Our water filter installation service takes as little as two to three hours and can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and peace of mind. If you do need any further information regarding the suitability of any given reverse osmosis filter system for your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to be of assistance. If a font is fitted, a bucket or bowl to catch water flow from tap may assist. InSinkErator hot and cold side taps are ideal if you are looking for a dedicated hot water tap system. The Zip HydroTaps are electronically controlled, filtered, Boiling water and Ambient water drinking systems for kitchens and tea rooms. Filtered water outlet to tap Important Note: Before installing the new tap it is essential that you thoroughly flush through the supply pipes in order to remove any remaining swarf, solder or other impurities. Run the piping from the installation rail assembly to the water cooler. Some UK water authorities also add things such as … Buy Billi - The energy efficient, space saving, on-demand boiling, filtered, sparkling and chilled water tap systems. 7. The perfect water … Hot and cold water supply within 700mm of the mixer tap. Powered by Shopify, DELIVERING WORLDWIDE 7 DAYS A WEEK with the help of all our SHIPPING PARTNERS, BE SAFE, BE AWARE - Free water cooler HYGIENE KITS with all rental contracts (ASK OUR TEAM FOR YOURS), Our install team are always on hand to assist with the plumbing and electrics to make your installation complete and compliant with. Contact Us, Unit 10, Felspar Road, Mercian Park, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 4DP, © 2020, Filtered Water Coolers Limited Open the nearest cold tap. The short answer is 'yes'. HydroTap Installation Videos Register Your Products News & Articles News & Articles There's so much going on at Zip and this is the perfect place to catch up on all the latest news and projects! Choose the right BRITA water filter jug for you from a range of features, sizes and capacities. A full range spanning on bench taps through to wall mounted urns. Filtered boiling and chilled drinking water for residential use. Also known as a whole house water filter or cold water tap filter. Page 2 of 36 802253 - HydroTap BC, BCHA-AV, AIO, Installation Instructions - June 2015 - V2.01 HydroTap Specifications And remember, we offer a 3-month money back guarantee on all our systems – no questions asked. We can also install a water system at your office or commercial premises ensuring both employees and visitors have a reliable supply of crystal clear drinking water when they need it. You probably already know that tap water may contain a range of contaminants. Water filtration units are used to remove or reduce impurities from your water supply. We have an instant boiling and chilled water tap system to suit any need. A glass of purified water tastes infinitely better than a glass of ordinary tap water, and it makes a big difference to your guests. ASK us about our current promotion on FREE INSTALLATION & FREE UPGRADE TO DESIGNER FILTER TAP, If you require any further information about our under sink water filters, the effectiveness of our lead removal water filter or would like to schedule a service, please don’t hesitate to call us during regular business hours on, FREE INSTALLATION & FREE UPGRADE TO DESIGNER FILTER TAP, Our products are all Watermark Certified & NSF Certified, three stage undersink water filter systems, 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Re-mineraliser (Alkalizer), 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Re-mineraliser Alkalizer. Page 4 Overview of installation with Flex tap It is recommended that you install the Cold Water Filter in the following order: A. Fitting Cold Water Filter bracket B. Turn off the mains water supply at the nearest isolator or stop tap. 806143 - CW ChillTap UCCT 10.18 v1.03 1 Installation instructions & user manual Zip ChillTap Filtered, chilled water on tap. The engineer who is qualified to EDWCA installation standards will install any water dispensers to the following standard. All pipe work should avoid light fittings, electrical and gas piping and any heat sources. Just like with fashion, black tap matches well with almost anything. A zip tap installation is a great idea to provide fresh and drinking water to you and everyone in your office or home. 1. Get the QETTLE Original to replace your existing tap with 4 different flows or the QETTLE Mini to compliment any kitchen with boiling and cold filtered water. The cartridges in your system need to be changed annually in order to maintain optimum performance, there is no call out fee for this service, you simply pay for the replacement cartridge and nothing else. 1. The 4 Stage and 5 Stage systems are designed to deliver clean drinking water for both home and office. Tap water is considered safe to drink in many areas worldwide, but that does not mean that it is completely free of chemicals and other contaminants. We can even provide a single drinking water tap as an all in one which dispenses not only filtered water, but normal hot and cold mains water, for washing, through a 3 in one mixer tap. The filter is installed in minutes directly at your tap. Permanent vs. pitcher: Permanent water filters attach to your sink, so there’s no need to remember to refill a container for making coffee or tea. Turn the cold water control valve back on and check for leaks and reseal if needed. The Reverse Osmosis systems we offer cater for every need and budget and amongst the services we offer are whole house water filtration, fridge filtration, shower filters and even caravan water filter systems. 9. Run the push fit pipes to the water filter at the “in” point and connect the piping provided inside the unit to the “out” part of the filter housing. View Detail . Unfiltered water: If you move the lever (F) to the right (at 3:00 o’clock posi-tion), unfiltered water will come out of the regular outlet (see Fig. Turn your tap water into great tasting freshly filtered water. The filter has its own small faucet for dispensing the freshly cleaned water for drinking or making coffee or tea. When you purchase a water filter system from Filtered Water Solutions you don’t simply buy a domestic reverse osmosis system, you get the complete package. 2. Types of Boiling Water Tap. There are two options to consider – the filtered water may be supplied via a separate worktop mounted tap or, a combination mixer tap may be fitted which has hot, cold, and filtered water. With taps that feature filters it is a good point to note that in most cases these filters will need replacing at some point. Superior Instant Filtered Water Over 25 years of commitment to excellence, quality and innovation. All pipework where subject to temperature fluctuations will be lagged. Filtered boiling and chilled drinking water for the home. We have a range of water filtration options, so there’s something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Filtered boiling and chilled drinking water for the home. Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever did without an instant hot water tap from InSinkErator. Each unit can be ordered with the Tap Head Assembly for Disabled use. If you require any further information about our under sink water filters, the effectiveness of our lead removal water filter or would like to schedule a service, please don’t hesitate to call us during regular business hours on 1300 651 837 or e-mail sales@filteredwatersolutions.com.au at any time.

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