In the second place, why in the name of common sense should Trotsky select Jackson (if he can be imagined selecting anyone for such a job!) He admits the murder, and explains how he planned and executed it. Virtually every detail in this scene involves fabrication and falsification. Of all the many historical falsifications, the worst is the final scene dealing with the assassination of Trotsky in August 1940. Markin and the Kronstadt sailors are portrayed as the main element in overthrowing the Provisional Government, acting, however, as an uncontrolled mob; workers are hardly seen, and peasants are completely out of the picture. The scenes conjured up in Trotsky are at one moment absurd, at another despicable, and often a combination of the two. He would not reply; he could not. Worst of all, the assassin is portrayed as a hero who correctly defends Stalin and has held the moral high ground in all his conversations with Trotsky. In fact, the main poster advertising the series consists of a frightening image of Trotsky dressed in black and with his eyes concealed by sunglasses in which a hell-like fire is reflected. Trotsky was taken to a local hospital, where the doctors tried to save him by twice operating on his brain. He does not, of course, accuse her of any responsibility; quite the contrary. To Trotsky and all of Trotsky’s associates who would lend an ear, Jackson repeatedly and vehemently asserted (both before April and afterward) his support of the position of Trotsky and the American parly majority. Mercader waited until Trotsky started to read the article, then snuck up behind Trotsky and slammed a mountaineering ice pick into Trotsky's skull. In 1897, he was one of the first to challenge Eduard Bernstein’s revisionism, and in 1904-1906 he actively engaged in helping develop Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution. to go to the Soviet Union for “acts of sabotage” and violence? Comrade Max Shachtman has just returned from Mexico which he visited in order to pay the respects of the Workers Party to the martyred leader of the October Revolution and the Fourth International. In the first place, Jackson’s “faith” in the revolutionary movement in general and particularly in the Trotsky’s movement, was never very profound, and certainly not so profound and all-pervading that its disturbance would lead him to so violent and dreadful a reaction. The alpenstock with which Trotsky was assaulted was concealed in Jacson’s raincoat. He does not pretend that he is innocent. Let us consider briefly the only serious alternative conclusion, namely, that Jackson was actuated by purely personal motives. A few historians have made criticisms of the series after seeing the first episodes. On the very face of it, this explanation is more than false, it is preposterous. And cunning though he is, the very story he tells, the very lies he tells, are proof positive to any thoughtful person that the master-author of the crime is the monster who sits on the Kremlin throne, Joseph Stalin. Above all, the Putin regime and the semi-criminal cabal of oligarchs who owe their current power and wealth to the theft of state assets that followed the restoration of capitalism require the perpetuation of the anti-Trotsky narrative. The Jacson of 1940 quizzically asks: “So you took his last name?” Trotsky replies: “I not only took it, I made it immortal.”. In various interviews, the film’s directors, Aleksandr Kott and Konstantin Statskii, and the scriptwriter, Oleg Malovichko, have explained their conception of the film’s principal character. The answer is written in the name which has become a synonym for everything detestable and disastrous in the labor movement: Joseph Stalin, master-assassin of the Kremlin. It is precisely then that Jackson first gained entry into the household in Mexico and met Trotsky. But there is one more consideration – and it is overwhelming – to show that Jackson’s crime was not the simple act of an individual, moved by personal feelings. In one of the earliest scenes chronologically, in an Odessa prison in 1898, the 19-year-old “Leiba” Bronstein is presented as a young Jewish upstart who doesn’t understand the Russian people. Why, for instance, did he kill so many people?

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