The Hobart Handler 190 boasts of a patented, in-built wire feed mechanism that allows fast and smooth release of the drive roll lever. 2020 Welding Insider. All Rights Reserved. In this review, we will analyze the hugely popular Handler 190, discussing some of its features and pros while also shedding light on its potential cons. When it comes to compatibility, the Hobart Handler 190 doesn’t hold back.

It has a control switch, a knob that has allows you to determine your preferred infinite wire speed, a trigger lead connectivity button and a knob with the system`s 7 voltage options. Your Hobart Handler 190 is 10.6 inches wide by 12.4 high by 19.5 inches long. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms of Use which constitute a legal agreement between you and

… To prevent potential feeding issues that usually arise when welding aluminum wires, the Hobart Handler 190 comes with its unique SpoolRunner 100 spool gun. North 40 Outfitters. but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed. This makes simplifies the devices ability to thread new wires. This welding beast can handle most household or farm repair projects as well as small shop repairs with ease, making it appropriate for experienced welders and first timers alike. mild steel and is flux-cored or MIG ready. The generous operating parameters allow you to weld 24 ga. to 5/16 in. The good news though, is that you can use a generator to power this device, meaning its appropriate for use in remote locations. But, the investment is totally worth it as the Hobart Handler 190 is built to last due to its superior, world-class quality. We recommend getting a wheel cart to aid you in moving the welder around, especially if you intend to use it in several locations when making repairs or general maintenance. The Hobart Handler 190 comes fully loaded and ready to use. Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Buyers Guide Review. Impressively, the welder boasts of 7 voltage selections, infinite wire-speed control and enhanced magnetism.

As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. With the Hobart Handler 190, making beautiful welds is no longer a tough task.

Comes in a rugged plastic storage case. This highly versatile welder, is both study and robust, packing loads of power and has a simple, user friendly set up that makes it appropriate for first time welders. These features enable you to control the device`s output parameter all while providing improved arc performance. The Hobart Handler 190, similar to most Hobart welders, is a low-priced MIG welder with the capability of welding both steel and aluminum. NEW: Hobart Handler 190 07-04-2011, 10:01 PM The fact that tractor supply is selling them fairly cheap, and the fact that its photo in the literature hadn't been updated (new front face sticker and gun) like the other Handler units, I had my suspicions that the HH 187 was probably being phased out Another impressive feature that makes the Hobart Handler 190 stand out is its simplistic design that makes it appropriate for first timers or welders looking to advance their skills. The Handler 190 features a 7-position voltage switch and infinite wire feed speed control creating a welding arc that more perfectly matches metal thickness and wire diameter than any competitor in its class - less spatter, professional bead appearance, excellent penetration and minimal post-weld cleanup. You can expect to find the following products inside your box after purchase: The Hobart Handler 190 comes with a user-friendly warranty. We will also highlight some of the accessories you should expect to find in your box in case you decide to purchase this top performing welder. More Views. Almost a $100.00 savings when welder and spool gun are purchased as a kit. time.We recommend calling before arriving in our store to ensure stock. On top of being lightweight, it can also be generator powered, meaning you can tag it along anywhere regardless of whether there is a substantial power connection. The presence of a dual groove roll mechanism ensures you can switch from different wire sizes with ease. Great for aluminum MIG welding with the Handler 190, the SpoolRunner 100 eliminates feeding problems associated with soft aluminum wire - it is also usable with mild or stainless steel welding wires. Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder with Spool Gun Package, Includes: 10 ft SpoolRunner 100 spool gun with plastic case, Comfortable 10 ft HS100S4-10 MIG gun with liner, Sample spool of .030 flux-cored welding wire, Spool shaft to accommodate 4 or 8 inch spools, Welds 24 gauge to 5/16 in. Includes convenient storage holes for spare tips, Quick Select drive roll: Makes setup quicker by offering three grooves - two for different size solid wires and a third for flux-cored wire, Short circuit protection: Protects unit against current overload, Self-resetting thermal overload: Protects power transformer to ensure reliability, Self-resetting motor protection: Protects wire feed system from overload, no fuses to change or circuit breaker buttons to reset, Material Thickness: Mild Steel 24 ga (0.8mm) - 5/16", Weldable Metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Owner's manual with installation, operation and maintenance guidelines, Built-in gas solenoid valve and dual-gauge regulator with gas hose, Spool hub assembly accommodates 4" or 8" spools, Sample spool of .030" (0.8mm) self-shielding flux-cored wire, Quick Select drive roll for .024" (0.6mm) or .030"/.035" (0.8/0/9 mm) solid wire and .030"/.035" (0.8/0.9mm) flux-cored wire, Welding guide and material thickness gauge. The front panel has a minimalistic design that makes it easy for users to control. The Hobart Handler 190 package pairs the Handler 190 MIG welder with the SpoolRunner 100 spool gun - the only complete aluminum welding package in a small frame MIG unit - at a great price! Other additional safety measures are such as self-resetting protection system that prevents thermal overload and the motor protection feature that prevents the wire feed from overloads during use. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price."

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