 329 99. You must pass a criminal background check for all firearm purchases. It comes in two calibers:.30-30 and.22 LR

The rifle offers a Picatinny trirail fore-end and a polymer grip with a 6-position tactical stock. Description Images (11) Changelog License This mod adds 464 SPX as standalone lever-action rifle. With the rifle bore-sighted we headed out to the range to see how well our carbine would perform. Give it up guys, that rifle is like a Christmas fruit cake, they only made one, and it keeps getting

i think its such a classic looking well done lever! I love Boyd’s stocks! Quick View . Lever-Action Rifle, © 2020 Academy Sports + Outdoors. 464 SPX - Centerfire Lever-Action Rifle #41026. This bolt comes out via an internal 1/4″ hex nut, meaning little to no fitting is required. Henry.

By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. The Mossberg® 464™ .30-30 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle features a precision machined receiver that provides the rifle with positive lockup, and the ejection port is positioned to ensure scope clearance of spent cartridges.

Browse Academy Sports + Outdoors' online selection of tactical lever action rifles. Lever-Action Rifle ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $ 449 99.
Granted, we could see the utility in the railed forend, the drilled and tapped receiver and especially the threaded barrel. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. Please note that all firearm purchases require valid US government issued ID and related firearm paperwork. The factory flash hider came off with no trouble until we found out that none of our direct thread suppressors or 308 or 338 mounts would fit.

Noise level was comparable to a suppressed mild 300 Blackout supersonic round. An age-old American classic, lever action rifles have been used by hunters for years and have seen many innovations during the evolution of this type of firearm.From the .22 lever action rifle to the 30-30 lever action rifle, this model firearm is available from trusted brands like Browning , Henry, Marlin , Winchester and Mossberg in a variety of styles. They sent us a perfect set of rings for use with the Mossberg 464 (for the record, these are the same as those found on the Winchester 94). gifted over and over and over and………………. However, the rings would not work so we reached out to Warne Scope Mounts. Boyd's stock replaced the tactical contraption Mossberg installed at the factory and the forend replaced the one we destroyed.

Looking to purchase either the Marlin 336 or Mossberg 472 (I wrongly put model 464 in the title) lever action 30-30 for deer hunting in brush area.

Terre ... Mossberg® 464 SPX .30-30 Win.

with allowing an easy “return to zero” reducing a shift in point of impact when you reattach the suppressor.
The rifle offers a Picatinny trirail fore-end and a polymer grip with a 6-position tactical stock. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. Mossberg® 464™ .30-30 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle, © 2020 Academy Sports + Outdoors. Explore The World Of Lever Action Rifles. The style is that of traditional lever-action rifles popular since the 19th Century. We ended up picking one up for a good deal and actually found it pleasing to shoot with the AR-type contraption that passed for a stock.

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