Giant purple robot bunny ears. As the team continued to push on, Hardhead asked Nightbeat why he told them not to touch Cyclonus. Cyclonus responded by hugging him and whispering that he'd kill Whirl at some unspecified point and the Autobot would never see it coming. Headhunt This did not please Death’s Head, and consequently, he willingly accepted a contract from Rodimus to hunt down Cyclonus and Scourge, eventually tracking them down to the planet of Junk as 2008 dawned. From the other universe came a fleet, with a duplicate of the Lost Light flying point, whose captain called and revealed himself to be Megatron.

Cyclonus is a creation of Unicron built within pods inside the chaos-bringer's body, constructed from the remnants of matter he ingested in his ongoing consumption of planets. The tender moment was interrupted when Skip's mass-displacement began to wear off completely and Ten told everyone to listen to him. Incredible!

Combiner Wars toy bio.

Cybertronian fighter Whirl proposed a deal to Cyclonus, asking him to call off his previous death threats if they made it out of the fight alive, and the duo rushed into battle wielding Great Swords procured from the armory. They discovered Omega Supreme instead, and Cyclonus expressed his optimism that the ancient Transformer could impart wisdom derived from Cybertronian legend.

Whirl landed on top, with Cyclonus being knocked unconscious after absorbing the fall's impact, one of his helmet horns being broken off in the process. Tailgate was showing off his strength to the new arrivals, and Cyclonus tried to temper the exuberance of his friend. Sardines The legislator instructed the engineers aboard to modify Skip's engines to allow them access to the Warren so that they could reach a Mederi facility. All Our Parlous Yesterdays, On the next leg of their journey through the past, Cyclonus got to visit Iacon four million years in the past, at a time when Cybertron still thrived as it had in his day. Hardhead lightheartedly called Cyclonus a coward, which prompted Whirl to try and start a fight.

With the zombies safely deposited in the distant past of the Dead Universe, Cyclonus and the others warped back to their base. After seeing the offerings left for Rewind, he helped Tailgate pick up the pieces of broken vial. The storyboards could be considered a little more determinate, showing only Bombshell turning into a Cyclonus body, but essentially all preproduction material on a film can't be taken as the final word. In one universal stream which Unicron destroyed, Unicron created Cyclonus from the remains of Megatron's deceased subordinates while Megatron himself was reformatted into Galvatron. Cyclonus and Scourge’s displacement into the past had circumvented the normal mass-replacement method used by time-travel, and had hence unbalanced the space-time continuum, causing a rift to appear in the fabric of space and time. Cyclonus was among the group of Autobots who confronted Starscream and later joined the crowd that was waiting for Megatron to step off the Lost Light. Chromedome, not knowing that it was Cyclonus that had saved Rewind, expressed disappointment that Cyclonus had not died. Speak, Memory: Part 1, When a time window was discovered in Swerve's, a small ceremony was held to visit the past and mourn the dead.


The team found an apartment to use as a base of operations. Old and worn, Cyclonus is not one for much intimate contact or feelings–emotions should be felt, not heard, in his own words. The two friends sat together in silence as the ship took off. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for Spotlight: Doubledealer follow. When the group decided to attack Vector Sigma via an energy weapon, Cyclonus pipped up that he had once interfaced with the supercomputer could repel any attack and knew it would be able to protect itself from Cybertronian energy, prompting Anode to opine it be attacked from all the sides at once via the hot spots. 1. Designed to survive the Dead Universe, they were more than a match for Cyclonus and he was defeated.

Seeking a new purpose in life, Cyclonus joined the Lost Light after the restoration of a Cybertron he no longer recognized. With that done, the two immediately set to work on fixing the sprinkler system activating it in time to see Getaway be eaten alive by a swarm of Whirl-tamed Scraplets with Cyclonus theorizing that the predators had assumed Primus's likeness after interfacing with Mederi's telepathic field to determine Getaway's greatest desire.

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