Chi weenies crossed with a dachshund sometimes have the long floppy ears of a winner dog according to pet central. I have a dachiky, dachshund, Chihuahua and Yorky. Cool! However, with the right training, a Chipit is an incredible dog to have around. That is what I had until she passed with cancer. Otherwise, they might bark and become frenzied every time someone rings the doorbell. The Pitbull breed has long suffered from their reputation of being bred for fighting to the point that attempts to overturn a thirty-year ban of the breed in Denver were repealed in just February 2020. Some like to play with toys, but they don’t need as much mental or physical exercise. If your target was to get a Dachshund chihuahua mix with long and floppy ears, you might be forced to take one with short ears. ty for giving me an insight to my babies, “Caper” was my “Taco Terrior ” for 14 great years, we miss her so much; in search of another. If they’re not snuggled up under a blanket somewhere, they’ll probably be getting cuddled by a family member! When I was growing up and 2 dogs of different breeds had puppies they were called mutts and you gave them away. A small dog breed who is aggressive on the leash or likes to antagonize other dogs on walks is a different type of problem. Again, a mix of the two could result in the puppy favoring one parent, or being a mix of each. Hip Dysplasia: Chipits have inherited this common skeletal condition from their Pitbull parents. but cannot work out what other mix is in her ….if any…wondering if you could help… should I send a snap of her from cell phone?? In all seriousness though, if you aren’t the cuddly type then don’t get a Chipit. To understand the qualities of any mixed-breed dog, you have to break down what their genes are made up of. So a combination of them can be difficult to know until you’re dealing with an individual dog. ... One male ready to go ! What do you get when you cross a Chihuahua and a beagle? Most of them weigh within 20 lbs and may even possess the yappy and stubborn nature of the Chihuahua. So understanding which side the hybrid takes after the most is the first step in understanding their personality. Pitbull Chihuahua mixes usually possess shorter coats and boast glossy and smooth hair. So if I say, “go get bunny” he’ll run and find his bunny toy or if I say,” go get froggy” he’ll run and find his froggy toy etc, etc. People would stop us all the time and ask where we got a miniature pit bull. She is vaccinated and dewormed and ready for new adventures! That’s a photo from Pinterest. Exposing them to children and other pets from an early age gives them excellent chances to be gentle, trustworthy pets. Chipits require an average amount of food for their small-medium size – around 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups of dry dog food a day. Note that the Corgi component of these mixes can cause them to shed heavily. Mitral valve disease: This heart condition reduces the heart’s efficiency by pushing the valve edges to the limit due to the high blood pressure generated when the left ventricle contracts. They are chi’s just like the apple head. If they aren’t up by six months of age, they probably aren’t going to go up.. 12-Chis with floppy ears are not the standard in the breed, but they can still be purebred Chihuahuas and have ears that lay down instead of standing up.13-Chihuahuas come in over 30 different varieties and colors! However, this inclination can be curbed with the right amount of socialization. Little known fact: Chihuahua/Pug mixes can intercept satellite transmissions with their ears. I had a Boston Pit, and it passed away. If your Chipit has inherited the floppy ears belonging to their Pitbull parent, you must give their ears a weekly clean. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. All in all, a typical Chipit will be wonderfully opinionated and expressive around the home and out and about. The best thing about Chiweenies is easily their name. Chihuahuas often have difficult births, due to their tiny stature. Here are a few to watch out for below. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications. One is the smallest dog breed, and the other is a tanky specimen of the canine world. She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling! Interestingly enough, it’s not uncommon for Chipits to have a favorite family member – another idiosyncrasy picked up from their Chihuahua parent. Health. Plenty of positive reinforcement is required to train your Pitbull Chihuahua mix, and your pup will be sure to love all the attention! The dog is from ... We are looking for a puppy to buy for Christmas! What You Need to Know. It’s awful to see a beautiful ancient breed like the chihuahua and other breeds being mixed like this, it’s just awful. You’ve probably seen them in bags, backpacks, and purses. Physically, this designer breed's coat tends to be fuzzy but soft and has either pointed ears, floppy ears or pointed ears that flop. Maybe you’ve found a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix you’d like to adopt, or you’re already the proud pet parent of one of these dogs. A Chihuahua named Megabyte holds the record for longest lifespan, making it to an impressive 20 years. Thank you ! Chihuahua ears according to AKC breed standard calls for prick (up) ears, but pure bred Chihuahuas can have floppy ears. I’ve never had a dog this dang smart. I’d explain that it was a mix. If they aren t up by 6 months of age they probably aren t going to go up. The fur can sometimes be wavy rather than straight. Instead of scolding a dog for having an accident, for example, take them outside as soon as possible.

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