Awesome Inc. theme. The latest auction updates and news straight to your inbox. Flaps at the sides of the trailers could be hinged open for the soldiers to fire out at the enemy. Fowlers were mostly compound engines, and all their machines were superbly built. We produce illustrated, glossy, colour, printed catalogues for these auctions, catalogues are listed fully illustrated on our website and they are listed on many specialist auction sites such as, Lotzone, Invaluable and notifications are also mailed to our comprehensive databases of both Trade and Private buyers. 2" Burrell Traction Engine … Fowlers built an armoured steam road train in 1900 for use in the South African war, where Boer snipers were wreaking havoc. Allchin Traction Engine "Mary", A 2" Scale Engineered Live Steam Model of Fowler Showmans Engine "Princess", An Engineered Live Steam Model Locomotive of Baldwin Light Railway Tank Joan, A 3.5" Gauge Engineered Live Steam Locomotive and Tender, LMS 4-6-0 Royal Scot, A Working Presentation Model of a Single Cylinder Live Steam Engine, A 3" Scale Live Steam Model of a Burrell Traction Engine. Engineered Live Steam Locomotives, Plant and Showman's Traction Engines have been an integral part of our Collectables Auctions since the introduction of these sales in 2010. You can easily unsubscribe yourself. John Fowler & Co Engineers of Leathley Road, Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England produced traction engines and ploughing implements and equipment, as well as railway equipment. We pride ourselves at being the UK's leading Auction House in Engineered and Toy Shop Live Steam of all scales and gauges. A large Fowler engine clad in armour plating towed three four-wheel armoured trailers for troops. John Fowler established his Steam Plough Works in Leeds in 1862, his firm going on to be a leading maker of traction engines and agricultural implements, their early machines built by Kitson, Thompson & Hewitson. £55,000. We also hold regular Specialist 'Fine Arts & Antiques' Valuation Days in the Saleroom by appointment. More. They also produced large quantities of traction engines, steam rollers and road locomotives, many of them big 'Lion' locomotives, the four-shaft 7nhp Lion, the 8nhp Big Lion and the 10nhp Super Lion, together with splendid showman's engines, the last of which sold in Britain was Super Lion 'Supreme', in 1934. After the War Fowler merged with Marshall of Gainsborough, produced the Track Marshall, a tracked version of the Field Marshall tractor, and the Fowler Challenger Mark V diesel tracked tractor. All production ceased in early 1974. Your details are confidential and never passed onto third parties. Powered by, Complete set of drawings referenced: “BB1 drawings” at £88, Kitson & Hewitson Slanting Shaft Ploughing Engine. Fowler had already produced their first oil-engined tractor in 1909, and from 1912 they made Fowler-Wyles Motor Ploughs. For Model Traction Engine drawings, traction engine castings and traction engine accessories, welcome to Plastow Traction Engines, offering a wide range of drawings, castings and accessories to the model traction engine enthusiast. Smaller steam tractors included the three-shaft double crank compound E Class. Model Traction Engines Locomotives Engineering Supplies: We supply drawings, castings, nuts, bolts, rivets, materials, steam fittings and machining services for the model engineer. Fowler also produced the Track Marshall tractor which was a tracked version of the Field Marshall. - We are open again. A 3" Scale Live Steam Model of An W.M. Neither effort was successful, and also abortive was a diesel showman's tractor produced in 1935. The B class heavy road haulage engines were built from 1880. View Listing. CALL NOW | TEL: 01462 506 502. In the face of competition from heavy oil engined trucks Fowlers made steam wagons from 1924, then tried diesel wagons from 1931. Allchin Traction Engine "Mary" Sold for £4,200 + Buyer's Premium of 22.2% including VAT. Machining facilities are required to build these engines. We specialise in the consignment of large private collections and have a substantial database of both Trade and private buyers, the market is particularly bouyant at present. CONTACT. They are also advertised within the Local, National and Trade press and other publications. In 1927 the massive Fowler Gyrotiller was launched, a half-track with a single front wheel, many of which were exported. Oxford Diecast Fowler BB1 16NHP Ploughing Engine No.15145... Oxford Diecast Fowler Steam Roller No 19053 Patricia B - ... Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 Showmans Loco King Carnival. They are not kits for assembly and require a model engineers approach and initiative in building them. Our specialist valuers are available in the Saleroom, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10am to 4pm for free pre-auction appraisals and advice. Oxford Diecast Fowler BB1 Ploug Engine No15222 Bristol Ro... Oxford Diecast Fowler Bb1 Ploughing Engine No.15436 Princ... Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 Crane Wolverhampton Wanderer. FOR SALE. Miniature Steam Engines For Sale, Traction Engines, Steam Rollers, Steam Tractors, Showamans Engines and accesories. The most notable Fowler machines were the pairs of massive ploughing engines, the backbone of the mechanisation of British farming in the early 20th century. If you have a single piece or number of potential items for auction our Specialist Valuer John Morgan would be happy to talk you through the process of valuation and auction sale. 6" Garrett 4CD Showmans Engine. Miniature steam. A Fine Exhibition Silver Medal Winning 5 Inch Gauge Model of a LMS 2-6-0 'Hughes Crab', A 4-6-2 'Britannia' 5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotive, A 3" Scale Live Steam Model of An W.M. An Engineered Live Steam Model Locomotive of Baldwin Light Railway Tank Joan. Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 Showmans Loco No 14425 - Carry On, Oxford Diecast Fowler Steam Roller No.18873 City Of Truro. These sales are held Live in real time on the internet with a webcam facility to enable buyers to watch and bid at the sales without being present in the saleroom, this service is offered through SERVICES. British Railways Engineering Department locomotives ED1 to ED7 were built by Fowler Oxford Diecast Fowler Crane Lincs Steam & Vintage Rally -... Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 Road Lincs Steam & Vintage Rally... Oxford Diecast Fowler Road Roller Fippenny Queen_A W Fiel... Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 Locomotive WW1 France - 1:76 Scale. Neil Tyler, Colin Tyler & John Haining. Hurray ! Fowler's experience in the 1930s with crawler tractors led to building Matilda tanks in the Second World War. INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE AVAILABLE - CLICK HERE, Oxford Diecast LtdUnit 6 Ystrad Trade Park,FforestfachSwansea, UK SA5 4JB, Call us on 01792 643 500 HOME. We supply 2" scale drawings and castings for a classic collection of steam models. A splendid and rare engine this 6" Showmans is having a full 10 year inspection and steam test before sale. Windsor Road, Heeley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 8UB, United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0) 114 281 6161 - Email:, Sitemap   |   Terms of Buying   |   Terms of Selling   |   Privacy Policy   |   Cookie Policy, © 2020 Copyright Sheffield Auction Gallery. Classic art reinvented with a modern twist. Please contact John to discuss your items or requirements in more detail, by emailing or by telephone on 0114 281 6161. When you are thinking about building a model traction engine, deciding which of the engines to build and which scale is your biggest decision. John Fowler established his Steam Plough Works in Leeds in 1862, his firm going on to be a leading maker of traction engines and agricultural implements, their early machines built by Kitson, Thompson & Hewitson. A 2" Scale Engineered Live Steam Model of Fowler Showmans Engine "Princess" Sold for £4,900 + Buyer's Premium of 22.2% including VAT . Negative - Steam Traction Engine, Grenville District, Victoria, circa 1930, Man working on a Fowler steam traction engine., Reimagined by Gibon, design of warm cheerful glowing of brightness and light rays radiance. For assistance, the construction of all the models has been serialised in the Model Engineer. The B class heavy road haulage engines were built from 1880.

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