That was the conclusion I arrived at, too, after dozens of interviews with senior Democrats and Republicans over the past 18 months: The outcome of the extraordinary campaign, which has left the country divided and disoriented six weeks before Inauguration Day, came down to a succession of decision points by the candidates, their opponents—and the nation’s top cop—some of which seemed consequential at the time, many of which didn’t. October 5, 2017. ROE: --or go libertarian. Besides, Trump needed someone who knew New Hampshire, and that this blue-collar New Englander did. That's a campaign that tells me that they know what they're doing on the ground. ROE: Well, you have--you can be righteously wrong in umpiring a little bit easier than you can be righteously wrong in politics. He has resigned from the RNC and from Wynn Resorts. ROE: Assume it's not a black swan. Glenn Thrush is POLITICO's chief political correspondent. He has been placed on leave. “His taunts, degrading comments about my body, brain, and general inadequacies never ended.”, Publicly reported Within months, it would look just as important as the Austro-Hungarian emperor’s last chat with the Kaiser. August 4, 2017. I wouldn’t get the job because now I was insecure.”. Two women say he made inappopriate comments to them, and one of them says he also touched her in an unwelcome way. “I want to make sure this never happens again, ever.”, Publicly reported “I felt powerless to say no. ROE: He's a conservative, 96 percent ACU rating, walked out of there with, what, 20 percent. ROE: And so you're--and a month on Wisconsin, and high rolling--right?--and then a month later you're dropping out. "And many men in positions of power have gotten away with it for far too long. The Rubio team’s fears of a backlash turned out to be justified—his poll numbers quickly tanked—but by this point, he had no choice but to keep swinging. By the time I interviewed Bush in New Hampshire in early February 2016, sloshing around in a snow squall a few days before the primary he would lose badly, he was tense and downbeat, but still convinced his old-school style would eventually prevail. He has resigned. Dozens of people have said that he pressured female employees to perform sex acts, exposed himself, or engaged in unwanted touching. I mean, I just--and I don't even think it's me as much as our campaign was structured in a way, with foundational people that are movement conservatives themselves. THRUSH: Yeah, you were telling me this when I met you in Iowa. ROE: When we started. THRUSH: --and you liked the stuff he was doing in terms of blowing up these House budget deals and stopping things in their tracks? THRUSH: Oh, because of the social issues. | Getty Images/Obtained by The Washington Post, The fallout was swift, damaging and seemingly campaign-killing: Several Republicans flat-out called on the nominee to quit the race and predicted a rout. THRUSH: Do you see him getting 10 percent, or anything close? August 1, 2018. December 14, 2017. The branding of steaks versus the delivery systems it takes to cold-pack and deliver a steak--that's a different deal. So Ryan needs to watch out for Cruz a little bit? ROE: Because there's some--you know, some Sun Soo judo, you know, consultant that I don't want. “I had an opportunity to work at Nickelodeon a long time ago and I didn’t take the job because I knew he would be inside the studio.”, Publicly reported He will find that person that they put on the first presidential committee he comes out with, as the moderator, and it will be--if Rafael Cruz killed JFK, wait for what's going to happen to this guy. And it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone in our industry who believes moguls own their thrones," he wrote, encouraging staffers to report inappropriate behavior at the company. ROE: And who wins in 2020, for what it looks like? A woman has reported that he sexually harassed her. Two women have reported that he sexually harassed or inappropriately touched them. ROE: So direct mail finance, I don't--my company doesn't do direct mail finance, so I think so. It was not a majority but he was getting his share of it. When an aide relayed the news that she had taken the area, 60 to 40 percent, Podesta let out a war whoop and shouted, “Fuck yeah!”. “Ms. THRUSH: Can she afford--because there's a real apprehension on their part to go smacky-face on Bernie and call him a sore loser. Yeah. We figured the test of a good campaign was to ignore the flavor of the month and execute our long-term strategy. And so I was just always a baseball fan, and playing small baseball. "Everyone knew what Harvey was up to and no one did anything," she said. And then he’ll shine a spotlight on you and make you feel amazing.”. The director released a statement calling the allegations against Weinstein "truly disturbing." I am not the one who needs to carry that shame.”, Publicly reported Clinton’s team laughed off Trump’s nomination speech. We had 5,400 votes in Iowa. ROE: Imagine if you are running in a swing-seat congressional race, and you have no ability to predict turnout. THRUSH: What was the thing you were going to suck at in this particular campaign? ROE: I really know how to pick them. Did the farm actually go--the farm went belly-up? “She’s her own worst enemy,” another said. How do I know that he’s not still doing this?”, Publicly reported I mean, everybody's always going to stay all the way in until right up until they announce that they're not. So let's just split the difference and say that Clinton's running a great one; he's not right now, so that would give her, from not having one to having a great one, like, that's 3-1/2 points. The New York Times‘ Glenn Thrush joined me this morning:. CNN officials dismissed the incident, arguing that the image was just that—a static picture—that provided a backdrop for a stream of talking-head banter, much of it critical of Trump. The haul wasn’t that long. “He was trying to get me naked. ROE: That would be the theory. ROE: So one of the last days, when we were getting out of the business, and you couldn't sell--we couldn't sell some of our last hogs at the--at auction, because they were too fat and essentially Asia was coming online and wanted very lean meat. On the one hand, he was a soothing influence on Trump, in style if not substance, urging him repeatedly to stay off Twitter and to avoid spitting matches with other Republicans. THRUSH: I'm so sorry, man. “To have at our helm an individual that has abused his power is a tragedy.”. ROE: So I want to move with our family, and blah-blah. “Weinberger sent ‘several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts’ and told Cantor she was ‘put on earth to pleasure me,’ according to the complaint.”. Trump countered with his own assessment: 10 percent. I mean, do you think that's sort of the traditional notion that he's going to pull from ours is true? Trump started with Little Marco—then switched to “’Lil” because it got more laughs. Can Hillary Clinton--I mean, think about this. He is on leave, and an independent investigation has been launched. Victoria’s Secret has cut ties with him. This was a bully-boy power play before Trump cornered the market on alpha: The goal was to hoover up the cash before the two opponents Bush feared most, fellow Floridian Marco Rubio and 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, could begin putting together a campaign. He continued, "I applaud the women who have been brave enough to share their testimony of profoundly damaging and deeply abusive experiences.". And so I went to the professional umpire school. So, to a degree, servicing the movement that he was a part of, I think, is important to him. We had a lot of good feedback and he understood, intellectually, where our campaign needed to go and kept me accountable for making sure it was heading in that direction. She once even had a Weinstein's name temporarily tattooed on her butt as a joke. I go to Texas and I have an office in Austin. We must do better for women everywhere. I don't do that. be some time on this day but one of the things that Maggie and I Like they know exactly how to work an umpire. ROE: And so when you have 60 percent that say--self-described evangelical, and you have 23 percent that haven't attended church in the last calendar year--, ROE: --is what is a real--and that--we were in the '60s, '70s--, THRUSH: But the Cruz--again, we're getting to something of a misconception that I had about--that I'm perpetuating about the Cruz voter. “It’s the worst position to be in when you feel helpless about something you know was outright wrong.”, Publicly reported went in with a list of questions about infrastructure and He has stepped down from Ain’t It Cool News. ROE: We did 1,809 through the course of the campaign. If there was any doubt about what was motivating news execs, CBS chief Les Moonves dispelled it during a candid exchange with a reporter following Trump’s big win in New Hampshire in February. If August proved anything it was this: Clinton had a lot of natural advantages—demographics, discipline and organization. Sources/more info: ROE: I don't know about that. August 15, 2017. So she might have to do that. Above all, every call he made was buttressed by a sense of daring that allowed him to take advantage of every mistake made by every opponent he faced. But do I think instinctually he kind of gets this? But, bring it on, Donald. Like, was that really tough for you to get yelled at? He has pleaded guilty to statutory rape. It's going to be very hard for him to just use the RNC. In July, FBI Director James Comey testified in Congress after having recommend against Hillary Clinton's prosecution for her use of private email as secretary of state. ROE: Like he's--he's going to do one. But that was only in later debates, and only after Clinton and her team had savaged Sanders on his gun control record. ROE: He doesn't get to call in like he used to--. “I suddenly realized that I was alone in this apartment with him and that it might not be very easy to leave.”. And I said, "Wait a second." 3, “My trauma resurfaced as she came out as a victim herself.”, Publicly reported THRUSH: More than any Republican candidate--. A woman has reported that he sexually harassed her and masturbated in front of her. Put a SurveyMonkey survey in the field on the 202 cell phones, and ask them who the best retail politician in the Republican field is, and list all the people that are running--, THRUSH: And Carson--it was when he was leading--. Emma Watson worked with Weinstein on "My Week with Marilyn" in 2011 and did not single out Weinstein in her condemnation of sexual harassment on Twitter following the New York Times report. ROE: Yeah, but his business isn't really--so take that to the logical extreme. After she rebuffed his advance, Rosen sought to steal away her sources and stories related to his interests in diplomacy and national security.”. The news is an earthquake in media circles where Thrush has long been one of the most celebrated political reporters working the beat today. THRUSH: Okay.

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