The clove oil helps disinfect your pores, heals acne, and prevent breakouts. The main constituent of clove oil, eugenol is a powerful antioxidant that is highly anti-inflammatory. There is nothing that tops the frustration of dealing with acne. 3. Its analgesic and antiseptic properties make the oil ideal for fighting skin infection and their resultant conditions like acne. Hi, I’m Aspen and I’m glad to have you here! There are times when you cannot avoid wearing makeup and in such situations, clove oil helps treat your acne rather than make it worse. The primary component of Clove Essential Oil is eugenol. Clove oil (Syzygium aromaticum) is extracted through steam distillation of the clove bud, leaves or stem of the clove plant, with the oil of the clove bud being the most widely demanded. Applying clove oil to fight and eliminate acne is a good idea, but you must be cautious. I’m passionate about natural living, making my own DIY products and of course, essential oils. Coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties. If you take time to look at the properties of clove oil, you won’t even be surprised at its effectiveness against acne, acne scars and pimples. Many people have reported that the pain and infection relieving properties of Clove Essential oil helped to improve their acne symptoms. Olive oil boosts antibacterial activity, conditions your skin, and helps unclog pores. Clove oil’s antiseptic properties can work as a great aid to preventing acne and keeping the pimples at bay. Tips And Precautions. Shea butter is a perfect moisturizer for acne because it is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores! Join me as we explore how essential oils can add quality to our lives! It also helps prevent the spread of acne on the face. How To Apply. Global yields, chemical compositions and antioxidant activities of clove basil (Ocimum gratissimum L.) extracts obtained by supercritical fluid extraction. If you have an acne problem, clove oil is a must-have ingredient to complete your skincare arsenal. Keep reading to know more. They say all good things come with a catch, and clove oil is not immune to that saying. So the remedy worked for me may not work for you. Have you ever used clove oil in your skincare routine? Your moisturizer reinforces your skin’s moisture barrier. Place the pot on a table, sit down with your face over the pot where you can feel the steam touching your skin. Even adults are suddenly beginning to suffer from acne, and some teens don’t ever ‘grow out’ of their acne, carrying it well into their 20’s and 30’s. This is one of the easiest ways to use clove oil for acne. Applying clove oil to fight and eliminate acne is a good idea, but you must be cautious. Dispense the regular amount of foundation that you need for your face onto your makeup applicator. October 20, 2016 By Aspen Leave a Comment. Yet it’s funny that the number of acne sufferers is only rising even when we have so much more acne medications in the market than ever before. 2012. This write-up is about using clove oil for acne inflammation. Are these products not as effective as once thought? Pat your skin dry and proceed to dispense a pea to coin-sized amount of moisturizer. 3. However, you must exercise caution while using this method as clove oil might be too strong for some. This will really help prevent acne attacks and keep your skin fresh and clean. For best results, use twice daily. Extracted from the aromatic flowers of the clove plant, clove essential oil is known for its robust antibacterial property. Tips And Precautions. The tropical plant oil has a spicy, heavy aroma and a pale yellow hue.

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