In the video below, I discuss some of these details further, and I also talk about a “bonus” gel test I ran with this load that you won’t find on our official results chart. With a slightly heavier gun, I would strongly consider using the HST, especially if the velocity clocked in at 800 or better. © 2009-2020 LuckyGunner, LLC. If you don’t want to scroll through all the test results to find it, just type “HST” in the search box on the chart. That’s why it’s already the duty load of choice for law enforcement officers throughout the world. Compare 38 special ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. Legal Disclaimer. Years ago, there was a fad where handloaders would stick wadcutter bullets backwards in the case hoping that would make them expand on impact. This is actually on par with the best expansion we’ve seen from even 9mm and .357 magnum. But (and here’s why we always do a five shot test), the next bullets did not penetrate quite as well. We don’t often get to see new hollow point ammo made specifically for .38 Special and with very few exceptions, the existing loads have been pretty unimpressive in terms of terminal ballistics. Federal is marketing this new load as a Micro HST, which means it will supposedly perform well even out of a short barrel. Considering the popularity of the Federal HST line, it should be no surprise that we have received dozens of requests to test this one. Same kind of expansion as before with a respectable penetration depth of 12.8 inches. If you plan to use this sturdy round, Cheaper Than Dirt! You may also contact us via email at Last year, Federal introduced a new HST load in .38 Special +P. See all the .38 Special and .357 Magnum ballistic gel tests results at Lucky Gunner Labs. Penetration was an inch deeper and expansion was roughly the same. FEATURES. One of them hardly expanded and only made it to 10.4 inches. All ammunition must be shipped Domestic Ground. Federal Premium Personal Defense HST offers everything needed in a personal defense round: consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. We're here for you. Compared to the 18 other .38 Special loads we have tested so far, this is excellent performance. Just like our previous .38 Special tests, we used a 2-inch Kimber K6s to fire five rounds into a Clear Ballistics gelatin block with a heavy clothing barrier. Average expansion was an impressive .73 inches. Then we repeated the test using a 4-inch Ruger GP100. Even though some of these were under the 12-inch ideal minimum, by .38 Special standards, this is actually not terrible performance overall. With the 2-inch barrel, we got an average penetration depth of 13 inches — that’s inside of the 12-18 inch standard used by the FBI. The 4-inch barrel gave us a velocity increase around 30 feet per second, but the gel test results were not much different. This turned out to be a perfect example. Notify Me When Available. And as always, you can support this project by getting your ammo from us at Not too long after we published the results of our .38 Special and .357 magnum ballistic gel tests last year, Federal started shipping their new HST load designed for use in short barrel .38 Special revolvers. When viewed out of... .38 Special and .357 magnum ballistic gel tests, Cruiser Ready: How to Store a Home Defense Shotgun [2020 Update], Start Shooting Better Episode 10: 9-Shot Close Speed Drill. Federal 38 Special +P 129 gr Hydra-Shok JHP Personal Defense 20/Box. So, let’s see how this load does in our ballistic gel test. Please choose from the available options to purchase an item. The HST line includes some of the best self-defense ammo on the market, but this is the first time they have attached that name to a revolver caliber. This powerful round is a reliable choice for both self-defense and concealed carry.

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