The distortion also has a pleasing, rounded quality that's sweeter than a lot of other plug-ins. Send a sine sweep through both of the plugins- daw and uad/waves/nameit and analyze and match the curves.THEN compare. Lets do it: The Ultimate Plugin Analysis Thread. Nick Rowland, Apple Logic Space Designer: "Logic 's built-in convolution reverb isn't bad at all. The reason they didn't give their name to PSP84 is that, despite giving the same Lexicon sound, its functionality goes much further than the Lexicon: think of PSP84 as the GTi version that Lexicon never made! Lives for gear . Soundsoap impresses with its neat interface and its general ease of use. Can't we (I thought) redefine how a record sounds now, using the gear we have now? Hi can someone give me there opinion on the best waves plugins available. And of course, same goes for pretty much all analog gear. Its simplicity is both a strength and a weakness. Sonnox Inflator - 2019, anyone still using it. Nick Rowland, PSP Nitro & Steinberg Tonic: "My favourite plug-ins include two filters: PSP Audioware's Nitro and the Tonic plug-in included with Cubase SX3. Thanks. Because my front end is very good, I don’t have to worry about it, when it is recorded in the box. I hope this thread does not turn into a Waves bashing thread again. And when I tried to compensate that putative loss I found out that I wouldn’t need those plugins because I GOT A BETTER MIX ENGINEER. It could be picking up an affordable channel strip for some light EQ and compression on the way in. Back to the topic, I work with UAD plugins from Universal Audio and there are some cool stuff from Waves too, and many more but you cannot or you should not to put 10 of these plugins in your vocal track or kick or whatever… you have to make the right choice and think as if you are working with real gear, so I use plugins, yes, but dont forget that sometimes less is more… cheers everyone…. And, given I use it on EVERYTHING, and it was < $100, I thought the investment was pretty good. I stand corrected. Now before I jump in, don’t get me wrong: I have and use many great plugins.

I bought my VCC for $100 and my Cla bundle on forum. They sound great, too! but with some people just addicted to plugins and colors lol , they should learn more about engineering and mixing techniques before jump to the plugins market. The whole Renaissance collection are staples (RComp and the 4 band EQ in particular), as are L2, IR verb, and a few others...I even bust out the C1 comp here and there just so i'm not always using the same compressor.

I disagree. So I deleted all the illegal plugins I had and felt much, much better…, Wow! And again, only experience will convince you of this. If more plugins aren’t needed to make a great mix, then it follows logically to me that my  money is better spent on gear that will help me accomplish more and better work in the studio. The Rcomp is still one of the best compressors out there. You get the idea. I happily have Waves plugins and there’s a lot of good words in this article and comments. Retouch has done its stuff and the recording is rescued. What happens when you get a new computer, and want to install on that (still only using the plugins on one machine)? The UAD Plate 140 plug-in models an EMT 140 plate reverb and is simply the best-sounding software reverb I've heard. . Even, if, in any way, being an “experienced engineer” can be related with this financial and gear matters. Don’t need more than that, but that’s me. The Brickwall Limiter in the package uses a clever oversampling strategy to prevent inter-sample overshoots. Strizbiz – Any mix can be done with purely stock plugins. Thank you! Although GR2 has a host of cool effects, the one that I've used on every electronic drum track recently is the Tube Compressor module. They are about $150 each, an amazing deal. Near no effort was required after that point besides som JJP and basic eq, for main mono strip at least. Or you don’t have a good DAW like ProTools or Ableton that come with killer stock plugins. With the ever flowing overwhelming amounts of new audio plugins lots of people involved in music production forget about the core – their skill. Mike Thornton, BIAS Soundsoap 2: "This is a real life-saver when you're trying to clean up poorly recorded dialogue and location sound. I think that plugins such as Waves or the Blue Cat or Focusrite or SoundToys are just a few of some of the amazing plugins out there that will allow you to transform your recordings into tastefully balanced and more listenable and enjoyable recordings. I only know the Api ones, I hated plug-ins before I heard some ITB mixes made with those.. decided to buy them (around 6 month ago maybee) and never regretted it ! Queuing some Sandstorm) . Matt Houghton, Korg MDEX: "I've found myself reaching for this more and more over the last year. Want to put a few original 1176’s aside and do a ‘a/b/c/d’ test? I enjoyed your article on plugin options and how too many of them can work against you. But still specialized plugins do give an added advantage. All the components are really good, the MBit+ dither algorithm is better than almost anything else out there, the metering and displays are fantastic, and the interface is state-of-the-art." I like the brauer motion a lot. The bewildering array of presets illustrates this very well, ranging from simple slapbacks to all manner of sound-effect weirdness.

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