The Black Cat Squadron (Script error ) (not to be confused with Black Bat Squadron) was a squadron of the Republic of China Air Force that flew the U-2 surveillance plane out of Taoyuan Airbase in northern Taiwan, from 1961 to 1974. In this role you might even say that the "Black Cat" was the first stealth fighter, as it was nearly impossible to see flying low above the water at night. After that, all missions had the U-2 aircraft fly outside a buffer zone at least 20 nautical miles (37 km) around China. A BIT OF HISTORY: "...In the Pacific the legend of the "Black Cats" was born when the Catalina was painted flat black and flew night assaults against the Japanese fleet. However, with the coming of the Sino-Soviet split and the rapprochement between the US and the PRC, the ROC U-2 squadron stopped entering Chinese airspace, and instead only conducted electronic surveillance plus photo reconnaissance missions with new Long-Range Oblique Reconnaissance (LOROP) cameras on the U-2R while flying over international waters. During the the Guadalcanal campaign, the first PBY-5As equipped with radar arrived and the first full squadron of "Black Cats" intended for night operations arrived later that year. This U-2 carried a recorder and an interrogator in an attempt to contact the pods.

Only in late 1960s did the USAF agree to share a complete set of mission photos and help Taiwan set up a photo development and interpretation unit at Taoyuan AB.

99th RS Black Cats Nose Art The 99th Reconnaissance Squadron is a squadron of the United States Air Force.

In 1958, ROC and American authorities reached an agreement to create the 35th Squadron, nicknamed the Black Cat Squadron, composed of two U-2Cs in Taoyuan Airbase in northern Taiwan, at an isolated part of the airbase. Not all PBY's were used in an attack role. Seven other Black Cat U-2s were lost during training missions, killing 6 pilots. Not all PBY's were used in an attack role. [7], "Black Cats display team's first female pilot at show", "Chris takes the controls for anniversary of famous Lynx", "Black Cats helicopter team to get Bournemouth Air Festival crowds in a spin", "Royal Navy Lynx helicopters train on warship", "Black Cats pilot looking forward to display at Yeovilton Air Day", "The Black Cats: just as exciting as any plane", "Royal Navy Black Cats become Wildcat Demo Team",, 2001 establishments in the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Black 2 (Lynx): Lt Ian Houlston with Lt Frank Suter as observer, This page was last edited on 6 July 2020, at 09:23. They perform a display which mixes close formation, opposition and synchronised manoeuvres. This set the stage for Operation Heavy Tea, conducted by the Black Bat Squadron.[13]. Circa 1940's..." WebSite: Google Image Search Contributed by John Szalay [20JUN2010],,,,,, The "Cat" was also used for Air Sea Rescue missions, which became known as the "Dumbo" missions.

During the squadron's 14 years of existence, five U-2's were shot down by PRC air defenses, with three pilots killed and 2 pilots captured. Squadron Commander Campbell is fifth man from lest (Joe Higgs Collection)

In 1968, the ROC U-2C/F/G fleet was replaced with the newer U-2R. It is assigned to the 9th Operations Group, Air Combat Command, stationed at Beale Air Force Base, California. During the 2015 season the team only used the AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2. After his retirement, he and his family immigrated to Los Angeles in 1986, where he became an ardent activist for ROCAF POWs' rights, particularly the right of POWs to return to Taiwan to reunite with their families after imprisonment in mainland China. All US airbases in the region were listed as emergency/ alternate recovery airfields and could be used besides the 35th Squadron's home base at Taoyuan airbase in Taiwan. One other pilot was killed while performing an operational mission off China coast.

Other countries were also covered from time to time by the 35th Squadron, such as North Korea,[11] North Vietnam and Laos, but the main objective of the ROC 35th Squadron was to conduct reconnaissance missions assessing the PRC's nuclear capabilities. Many a downed pilot was picked up in what were sometimes very dangerous conditions..." WebSite: [16OCT2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...In the Pacific the legend of the "Black Cats" was born when the Catalina was painted flat black and flew night assaults against the Japanese fleet. To the US government, the 35th Squadron and any US CIA/USAF personnel assigned to the unit were known as Detachment H on all documents. Shortly after Nixon's visit to Beijing, all reconnaissance flights over the People's Republic ceased, and the Black Cat Squadron was officially disbanded in the spring of 1974. The last U-2 aircraft mission over mainland China took place on 16 March 1968. [15] The squadron flew a total of about 220 missions,[16] with about half over mainland China, resulting in five aircraft shot down, with three fatalities and two pilots captured, and another six U-2s lost in training with six pilots killed.

The team's predecessors as the Royal Navy Helicopter Display Team were "The Sharks", who used four red Westland Gazelle helicopters and disbanded in 1992. 26 ROCAF pilots successfully completed U-2 training in the US and flew 220 operational missions, including 102 surveillance flights over the People's Republic of China.[1]. In this role you might even say that the "Black Cat" was the first stealth fighter, as it was nearly impossible to see flying low above the water at night.

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