Overall, the move acts like an unchargeable version of, 2% (activation), 1.5× damage (reflected projectiles). Due to the Gunner's height, it is more consistent with hitting grounded opponents compared to Samus's up smash. The Gunner shoots a strong laser, with two small laser cannons firing smaller lasers that circle the main laser. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Inputting the move again causes the bomb to automatically detonate while dropping another bomb, making it difficult for opponents to approach the Gunner. As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Points their arm cannon to their right, then glances to their left cautiously. With the exception of Cannon Jump Kick, Lunar Launch and Arm Rocket both provide a fantastic amount of distance, especially Arm Rocket which has far more control both horizontally and vertically. The Gunner's mobility changes are by far the most glaring weakness from their transition to Ultimate, as they now have to rely on spacing to compensate for their significantly lowered movement speed, which is amplified due to the cast receiving many movement buffs in general. Grants excellent vertical height but passable horizontal momentum. Mii Gunners are one of the three types of Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Gameplay-wise, Mii Gunners fight similarly to Samus and Mega Man, though they borrow some elements from Fox, Robin, and Ness. While the severe nerfs to their mobility were noted, along with the loss of their more infamous camping tools (most notably a shorter forward aerial, weaker Gunner Missiles, and the nerfs to Grenade Launch), the buffs to their other moves more than made up for it, as it improved a majority of attacks that were lackluster in Smash 4 (such as forward smash, up aerial and their throws). IMAGE DETAILS. The speed and power of the Mii Gunners depends on their height and weight on the console, much like the other two. As a result, the Gunner's staying power is now above average, but their overall mobility has become one of the slowest in the game, further enforcing the Gunner's camping-centric playstyle. Fires two bursts of flame onto the ground, first in front then behind of themself. Mii Gunners are one of the three types of Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. During flight, tilting left or right will adjust the Mii's flight angle. The Mii Gunner is the only Mii that does not possess a counterattack, instead having a reflector. Unleashes a series of energy bursts in quick succession, followed by a stronger burst. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Mii Gunner is classified as fighter #53. It is overall a useful stage control move, as it can block opposing projectiles, trap opponents at ledges, and can even KO at around 170%. For the Mii Fighters in general, see Mii Fighters (SSBU). Mii Gunner's Fighter Spirit is available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 coins. The Gunner's throws, previously notorious for all dealing 5%, have been buffed, with up throw now being the second most damaging in the game behind King K. Rool, and down throw being much more reliable for starting combos till mid percents. Their air speed, dashing speed, and initial dashing speed are among the slowest in the game, making them a very sluggish fighter both on the ground and in the air outside of gundashing.

Starts on frame 10 and has good knockback, KOing Mario from the edge of Final Destination at 115%, but it has punishable ending lag. 3K Views.

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