The commando badge's design is similar to the metal badge worn on the beret. Daniel Wirth was honored by his sister Kathrin Wirth-Torrente in a book titled "Brothers in Bravery". Combat-ready units are divided into four Commando companies of approximately one hundred men. The G36 will be replaced by the new standard service rifle, MK 556. KSK operatives are frequently requested for joint anti-terror operations, notably in the Balkans and Middle East. Drop him a mail or get in contact with him via social media. It depicts a silver sword on light green background surrounded by oak leaves. In this time, candidates must undergo a grueling 90-hour cross-country run, followed by a three-week international Combat Survival Course at the German-led multinational Special Operations Training Center (formerly the International Long Range Reconnaissance School) in Pfullendorf. If you wanna learn more about the gear, weapons & missions from the German KSK Soldiers, make sure to check out this article from the “Y” Magazine! [8] The KSK was no longer restricted to male troops after the Bundeswehr opened all units to women in 2001. Drei Faktoren machen einen erfolgreichen Kommandotrupp aus: Erstklassig ausgebildete Soldaten in einem eingespielten Team mit modernster Ausrüstung. Following the KSK's activation on April 1, 1997, all but one of the Fernspähkompanie have been either disbanded or merged into the newly constituted unit. Airsoft & MilSim News Blog is an award winning news site specialized in premium quality reviews and presentations for the airsoft, milsim and tactical industry. Beachten Sie auch die PDF Datei zum herunterladen. Before becoming an independent military force, the KSK was a part of infantry units. Each of the four Commando Companies has five specialized platoons, each with a unique specialty and ability that can be adapted to both the terrain and situation, depending on type action(s) required: There are four commando squads in every platoon. The Kommandoabzeichen (commando badge) is a cloth patch worn on the right pouch of the uniform. [ 23 ] Kommando SpezielKrafte (KSK) (Germany) Special Forces Weapons, Accuracy International AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum), Carbine Rifle with Special Forces Modification Kit, Single-Shot Disposable Anti-tank Rocket Launcher, General Dynamics / Raytheon FIM-92 Stinger, General Purpose Machine Gun / Light Machine Gun / Automatic Rifle, Battle Rifle / Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Submachine Gun (SMG) / Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) / Machine Pistol, Submachine Gun (SMG) / Machine Pistol (MP), Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle / Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Heckler & Koch USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol), MBDA MILAN (Missile d'Infanterie Leger ANtichar), Rheinmetall MG3 (Maschinengewehr Modell 3). We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. Learn how your comment data is processed. As of 2020 in KSK, women occupied auxiliary positions. First Sergeant Daniel Wirth was fatally shot in Baghlan Province - Afghanistan during operation "Maiwand". The selection process for the combat positions is divided into two phases: a three-week-long physical and psychological training regimen (normally having a 40% pass rate), and later a three-month-long physical endurance phase (normally with an 8–10% pass rate). The HQ & Support Company is responsible for supply duties in Germany. The KSK has received many decorations and awards from NATO, the United States and its affiliates.

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