Australian Surf Life Saving Championships Bondi Beach 1935.

The Bondi Surf Club resembled the casualty ward of a hospital.

One grabbed me round the neck, two others caught me by one arm, another held me round the waist, and another one seized my leg. Last known address was William Street, Darlinghurst. In a desperate attempt to save the young girl, a succession of people went to her rescue, each to be exhausted by the struggle. On the morning of 28 June 1997, Roni Levi was surrounded by six NSW Police Officers after being found walking at Bondi Beach with a knife. Australian Surf Life Saving Championships Bondi Beach 1935. Credit:Fairfax Media. "The men were crying like girls, shrieking with terror and shouting wildly for help," one of the rescuers said. Four persons are known to have been drowned, a man is missing, and scores of other people were rescued in the last stages of exhaustion when nearly 200 surfers were swept to sea yesterday afternoon by the backwash of huge seas at Bondi Beach, described by eye-witnesses as "three tremendous waves in quick succession, like tidal waves. Flash rips are among the most dangerous and unpredictable kinds of rips, coastal geomorphologist Dr Rob Brander told Rip Current Heroes, a new documentary on rips screening on National Geographic which will also be provided free to schools to educate children on the dangers of rip currents. The rescuers all agreed that one of the most amazing features of the tragedy, and one which would remain always in their minds, was the extraordinary panic among the men, and the comparative calmness of the women. Police and patrol men paid a particular tribute to Dr. Marshall W. Dyer, an American who happened to be taking some moving pictures of the surf at Bondi. "On the other hand, the girls were calm, and seemed to wait quietly, keeping above water as best they could, until they were rescued.". One of the most extraordinary features of the tragedy was that nearly all the women who were in difficulties remained calm, whereas men screamed and begged to be saved. Mrs. Taylor told the police that her husband suffered at times from loss of memory, and thought that it was possible that he might have suffered a recurrence of the trouble. 1930's. Surf club officials acted with extraordinary promptness and foresight. Many of the helpless swimmers, particularly the men, panicked. Rescuers afterwards gave vivid accounts of the scenes in the water.

Today rips remain a constant on Bondi Beach, the source of many rescues chronicled in the television reality show Bondi Rescue. Six doctors, summoned from among the crowd, ambulance men, and trained surf club members established emergency stations on the beach for the immediate treatment of those rescued persons who were suffering from immersion.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. "Many people who were not strong surfers would be carried out in about two yards by the broken dumpers, and would then be carried out farther than the wave had taken them in. "CPR was immediately commenced on the man but despite the best efforts of all those involved, he was unable to be revived," Surf Life Saving New South Wales said in a statement to the BBC. It was 3pm on a hot Sunday in February 6, 1938 when three massive waves smashed Bondi Beach in quick succession.

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