The characters are quite similar in terms of personality, although with some core differences.

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He watches her hurry away and runs his hands through his drenched hair in despair. He dated one woman during this time frame but they weren't serious. After Ken left the family, his best friend, Christian Vance, bought Hardin novels and would read to him. He wore his lip ring off and on for a few years, before finally opting to take it out. He initially claimed the apartment belonged to a friend of his father's, but later admitted that he wants them to live there together.

Hardin's body was found at 300 Embry on … He asks where is she is and is exasperated when she continues to goad him by saying "somewhere you're not". - Hardin about Landon in "After Ever Happy". She fails miserably at the game but insists on another chance. Male Hardin tries to reason with Landon and calls him "bro", a term that Landon shuts down quickly.

Hardin is portrayed by Brtish actor, Hero Fiennes Tiffin in the After film series. Scott Hardin, MD. Mr. Scott (By Tessa)

His phone begins to buzz and he is annoyed to see that Steph is persistent in her desire to have him come to the frat house for a party. He asks how much she's had to drink, to which she responds, eventually, with five "sexes on the beach", giggling that the activity associated with the name could have been fun. She calls him a masochist as she sits down to begin the tattoo. They are interrupted by a surprise visit from Carol, Tessa's mother, who is disgusted by the sight. Whatever the hell our souls are made of, they are the same. They are greeted by Landon who is polite and excited about being Hardin's stepbrother. Series Information Despite his reckless behavior, he managed to stay a year ahead in credits for his degree. Washington Central University

She thought that he cared and that their relationship meant something, but he's just a liar.

He also improved his familial relationships, as he had two families in his life now. Christian suspected that Hardin was his son, and tried to get Trish to admit it, but she never did. He has shaggy brown hair that is often styled back from his face. They shared a dance and had a good night despite the tension between Hardin and his father, Ken Scott. She took him to therapists and tried to get him the help he needed, but to no avail. Behind his cocky and hard exterior, Hardin is deeply insecure and hurt. This shows a very low regard for established relationships as he had no qualms breaking up the couple. He pauses then asks if she trusts him, which she responds that she does, so he doesn't see the problem.

The pair begins to leave when Hardin hands back the book he borrowed, mysteriously telling her that he hates to ruin the ending but it was all a dream. He could hide for days and then leave his hiding place on weekends to attend parties. Hardin drives to his father's residence where he waits outside on the hood of his car for Landon to return from his run. Eventually… Status Hardin prefers to live in the moment.

But she insists that he's different around Landon's despite his warnings that Hardin is always up to something. He attempts to come onto her but Noah tells him to stop, sensing Tessa's discomfort. When Trish found out she was pregnant she lied and said that the child was Ken's. She reads the letter that surprisingly filled with Hardin professing his feelings for her.

He falls into a depression and barely leaves his room, before writing a letter confessing his feelings to her. It can hit 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. Tessa turned to an emotional Hardin and asked if it was true and his silence was the confirmation. Carol takes a moment before threatening to cut Tessa off financially if she doesn't end things with Hardin. He had a rough childhood due to his negligent, abusive, and alcoholic father. Despite his dysfunctional lifestyle, Hardin is very intelligent and does not need to put a lot of effort into school to do well.

Male Within a few hours, Hardin arrives at the hotel in Seattle that Tessa is staying in. Whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same. Hardin, Molly, and Zed visit a coffee shop the next day where Hardin flirts with the barista. He can tell that she isn't entirely okay with what happened last night to which she agrees, but she declines his offer to talk about it as he hurt her and she can't forgive him. He checks his phone and is disheartened to see that his messages to Tessa asking her to talk are still unread. Hardin was the product of a year-long affair between Trish Powell and Christian Vance, the best-friend of Trish's husband, Ken Scott. Hardin angrily storms off. My focus moves down his black t-shirt to his arms, which are also covered in tattoos; not an inch of uncovered skin is seen. Hardin Allen Scott is the main character in the After film saga. The pair go to a diner where they order casual food and continue to get to know one another. A brooding, mysterious, tattooed rebel with a difficult past, Hardin's guarded world, and persona cracks when he meets freshman Tessa Young. Tessa stares at him in shock and their eyes meet as Zed attempts to calm him down. Hardin had a troublesome childhood due to his negligent, abusive and alcoholic father. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Scott Hardin's family is devastated after learning their biggest fears were true. During the reception near the pool, Hardin opens up to her about his traumatic childhood, and the incident he witnessed happen to his mother. Landon scoffs at the insults sarcastically responding that he thought Hardin was an imposter for a second there. After weeks of partying and numbing his pain, Hardin learned about the overdose and death of Tessa's father. All Rights Reserved. She pretends that she didn't kiss anyone. He is in his car, alone, surrounded by empty food containers and alcohol bottles. We’re creative technology problem-solvers and have a passion for innovation. February 5th, 1993 After everything, we made it. I have none, and I kind of need him, in a way. The woman offers him a bottle of alcohol but he turns it away even though she reminds him it helps with the pain. He reminds Hardin that he is the one who made it very clear that they aren't brothers. Over the next several years, they moved in together and went through the struggles of trying to start a family. She angrily yells that she isn't "his Tessa" anymore. official new movie clip trailer for After 2 We Collided Starring Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin. He and his group of friends took pleasure in toying with people and finding new ways to entertain themselves, including a dangerous version of "truth or dare". Hardin angrily tells Trevor to fuck off and slams the door shut. "Hardin Scott" is the male lead, male protagonist, and the main love interest of the heroine and protagonist, Tessa Young.

His father spent the nights at the bar while he and his mother fixed their own. Full Name They take their relationship to the next level by becoming sexually intimate, something that is new for Tessa. She frantically tries to find her clothes while Hardin yells twice for her to come back to bed.

He's tall, lean, and I know I'm staring at him in the most impolite way, but I can't seem to look away.".

As Tessa and Landon prepare to leave the classroom, Soto calls Tessa aside. Books His secret work is recognized and he becomes a successful writer, philanthropist, and mental health advocate. Tessa travels to Landon and Hardin's home per Landon's request but is surprised to learn that Landon is Hardin's soon to be stepbrother. Hardin started college at Washington Central University in August 2011. The group decides to play truth or dare, with Jace daring Tessa to make out with Hardin. Their relationship was fast-paced and vibrant, sweeping them and everyone around them up in a whirlwind of drama. He looks at the title, quoting a line from the novel, "he's more myself then I am". He remains charming and dangerous like his novel counterpart but has a lighter tone than his novel counterpart.

This was the catalyst for Tessa's breakup with Noah and led to a fallout between her and Hardin, who is persistent yet confused at her distance from him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He asks what the lake is supposed to mean, but she merely responds that it's a special place. Angered, he kicks down the bathroom door to find Trevor in only his boxers, clutching his wet clothing. Steph refuses to meet Tessa's eye. He discovered that his biological father is Christian Vance and that Vance's son, Smith, is his biological half-brother. He continued the pattern he left with his friends in England, in the States with his new friends. He shows an emotional vulnerability when it comes to his father, showing a strained relationship between the pair over a traumatic incident that Hardin witnessed as a child. He quickly responds himself earning an eye roll from Tessa. He doesn't understand why she's ignoring him. Hardin Scott was a tempered, tattooed, angry boy but little did he know that the girl he has never dreamed about was headed his way with a curve attached to it he was born to Trish Powell and Ken Scott (Christian Vance being his biological father) in London, England.

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