No purses, bags, diaper bags, etc., are permitted. They must be properly secured in your locked vehicle prior to entering the facility. Citizenship (INS Form N-560 or N-561). Please check with the appropriate facility to see what their local policy is with respect to purchasing photos while in the visiting room. 4. Generally, you’re allowed to keep the following items with you during your visit: Most other objects, including your keys, must be stored in a locker that will be provided. At no time shall visitors try to give inmates gifts or items (other than vending machine items). The prisoner must add you to their visitor list before you book a visit. It has been called the '. Special pre-arranged visits for long-distance travelers: Special visits can be pre-arranged for persons who are not on an approved visitor’s list or who have traveled a substantial distance and for a family visit for a seriously ill or injured inmate. This could include, but is not limited to, eye glasses, tie tacks, lapel pins, wrist watches, pens, etc. -any current or former contract employee All food/drink items purchased from the vending machines must be consumed and disposed of in the visiting room. It is up to the inmate to inform his/her visitor(s). -Portable wireless devices The time frames above highlight the schedule of visitation for Jail West. Any visitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to visit. We are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Visitation reservations may be made in person or by calling the Henrico facility where the inmate is being detained. Length of Visits: Pigeonly have also introduced video visitation to connect families and inmate when it becomes difficult for them to visit, you need to first schedule a visit and have it approved by your inmate’s facility, by signing up with Pigeonly video visitation your inmate will be just a click away. Headquartered in Western U.S, Pigeonly has taken the mission to break the communication barrier between inmates and their family. If you are on probation or parole it is important to get permission from your supervising officer to visit an inmate before your first visit. Always check with the visiting room officer if there are questions. All correctional facilities have their own set of rules which you need to follow. In order to allow time for identification verification, visitors are requested to arrive (15) minutes prior to their scheduled reservation. Face veils or obstructive clothing: You have to create an account online with Henrico County Regional Jail West to book the slot online once it gets confirmed by Henrico County Regional Jail West you can visit your inmate. Jail East: 804-652-1120 Adult Probation: 804-501-5188 Jail West Info After Hours: 804-501-4586 Commonwealth's Attorney: 804-501-4218 Jail East Info After Hours: 804-652-1100 Jail West: 804-501-4581 Henrico Police: 804-501-5000 Public Defender: 804-225-4330 -ID Card for use of Resident Citizen in the United States (INS Form I-179). In the event the visiting room is at full capacity, and more visits are to be conducted, visits will be terminated on a first-come, first-out basis provided the minimum visiting time of one hour has elapsed. The quickest way to post bail! If you currently use a cell phone, VoIP phone, you won’t be able to collect calls from your inmate as these carriers don’t have the service of collect calls. Henrico County Jail Inmate Information Search Options Please search by last name: Or click on the button with the starting letter of the last name: Disclaimer: Information contained on this … Where can I get a visitation application for Henrico County Regional Jail West? The Henrico County Jail West reserves the right to deny any person the right to enter the jail it chooses and for any reason. Similarly, if an inmate or visitor terminates a visit for lunch, the visit may not be continued after lunch. Children must remain with the parent at all times during the visit. NOTE: There are some Jails that also have outside visiting areas, where outerwear may be permitted. Henrico County, Virginia Sheriff's Office Sunday, November 1, 2020. Money only may be added to an inmate’s account commissary/trust account. 2. Violation of the above restrictions may cause the visit to be cancelled or terminated, and visiting privileges may be suspended by the Henrico Sheriffs Department.

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