However, sometimes a battery can be faulty, so if your battery seems to be malfunctioning even under the recommended care regimen, you might have a defective battery. When you hook up the battery charger to a Sea-Doo battery, make sure that you attach the charger’s positive (red) cable first to the positive terminal, then attach the negative (black) cable to the battery’s negative terminal. Helping you with Jet Ski Gear, Tips, Reviews, and Guides! A properly maintained Sea-Doo battery lasts around 4-5 years. Fits multiple brand and model years. It is important to make sure that you use the right charger for your battery. He has been involved in recreational boating continuously since then. Connecting the wrong battery could result in expensive damage to the electronics. If the battery is not properly maintained, the battery can stop working in as little as one year. Put the battery in a dry garage or shed on top of a rubber mat. When you remove the battery, make sure to perform the steps in the correct order, as doing it wrong can damage the Sea-Doo’s electronics. Instructions 1. Here are a few of the best solar-powered chargers: You should not jump start your jet ski with a car or a truck because the batteries and charging systems in them are too powerful for your jet ski to handle. If your battery is around 85% charged and you just want to top it off, it should only take 15 minutes to a half-hour. Just like any other PWCs, Sea-Doos use 12V batteries as well which typically provide 19-30 amps depending on the model. Pingback: Dr. Doo: Tips for Pre-Season Preparation of your Sea-Doo Watercraft « Pro Rider Magazine. 10. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you don’t have a wall outlet near your jet ski and keep them outside all the time then a great option is a Solar Battery Charger. If you want to remove the battery from a Sea-Doo, make sure to read the owner’s manual first. The very first thing to check if you know your battery has a charge and the ski still won’t start is the terminal connectors. Remove the positive (+) red cable from the battery. A portable RV generator is a must if you want to enjoy the luxuries of your vehicle even when you’re away from a power source. Finally, install the new battery into its place and connect the cables to it. The Sea-Doo’s batteries are located in various places depending on the model. Would love to hear your thoughts. Remember that the Sea-Doo battery must remain disconnected for the entire period of time it is charging, and keep it away from the terminals on the watercraft. It’s important to read the directions on your battery charger before using it, but these are some general directions that can help you. Before you charge the battery you want to disconnect the negative (black) cable. Should you charge every time you take it out? 6. Battery Tender Junior. Lift the battery out of the jet ski while keeping it level at all times. Because of this, I would recommend connecting your battery to a trickle charger to ensure it does not die. It means the manufacturer wants to separate the battery from the engine compartment as this area usually gets wet during the rides, or when you clean your engine and the bilge after a ride. Proper storage techniques can be make the difference between a dead battery or a battery that roars to life after a long winter’s slumber. Hidden corrosion on the underside is common. Flip back the rubber cap from the positive terminal of the battery and repeat the third step but for the positive terminal. Many of you have already stored your Sea-Doo for the winter, or are in the process of storing your Sea-Doo. In general, Sea-Doos Use 12V batteries, but the required amperage depends on the model. If the battery falls below these minimum standards, it’s time to purchase a new Yuasa° battery from an authorized BRP/Sea-Doo dealer. —, Copyright © 2020 StevenInSales | Contact Me | Privacy Policy. When it comes to removing a Sea-Doo battery, you should locate it first. Consult your manual, your dealer, or any of the battery stores that have a list of compatible cross-referenced batteries. Charging a jet ski battery is not too challenging, but it can seem a little intimidating the first time. If your battery is out of order, buy a quality replacement that is matched for your PWC so it will fit in the correct space and provide the proper output. I would check your battery every 30 minutes after you connect it just to make sure it does not overcharge. What I do is keep a 5-watt solar panel charger on my battery when I’m not using it and keep the panel where the sun can get to it. You should not try to charge a battery super fast. Do not jump start your jet ski with a car or truck! Better understand how to preserve our marine environments while safely enjoying the other 70% of the earth. 2016 and up Sea-Doo it’s mostly under the driver or in the front. To check and see if the stator is bad, you should test the voltage of the battery. If you have a regular battery, it’s recommended to replace it for a DEKA or YUASA sealed AGM battery when the time comes. The charger will then use 12 volts to charge your battery over time. Refill and then replace the battery cap. The batteries and charging systems in cars or trucks are too powerful for a jet ski to handle and you’ll fry the electronics. Jet Ski Top Speed – How Fast Are Jet Skis? In many places, there are shops near to the recreation areas where watercrafts are frequently used. Remember to use a float charger and not a trickle charger though. Locate the battery in your Sea-Doo watercraft. It is easier to get started than scuba diving or jet skiing, and it’s more affordable as well. –       Phillips head screwdriver, Flat head screw driver or 10mm nut driver, –       Trickle Charger (Sea-Doo carries the Yuasa smart shot automatic battery charger, part # 529035773. There are also additional forums online that may answer a specific question you have.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'aquasportsplanet_com-box-4','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Nobody wants their jet ski to die in the middle of a fun adventure. The best Sea-Doo battery chargers are the smart chargers with slow charging rates (max 2 amps)! 2021 Jet Ski Prices, 23+ Must Have Jet Ski Accessories - Useful and Important Gear, 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Used Jet Ski, Jet Ski Hours - What Is Too Many and What They Mean. This will fry the whole thing, battery, computer and all. Tim Conner, M.D. Hi Claudia, the battery should be removed from the watercraft and charged in a well ventilated area to avoid any gas fumes that could potentially be ignited if there was a spark created from charging/connecting power cords/wires. Do not place your battery on concrete because it can drain your battery. Most manufacturers recommend buying the replacement directly from the company that made the watercraft to ensure the correct battery is used. Since most jet ski batteries are fairly small, they tend to have a shorter life span than bigger ones, such as car batteries. You should not try to charge a jet ski battery fast and you should stay under 2 amps when charging. If your battery is just sitting for too long without running, it will begin to sulfate. Locate the battery in your Sea-Doo watercraft. Unscrew the battery cap with a flathead screwdriver and refill with distilled water if the level falls below the lower-level mark on your battery. Plug in the charger to a wall socket and you are ready to stay charged! 8. Next take a look at the bolts that secure your battery cables to the battery and determine what tool must be used to remove the cables.

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