Moreover they have become obese and malnourished due to lack of outdoor activities and physical fitness. Learn how to write specific types of letters. Make contact with potential grant awarders based on the rules given on their website or in their proposal package. Write a letter to the Editor of a popular newspaper, pointing out the need for a playground in your neighbourhood. Give reasons why you think a play area is necessary and point out how it would benefit everyone who lives in that area. Wait patiently for the organization's decision. Copied! I need to call your attention to the poor condition of the playground equipment outside our apartment. Collect statistics of the number of children who will be using the playground and use this to decide the specifics of your playground project. Community Needs applications are due June 1st, Youth and Education are due October 3rd and Arts, Culture, Community Asset & Health LOI's are due February 1st. This goes at the start of the proposal, but write it after you have completed preparing the entire document. Low-income residents and physically handicapped individuals should be noted, as well as the total number of students likely to benefit from the grant award, the ages of students or community members who will make use of the playground and the size of the community represented. It’s why we are big advocates of inclusive and accessible playgrounds for meaningful play. Speak of your need for funds to allow you to begin action in this direction. Below are some actual letters that one of our community build playground clients sent to their local community. Subject: Community Letter. I need to call your attention to the poor condition of the playground equipment outside our apartment. (show actual problem and situation). Hence, I strongly suggest the concerned authorities to provide a play area immediately. Provide a Playground Safety Inspection by a Playground Safety Inspector, certified by the National Playground Safety Institute, as required by Oregon law. Little Tikes Commercial strongly believes play for children of all ages and abilities should include fewer limits. Swings, for instance, need to be in a larger area to enable their safe use. Provide relevant information about past successful projects. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We need more playgrounds because playing on a playground full of other students can be very hard. Give reasons why you think a play area is necessary and point out how it would benefit everyone who lives in that area. Apart from children, the ground is also used by young people for running and spending leisure time there. Look for regional and local grant opportunities, as well as any opportunities that cover special needs the playground may have. Decide the specific equipment based on the age group of children as identified in your survey. 24. Contact the school board and school administration to get approval if the playground is attached to a school. He holds an associate degree in specialized technology from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. The need to touch, the opportunity to master materials, and the pure tactile experiences are engaged. -Safer place for children's activities. Hailing out of Pittsburgh, Pa., David Stewart has been writing articles since 2004, specializing in consumer-oriented pieces. Your success in finding the right sponsor will depend on how convincingly you use information and statistical data to prove this playground will aid in the all-round development of children. Secondly, you need to remove the sprinklers that are poking out of the ground as someone can trip over them and already a few of my students have done this. 23. Collect the site dimensions of the location you have identified for the playground. Hello everyone,i just need some ideas to write this letter over 500 words.. Because my english is not very well,so i hope that you all will understand and give me some help..I will really appreciate it.Thank you very much. It is well known saying that, “Sound mind rests in sound body”. Most of the people living in the vicinity firmly oppose the idea to close the park. The school serves all of 5th and 6th grade students district wide. Include drawings of the proposed playground layout. Any bids on labor and insurance should be photocopied and the original bids, preferably on the bidder's letterhead, should be submitted with the line-item budget. Yesterday, a notice was published in the local newspaper mentioning the closure of playground. Write grant proposals for the organizations that responded positively to contact or the shorter project overviews. Each proposal must be unique, and it should follow the granting organization's guidelines to the letter. I humbly request you to create an awareness among people about the need for playgrounds for the children. In addition, these customized letters all had a short handwritten note on them from one of the fundraising committee members asking them to support the project. It is essential that every neighbourhood should have some open area, playground or park, where children can go and refresh, relax and revitalise for their all round development. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved.

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