Your email address will not be published. For this, you can first select your network from the OpenDNS web portal and choose to manage it. Just type pi-hole in your search and you’ll stumble over the things you need to set it up. Check your domain stats for related domains. I've tried blocking specific domains like:;; but it is useless. You will be navigated to the Web content filtering tab within network settings. Tik Tok may have changed their domain names. That’s it! Learn how to block the TikTok app on your WiFi router using the OpenDNS service. I have already filtered video sharing domains and now youtube app is not loading anymore in mobile but tiktok is still working fine. (Easy Steps), then feel free to drop in below comment box. Let me know if you face any problem or if this is not working. This means your router is successfully configured to use the OpenDNS service. OpenDNS is a company and service that extends the Domain Name System (DNS) by adding features such as phishing protection and optional content filtering in addition to DNS lookup, if its DNS servers are used. Next, we need to create an OpenDNS account for free personal home-usage. Hello sir, I need all domain names of HAGO app , thank you? I enabled log monitoring and I saw and blocked all domains related to tiktok. TikTok has opened the floodgates of videos of all types and songs with explicit lyrics. Assuming we are all set with requirements. I want to block tik tok ANDROID apk and IOS apk on my router.. See,, Now kids or your family members won’t be able to connect the TikTok app with the configured WiFi network router. Mobile Hotspot connected but no internet Access on Android [4 Solution], WiFi Router with DNS support (most routers does support manual DNS entry), Good internet connectivity or ISP connection at Home, OpenDNS Home account (free account creations steps added below). How can i get possible domain names of PUBG and Hago apps, thank you? Here is the video tutorial on how to block the TikTok app on the network: Please share this with your friends and colleagues who are frustrated with the TikTok addiction problem. How to Use Security Key for 2 Step Verification on Google? Did you expect that hints from last year still work this year? Note: If your ISP assigns the dynamic IP addresses, then you can use an OpenDNS updater software program that will automatically renew the network with the new dynamic IP address. If you have another router, you need to block TCP port 853 (the DOH port) in order to block TikTok. Login to your WiFi Routers Admin portal and look for the DNS settings. Step 2: Create a Free OpenDNS Home account Now just add the TikTok domain names in the “Manage individual domains” section. On the Network settings page, switch to Web Content Filtering and under Manage individual domains add the below domain names. Next, we need to create an OpenDNS account for free personal home-usage. EDIT: I finally did it! On the pcWRT router, you’ll need to turn on “Enforce Access Control” on the profile for the smartphone. If i hadn’t found this post my last resort was to break her mobile for good…. I used, it's free. Continue this process of blocking/testing until you have it blocked. pihole -t is the command for live tailing the log from the command line TikTok videos will load for a while then -failed to play-! Now your ISP network IP is mapped with OpenDNS service. Cheers! If you've any thoughts on How to Block TikTok App on WiFi Network Router? So now I am blocking everything in “”, “” and “”. After you’ve blocked all the aforementioned domain names, allow the OpenDNS for a while (1 hour or sometimes even more) to make the changes at their end. You may also get the error message saying No Internet Connection even though you’re connected to the WiFi network. You will be displayed with the option to create or add a network with prefilled IP address and settings. You will get this orange color tick symbol along with the message: Your Internet is safer, faster, and smarter because you’re using OpenDNS. Learn how to protect your kids with these parental controls for TikTok. Required fields are marked *, Fix Face ID not working in iPhone 12, 12 Pro, Pro Max & Mini. The best way to get started is to load the service through browser/app/however you do it, while live-tailing the Pi-Hole log. How to Add Microsoft Outlook Email on Android Using POP3? This IP address is currently assigned by your ISP provider. Also search window all videos are playing in wifi, Please let me know domain name for live straming too. Head over to the OpenDNS Home Sign up page and fill in with the requested details. Just hit on [ADD THIS NETWORK] button and give it a name, say “Home WiFi“. The option is available below the web content filtering tab on the same network settings page. They will not suspect anything. It protects against the spam and phishing sites along with improving network stability. Thank you man This helps me, I mean seriously i was fed up with this shit my sister playing those annoying videos on full volume. If you enable and use the mobile data, then this method won’t work since the data network will not pass through OpenDNS content filter settings. Specifically, the apps that are addictive, and not safe for kids. Here is the list of TikTok app domain names which you need to block in web content filtering: Note: This list of TikTok domain names will be updated frequently, hence you can bookmark the page and revisit every week or so to see any new additions or changes. One of the top requested apps was TikTok, and few parents desperately wanted to know how to block the TikTok app on the WiFi network. Regarding YouTube see, From -,, However, I got a few comments asking to demo on blocking the mobile apps. Your email address will not be published. I've tried blocking:; but only the website is blocked, the app is still working normally so I blocked all video sharing domains. I have already filtered video sharing domains and now youtube app is not loading anymore in mobile but tiktok is still working fine. How to Download & Install TuTuBox on iPhone? You’ll also receive a confirmation mail to verify the email ID. See what domains are being loaded, and block them. There you can block the DNS-request for the domain including all hosts. Fix – Site Can’t be Reached: Server DNS Address Could not be Found, Fix “Not Secure” SSL Error on Chrome Browser | Remove Warning. Here is the DNS settings page in my beetel Router which I got along with my ISP connection. TikTok is a video sharing app that I want to block from our network. Step 3: Ban TikTok from Router Settings. Hello Experts, I want to block tik tok ANDROID apk and IOS apk on my router.. Please guide me.. It will take a few minutes to make the changes on your router. Whether you are using the Netgear, D-Link, TP-Link or any local router device, the DNS settings are available at the admin area. After you sign in the OpenDNS dashboard, switch to the Settings tab. I tried now and it works fine. You can download the latest OpenDNS updater from these download links: Once our WiFi network IP address is mapped in OpenDNS, you can block the TikTok apps domain addresses in the web content filtering settings. That’s it. We are all set with blocking the TikTok (Musically) App on our WiFi network router. Once your network is mapped with OpenDNS, you can block any website or app. All you need is to switch the DNS settings from automatic to manual DNS setup. I've tried blocking specific domains like:;; but it is useless. I’ve done this exactly like you said, but the app is still working, even the website is still working, how can I fix this? Also, can anyone share on how to block youtube only and not all video sharing domains?

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