The first front-line aircraft variant to have been designed specifically in response to the export market, Taiwan was the first country to order the type in 1992, followed by Qatar in 1994. The order consisted of 22 single-seat Mirage 2000EAD, eight unique single-seat reconnaissance variants designated Mirage 2000RAD and six Mirage 2000DAD trainers, which collectively are known as SAD-8 (Standard Abu Dhabi). [12] The variant entered operational service in 1988, initially operating from Luxeil Air Base with 4e Escadre de Chasse. They featured an "ICMS mk1" defensive countermeasures suite (DCS), an updated version of the standard Mirage 2000C DCS, characterised by two small antennas near the top of the tailfin. Click accept to give your consent to accept cookies or click on more information to see detailed descriptions of the types of cookies that we store. The new jets were redesignated Mirage 2000I for the single-seat version and Mirage 2000TI for the twin-seat version. Emirati Mirage 2000s are armed with weapons such as the PGM 500 guided bomb and the "Black Shaheen" cruise missile, which is basically a variant of the MBDA Apache cruise missile. 7 Squadron, the Battleaxes, the Indian Air Force (IAF) became the first foreign user of the type, which they renamed the "Vajra" (Sanskrit: वज्र, for Lightning, Thunderbolt). [56] This engagement was the first time since the 1971 war that IAF fighters had entered Pakistani airspace. The aircraft were delivered between June 1986 and January 1988.[28]. The cannons have selectable fire rates of 1,200 or 1,800 rounds per minute. Upgrades include the addition of the Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR) mode to the RDI Radar to allow identification of airborne targets not responding on identification friend or foe (IFF), and the ability to carry air-to-ground stores such as rocket pods, iron bombs and cluster bombs. [citation needed] A January 2020 report by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) stated that the strike was likely to have been carried out with a guided bomb fired from a non-Libyan aircraft, again suggesting that a foreign Mirage 2000 had been used. [citation needed], In March 1985, Greece ordered 30 single-seat Mirage 2000EGs and 10 Mirage 2000BG two-seat trainers, equipped with RDM radars and M53P2 engines, mainly for interception/air defence roles, although the ability to use air-to-ground armaments was retained. This version of Mirage 2000-5 had the mid-air refuel ability as well as its ground attack ability deleted. [citation needed], In November 1998, the UAE signed a $3.2 billion contract that consisted of an order for 30 Mirage 2000-9s as well as the deal to upgrade 33 of the surviving SAD-8 aircraft up the new standard. [95], In March 2011, Mirage 2000s were deployed to an airbase on the Greek island of Crete as part of Qatar's commitment to assist in the NATO-enforced no-fly zone over Libya. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A two-seat version was developed as well, whose rear seat has a HUD but not an associated head-level display and lacks a built-in cannon, although cannon pods can be carried. The Mirage 2000N is a dedicated nuclear strike variant which was intended to carry the Air-Sol Moyenne Portée (ASMP) nuclear stand-off missile. [85], On 12 April 2018, a Greek Mirage 2000-5, part of a two-ship formation, crashed into the Aegean Sea north or the Skyros air base after being scrambled to intercept two Turkish F-16s that were violating Greek airspace. Designation of two-seat trainers and single-seat fighters for India. The only dual-seat Mirage 2000B of the test programme first flew on 11 October 1980.[10][11]. No. [62][63][64], The Peruvian Air Force ordered a set of munitions similar to that ordered by Egypt, along with ATLIS II targeting pods. [96][97], Dassault participated in a competition to replace the Brazilian Air Force's aging Mirage IIIEBR/DBRs with a Brazilian-specific version of the Mirage 2000-9 that would have been developed in collaboration with Embraer designated Mirage 2000BR. They retained the old countermeasures system with the Serval/Sabre/Spirale units and did not receive the ICMS 2 system. During Operation Deliberate Force, on 30 August 1995, one Mirage 2000D was shot down over Bosnia by a 9K38 Igla shoulder-launched missile fired by air defence units of the Army of Republika Srpska, prompting efforts to obtain improved defensive systems. "Dassault Mirage 2000". When the Mirage pair arrived in the area, the Turkish jets had already left. The Mirage 2000 evolved into a multirole aircraft with several variants developed, with sales to a number of nations. Detailed cockpit bath-tub, Martin Baker Mk.10Q Ejection seat, Total 8 resin parts and PE [26][27], Egypt became the first export customer of the Mirage 2000 when it ordered 20 aircraft in December 1981.

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