Cette série n'est pas reliée en continuité avec les précédentes Transformers: Prime ou associées. Transformers: Cyberverse est une série d'animation produite par Boulder Media Limited, Hasbro Studios et Allspark Animation pour Cartoon Network [1]. But the last straw was the waist spring action. After the scouts arrived on Earth, Starscream contacted their shuttle, only for Bumblebee to answer, unknowingly blowing the Autobots cover. Soon enough however, the movement had gone from civil disagreements to open revolution with Starscream derisively greeting Optimus when the "file clerk" tried to deter Megatron's ambitions. A show with a first season cost of at least 40 million to advertise a toy line that brought in 300K in revenue isn't something anyone should want to replicate. Check all the mirrored images on this news post and then share your impressions on the 2005 Boards! Manipulating othersPlotting against MegatronKilling Autobots Remember Purple Scribble Guy? Starscream and the Seekers tried and failed to prevent the Autobots from launching the AllSpark through a space bridge. For those unhappy about how the episode The Crossroads presented the multiverse as a bunch of identical copies, wait until the second arc of season 3 for one or two actually different versions of characters, and some characters new to Cyberverse. However, his plan was foiled when Optimus Prime destroyed the device connecting the emitters. The End Of The Universe IV, Starscream's head, as depicted from his time as a Quintesson Judge, was eventually recovered at some point following the downfall of the Quintessons by Meteorfire and stored among his alien memorabilia. After he was banished following a failed attempt to overthrow him and left for dead, he was inadvertently revived by Cheetor and went on to claim the AllSpark. (or something to those effect) threads in the cartoon forum, someone there as I recall did find the Rik Alvarez panel and may be in a better position to help you out. The gimmick works really well! In theory, WfC could just align with generations. However, just as the Decepticons were preparing to disembark from the moon, Megatron revealed himself to still be alive and brutally beat down Starscream for his treachery before throwing him out of the ship and leaving him for dead on the moon. Constructicons Siloed, With his fleet, Starscream entered the Sol system only to find Shockwave had beaten him there. All times are GMT -4. As one, the Cybertronians gave him contradictory information prompting him to take Arcee as a hostage, threatening to kill her. His Energon Armor also would not deploy correctly. Starscream led his Seekers into battle, engaging Windblade in a dogfight before he was chomped on by Grimlock. In short, the episodes were supposed to max out at 750K and most came in at 1.6 with some costing almost 2 million in later seasons because Hasbro didn't put their foot down; to make up for the extreme overspending UNIT:E got shut down as did a few other ideas in the works. Type of Villain Winning the loyalty of his Seekers by presenting himself as the one chosen by the AllSpark, Starscream attempted to use the AllSpark to destroy both sides, forcing the Autobots and Decepticons to team up to stop him. This Article Contains Spoilers - I really hope we can get more toys after the series ends. Good theory. These toys were revealed while back in February together with other characters from the Cyberverse cartoon. While Optimus Prime and Megatron were dueling over the AllSpark, Starscream was able to sneak in and claim the relic for himself before exiting through a ground bridge. Although Megatroh is the leader of the Decepticons, Starscream is the main antagonist because he was a bigger threat to all robots (at least after he got kicked out by Megatron) and had bigger plans than everyone else. Megatron | Soundwave | Shockwave | Shadow Striker | Sky-Byte | Clobber | Lockdown | Bludgeon | Drift | Alphastrike | Wild Wheel Cube, Starscream later attended the rally where Megatron unveiled the Decepticon faction and emblem. He then issued a challenge to them: anyone who succeeded in bringing him the head of Optimus Prime would take Starscream's place as his second-in-command. The Other One. Others More of an ongoing subline really as it still shares branding for the WFC Trilogy that Siege, Earthrise and Selects all have. Now I’m on a mission to recover my memories and discover all of my awesome powers. With Meteorfire And Cosmos, In Megatron X's reality, after the tyrant fatally wounded Optimus Prime when his once friend refused to join the Decepticons, Starscream restrained Bumblebee alongside Shadow Striker.

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