Then take a three-minute rest and run another three minutes at your max.

Setting Heart Rate Zones (Running and Cycling) Step 1. To find your LTHR do a 30-minute time trial all by yourself (no training partners and not in a race).

These zones are where you need to spend the majority of your time. Once you have your max you can work out your heart rate zones as a simple percentage of this – 60-70%, 70-80%, 80-90% and 90-100%. With LISS you focus on sustaining your heart rate in a lower zone for a longer period of time. The weights should not be heavy and you should focus on form. 7 Things Your Heart Rate Says About You By Prevention. People often assume that having a 30-second rest between exercise and getting hot and sweaty is HIIT, but what you will see using a heart rate monitor is that your heart rate stays high and does not have enough time to lower before the rest time is up. Do the two exercises as a superset, only resting after the second move. HISS is super-hard, and while it’s great to go all out in some workouts, this is certainly not the only type of training you should be doing. This is the zone that is used for interval training. Intensities below 65% MHR or 60% HRR can still be useful, although some coaches would argue they fall into the category of "junk miles". This zone covers intensities from just below to just above your anaerobic threshold (the middle of this zone is roughly the intensity you could maintain for an hour in a race situation). Weight training will see the heart rate rise slightly and then drop again between exercises.

In many ways it’s like BMI, a useful measure that’s accurate at a population level, but many individuals will have a higher or lower maximum heart rate for any number of reasons. Heart rate zones can be used to help runners train more effectively. Z2: Steady When we needed a heart rate formula for our online training programme, we spent time in our lab testing the various formulas against real athletes lactate results. On a treadmill, start with a steady five- to ten-minute warm-up, then run for three minutes at your maximum pace. For example, running at 60% MHR or 55% HRR is better than doing nothing. Your fitness tracker may allow you to manually set your max heart rate if it’s significantly different to the “220 minus age” formula. Learn how to train to intensity with our article on heart rate training. If you have one of our convenient 80/20 Endurance electronic plans, your custom training zones are auto-calculated directly within each workout and this calculator is not necessary. Without it, you see the pace on your monitor, but you don’t know how hard you are working to achieve that pace.

The first method uses your maximum heart rate to determine the zones.

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, one of the zones is called the fat-burning zone so you could reasonably expect that one to be the best for losing weight. You might be running at 6:00 /km and doing it easy or you could be running at 6:00 /km and running hard. This LTHR test is best done early in the Base and Build periods. Once you’ve developed your capacity, however, it can be beneficial to step up the intensity. This would be a normal weights session for the average gym-goer. Some trackers will also have a fifth zone – 50-60% – which is for warm-ups, active recovery sessions or very easy beginner workouts. “After a while, if you have an hour or half an hour, work in a higher heart rate zones because the overall cost of activity in terms of calories is greater with higher-intensity exercise,” says Myllymäki. You can estimate your maximum heart rate using our calculator, or you can carry out a maximum heart rate test. This zone improves your anaerobic capacity, increasing your lactate threshold (how long you can sustain this level of effort for).

Calculate and compare performances across distances and age groups. Polar first introduced its fingertip heart rate monitor, the Micro Heart Pulser in 1977 and since then heart rate technology has exploded. 60-70%: The fat-burning zone. The key to effective training is to elevate your heart rate into the correct training zone, so your effort matches your goals. All the same, if you’ve decided you need to lose some weight there’s a good chance you’re lacking fitness too. Heart rate monitors have been available for decades. “If you’re healthy and able to do exercise safely, without any limiting factors, then it’s good to take your maximal heart rate to understand what your own limits are,” says Myllymäki. 90-100%: The VO2 max zone. To do that, however, you need to work out what your heart rate zones are and what each of them means. “For instance, if you are aiming to develop your speed with hard anaerobic intervals, such as very short speed drills with long recovery periods, you probably won’t spend a lot of time in a high heart rate zone,” explains Myllymäki. The zone margins have been chosen primarily because they will closely reflect the correct training zones for a majority of runners, but also so that the percentages are conveniently multiples of 5 or 10, which can make the mental arithmetic a little easier if you're out in the field. Use the heart rate peak in the second sprint as your max. All rights reserved. the most efficient way to burn fat is to keep the intensity low and to perform the activity for extended periods. The simplest method of obtaining your max heart rate is to subtract your age from 220, and you may find your fitness tracker uses this method, but this isn’t especially accurate.

Field testing is a simple (but hard) test you can do on your own. Z1: Easy This is where a heart rate monitor comes in handy.

With each set you do, your heart rate will elevate, but because the demand is not too high your body will recover quicker. You see, the goal is not to run faster just by pushing harder, it’s to become more efficient so that at the same or lower heart rate, you’re able to run faster. This commonly matches the “easy” designation in running training plans.
80+ percent of your training should be in zones 1 and 2. As soon as your heart rate reaches the grey zone, it’s time to go again. The Karvonen formula uses the heart rate reserve — this is a number, the size of the range between your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. Our guide also gives advice on how to determine your resting heart rate.
How to Calculate Your Training Heart Rate Zones By John Bobalik. There are two ways to calculate your heart rate training zones. For it to be HIIT we need enough time for our heart rate to recover. 70-80%: The aerobic zone. Short runs within this zone are perfect for recovery, and it's also ideal for longer runs, warm ups and cool downs. Beginners, long-distance athletes and anyone training for their health should be spending a lot more time doing this type. What could be troubling your ticker?

If you are training at a high intensity and there is not enough recovery time between sets, what you are doing is more like HISS training. We discard the first 10-minutes as it takes a while for your heart rate to rise. What Is VO2 Max And How Do You Improve It? “But it will still be a hard training session and good for developing your speed abilities.”. The key is to make sure that you go again when your body is recovered, and this is where the grey zone (50-60% of your max heart rate) is a great thing to focus on. “If people understood how to use the information that is provided, there is no doubt more people would be using them with all of their training,” says personal trainer and Polar ambassador Harry Thomas. Knowing your zones and working within them will help ensure you're getting the desired training effect. HISS is often mistaken for HIIT, but there is a difference between the two. To make things super simple for you, we have created (with the help of Ming, one of our athlete’s and excel wizard) a heart rate calculator that you can use to calculate your heart rate zones, the Coached way. The second method uses your heart rate reserve to determine the zones.

Maximum Heart Rate. “Also, by doing more intensive sessions you will burn more calories during the recovery – it activates the metabolism outside the training and is more effective in improving your fitness, which is a very important factor for overall health.”. Broadly speaking, there are four training zones to use based on your heart rate, which break down as below. Nowadays almost all running watches come equipped with a high-quality heart rate monitor taking measurements from the wrist or from a strap worn on your chest. “Every single one of my clients uses heart rate monitors in our sessions and once they’ve experienced the benefits, they wouldn’t go back.”, Using heart rate can also help people give themselves an adequate amount of time to recover after a particularly taxing session. Easy training at a conversational pace. Moderately Hard is at the ceiling of your aerobic capabilities and is used for your tempo sessions to improve your lactate clearance. And so is your age grading percentage.

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